Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


39. Infinite


I didn't know how to act around her , I had no idea if there still was some slight anger left inside of her , maybe her outburst wasn't over yet . Most newborns hurt or kill someone , but Bella didn't . We were all worried about our own safety and our mates' of course , when Bella left the room I was in a daze .

Her eyes were filled with pain and sorrow . I was even more shocked when she said that we didn't want her anymore and I was furious when nobody answered her . I knew she meant it , that she actually felt that way . She felt like that for a long time , before she was a vampire and it took us months to convince her that we weren't leaving her , that we really loved her .

I tried to get to her but by the time I entered the living room she was gone , her newborn powers made her run faster than I could .

'Maybe she needs some time for herself son .' Carlisle said , one of his hands resting on my shoulder as a fatherly gesture .

Jasper felt my anger and frowned at me , I could feel him trying to send relaxing vibes to me but it didn't help . I didn't want to be calm , 'Edward what's wrong ?'he asked me .

'Why didn't you tell her !' I yelled at them , 'tell her what ?' Esme asked me , worried and confused at the same time .

'She said that we didn't want her anymore !' , nobody answered me . Even their thoughts were very quiet and silent ,'Fine , don't answer me .'

I waited in my room , praying and begging for Bella to return . I sat there , not moving for over an hour , she didn't return , so I ran after her .

Her scent stopped at Charlie's house , but she wasn't there and her scent was mingled with some sort of awful stench . I took me three seconds to realize that the stench came from a werewolf , it made me desperate to find her . I think I never ran this fast , but when I wanted to cross the treaty line ,there was some young boy waiting .

His name was Seth , I begged him to let me pass but he disappeared for four minutes he needed Sam's permission for me the cross the border , Sam said no .

I couldn't pass , I couldn't do that to my family . If the treaty is over , the wolves would kill us . Looking at Seth made me realize that there were a lot of them , usually they don't change this young.

The only thing I could do screamed "no" to my natural instincts , I felt the urgent need to protect her . But I worked against it and returned to my family , she needed some time to sort her thoughts .

Twenty minutes later she finally returned to us , 'Bella where have you been ?' I asked her as I took her into a tight embrace . She didn't return the embrace , she waited for it to be over and when I released her she disappeared , less than a second later the door of her room closed and loud music filled her room .

I was shocked , I couldn't move . I looked at my family in horror and their faces matched mine , shocked and filled with horror and confusion .

Her door wasn't locked , she lay on her bed with a few pillows over her head . The music was really loud , I think humans couldn't bear music this loud .


I closed the door , I didn't want to close it 'cause it wouldn't make any difference . We're vampire right , we can just open them whenever we want to , locked or open .

I turned the music on as loud as I could , I didn't listen to this kind of loud music often but it would set my mind of these kind of crappy things which were filling my head right now .

I took some of my fluffy pillows and covered my face with them , I didn't want to see the light , I wanted to be alone and isolated . I wasn't going to leave , were would I go . I didn't had any money or anywhere to go to . I'm still kind of a stranger in this world , I did plan on ignoring them though .

I felt the bed shift and I froze , out of fear and irritation . I thought I made it clear that I didn't want anyone to bother me when I ran from him . I also didn't notice that the music was softer , guess it didn't really put my mind off things .

I grasped the pillow tighter and I felt the fabric tear under my fingers , 'Bella ,' I heard Edward murmur as he pulled the pillows away from me , his voice sounded lovingly with a slight touch of guilt .

I didn't open my eyes and he sighed , shifting , getting closer to me . He wanted to pull me on his lap but I sat up abruptly . 'What ?' my voice a little harsher than I planned .

'I wanted to apologize for earlier .' he murmured , ' I was scared , I didn't know if your outburst was over yet and I'm so sorry for hurting your feelings .'

'It's clear that your family doesn't want me here .' I murmured at him , his eyes spoke the truth and I actually believed him when he apologize to me , he was my mate after all .

He shook his head , ' Bella , they were just scared for you and them . They all love you , so much . Bella we don't want to lose you again , you're a part of this family now .'

'I went to my father's house ,' I randomly told him , dodging his previous answer . He smiled , ' what was it like ?'

I smiled back at him , I hesitantly moved closer to him , he shrugged and pulled me on his lap , burying his face in my hair and pulling me closer to him . His touch made my body tingly and ache for more like usual . I relaxed in his embrace and leaned into him ,' it was nice , I saw some family pictures , and I saw my dad , he was sleeping on the couch .'

He kissed my head , ' I also went to my room , I didn't realize my scent was that heavy .' he chuckled , ' now you know what I mean .' he murmured , our hands entwined and we just sat there , this time the silence didn't bother me . It wasn't awkward at all , it was nice .

I laughed , ' It's kind of weird how one day went from perfectly happy and whole to fear and angst to misery and back to perfectly happy again isn't it .'

'It's like you can read my mind .' he whispered , 'that's your department .' I murmured while turning myself around in his embrace , my legs on each side of his waist as his hands immediately grabbed my hips to pull me closer to him , he didn't think about it , he just did , it was natural .

'You know I love you right ?' he whispered , nibbling on my ear and pressing a soft and lingering kiss under it which made me shiver from excitement .

I froze for just a second , he hadn't told me that since I was changed , he feared my reaction . It felt natural thought and I knew I felt the same way .

'Bella .. I'm sorry I- ' , I inched closer to him and pressed my lips against his neck , ' I love you too ,' I whispered . I looked up and collected all the love and lust I could find for him in this one glance , I wasn't surprised to see the same in his eyes as he inched closer immediately and pressed his lips firmly against mine .

His cold lips moved against mine and I returned him passionately . This kiss was different than the others we've shared ,we answered each other's unspoken questions , this kiss was heated and raw .I felt his tongue touch my lip ,begging for an entrance which I granted him of course . We didn't battle for dominance like usual , his flavor exploded in my mouth and I moaned at the sensation of it .

I grinded my hips into his , I expected him gasp or freeze but he didn't . Suddenly , I was laying on my back with him hovering over me , his hips grinding into mine as our hands roamed over each other's body . My whole body tingled and I felt home , his hands left me aching for more . Our movements were eager and desperate , it was like never before .

I didn't remember all human memories yet but those I do remember surely weren't like this , we needed each other like humans need oxygen and water .

One of his hands was roaming over my thigh , hitching up and caressing it . While his other was roaming over my upper body . One of my hands on the other hand was grasping his shoulder and roaming over his chest .

I tugged on his shirt ,' I need this of ,' I murmured , he didn't laugh or smile . I wanted to take it off but I wasn't very patient , less than half a second later his shirt was shattered laying on the floor next to the bed .I grabbed his skin , his chest was marble and muscular. Edward didn't ask me if he could take my blouse of , he just did , just like me he was very impatient and ripped the fabric apart . Not just the blouse but practically everything what was covering my chest .

I suddenly felt really shy , nobody had ever seen my like this , exposed and vulnerable. Edward leaned back , his eyes were glued to my chest , his eyes wide and felt embarrassed . I wanted to cover myself up but Edward stopped me , leaning in towards me .' You're so beautiful my love , everything's so ordinary and plain compared to you .' he murmured against my skin . His face was pressed under my chin , his hands hesitantly explored my naked chest . I moaned in pleasure under his touch , his hands felt like silk to me .

The feeling was different , my body felt like it was on fire . I closed my eyes enjoying his touch ,his lips returned to my lips and after a short while he pressed kissed on my jaw , my neck and all the way down .

I lost track of time but after a few minutes all our clothes were laying next to the king-sized bed , shattered . Our bodies were pressed against each other and we truly felt each other for the first time. My body felt whole and I felt complete , it felt like we weren't two persons anymore we were one piece , molt together . My body felt tingle , aching every touch of him set my entire body on fire , the jolts of electricity were heightened

.I finally felt complete and happy , like we were infinite .

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