Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


22. Hello

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Time never goes by slow . It's rather fast and before you know it , it is over .

Edward and I've been very happy together and time does fly when you're happy . Summer break finally started a week ago and I just couldn't stop smiling about the fact that I would be spending the entire summer with Edward and his family .

Rosalie changed after that one day I had my breakdown in front of her . Apart from Alice she's now my best friend . She told me to call her Rose , which I'm doing of course .

Angela backed off a little bit , I don't know why and I hate it . She was my first friend in Forks and I really liked her .We did talk of course she would call me now and then . We would greet each other in the mornings and after school but it wasn't like before . Edward told me that she's kind of scared of us , well not from me of course but from the rest of the family .

Vampires are supposed to have this thing which scares off humans , but of course that didn't happen to me . Although I'm glad that I wasn't .

Mike backed off and he became sort of nice . He was very sorry for not pulling me out of the way that day Tyler's van almost crushed me . I didn't mind but Edward still doesn't like him , he told me that Mike has been having very bad and inappropriate thoughts about me , so I'd rather not know .

Jessica and Lauren still don't like me , but hey , I don't like them either so I guess we're good . They don't call me names anymore or push me around . They just ignore me and sometimes give me nasty glares . Fine by me , it's impossible to like everyone .

Edward's still very protective , whenever there's someone who thinks of me in the wrong way , they get a death stare from Edward , which scares them off , of course .

Emmett became my big , protective brother . We argue and tease each other a lot , Emmett's life goal now , is to make me blush as much as possible and of course , he's good at it .

Jasper is still very distant but he talks to me and we play chess sometimes even though I never won , I like it . It feels like I belong with them , they all try to take me in there family .

As for my body , during these few months , I got it back . My body was back , my curves and figure . I was still skinnier then before but better , my face was rounder , fuller . I finally looked healthy again . My hair grew a few inches which Edward loved in return , his favorite activity was playing with my hair , it relaxed him and me .

I spend every minute with him , most of the time at his house but sometimes at mine too . Charlie liked Edward a lot , he was very happy about his protective side , thank God .

It was warm today , one of the few warm days Forks had at least .

I was waiting in the kitchen , Charlie was fishing again and Edward was about to pick me up . My hair was down and I was wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top . It would be the first time Edward would see so many skin of mine . I was never comfortable about showing it since it would be all bony and stuff . I was wearing some sneakers under it , Alice was still trying to make me wear some flip flops or flats , but I didn't agree on that part . I could finally drop the makeup since my skin didn't have the deadly , unhealthy grey color anymore . It was just as white and pale as it used to be . I was kind of nervous about Edward seeing me this way , skin , no make up . The makeup made my skin look darker than my natural color .

Finally the door bell rang , perfect in time . I quickly walked towards the door and opened it . When I opened it I smiled brightly and he smiled back before really looking at me . And when he did his eyes widened and his mouth hung open for a bit .

His eyes roamed over my naked legs , arms and shoulders and he looked hungrily at my face . He closed our distance and grabbed my face not as gently as normal and kissed me passionately .His hands roaming over my shoulders and my arms , his touch made me ach for more . His lips moving with mine , I didn't want to but I had to break my lips away from his to catch breath . His lips traced down my neck and he was making small , lovingly pecks on my skin there . My breathing was hard and I pulled his head from my neck to push my lips to his again . We both moaned and my tongue came out to trace his lips . Edward moaned again and pulled back , his forehead against mine , his breathing hard .

'Bella ' he murmured , the way my name sounded from his lips made my entire body weak . When he spoke my name I felt butterflies in my entire body .

'I love you ' He said . I gently pressed my lips against his ones more and looked in his intense eyes , 'I love you too .' I whispered .

'Let's go ' he said while grabbing my hand .

'You look different today .' He said , we were driving and he didn't talk for a while , ' I like it .' He grinned at me , his eyes roaming over my legs ones more .

I blushed , 'Why now ?' He asked me , he was always so curious around me and his family found it hilarious when they saw him confused for the first time . He always knew everything but he always had to ask me .

'I was time for change .' I answered while looking in his eyes . ' I finally have my normal body back , my skin looks healthy . I thought I give it a try . '

'You look explicit my love .' He grinned at me , he hand gently tracing my cheek ,'your skin is so soft , I didn't even know it was that white .' He murmured while looking deep in thought .

When we finally reached the house Edward escorted me inside , I loved his gentleman behavior , normal men fake it or are thought to . Edward was born that way , it was normal for his time .

'BELLA ! ' Emmett yelled when we walked it , ' EMMY BEAR !' I screamed back as he ran towards me to lift me up in his embrace and twirl us around . I laughed as he put me down and I saw Rosalie laughing too as she got up .

'Bring it to me Bella ' she said with her arms wide open . I smiled and walked in her embrace . Suddenly I heard someone whistle behind me and I turned around . 'Jesus , Bella , you look nice today .' Emmett said while wiggling his eyebrows .

Rosalie rolled her eyes and slapped his shoulder , ' Aw , what ? Baby look at her , she looks hot today don't you think .' Rosalie didn't look but hit him again .

'Emmett , you can think that but that doesn't mean you have to say it that way .' I laughed as Emmett pouted at Rosalie .

'Emmett's right Bella , you do look nice .' Jasper said , he was leaning against the door frame , looking at my appearance .

I blushed , ' YES ! I did it again .' I Emmett laughed , ' Emmett , seriously when are you going to stop , the girl blushes all the time .' Carlisle said when he walked in , he stopped when he saw me .

'You look good Bella .' he said and another blush filled my cheeks as I heard Emmett laugh . 'Thanks ,' I murmured .

'Oh my God Bella ! You're finally showing some skin ! Why now and not those other five thousand times I forced you ?' She whined at me .

Everyone chuckled , ' Because it felt right today .' I said as I crossed my arms over my chest trying to look stubborn .

'Oh Bella my dear , you look good , are you feeling good ?' Esme asked as she walked in , she gave me a quick hug and sat down next to Carlisle .I nodded and she smiled . I didn't notice that everyone sat down apart from me ,and they were all glaring at me .

'Bella , you're actually really white without Alice' makeup .' Jasper said while looking at my face . I shrugged , ' I know .'

'Seriously Bella , you could be one of us with your paleness , just some contacts and a miracle to make you less clumsy and you would look like us .' Emmett said , Rosalie rolled her eyes and hit him against his chest .

'Let's go upstairs my love ' Edward murmured as his hand traced my arm up and down . My heart was beating faster and breathing coming harder . Emmett let out a booming laugh while the other boys snickered .

Alice , Rose and Esme sighed and looked at their men , 'why can't you be so romantic Emmett ?' Rosalie asked in a dreamy voice .

Edward laughed and the boys looked at him , annoyed . We took our time to walk to his room and when we finally entered I stopped breathing .

There was a bed .


When Bella opened the door I was star struck . I knew she looked different than before but she always hid it under her clothes . Alice tried to force her to wear more revealing things but she always held her foot down .

She was wearing really short shorts , her legs were creamy white and looked perfect in every way . Her arms and shoulders were the same , her skin was creamy , nothing was out of place . She had freckles on her shoulders , they were light brown and very cute .

Her hair was down and she finally wasn't wearing Alice' make up anymore . Her skin was much paler than the makeup was . It was just as white as mine , except when she blushed of course .

My family of course did everything to make her blush and they succeeded .

Have fun Eddie ! – Emmett

Why isn't Emmett as romantic as Edward ? – Rosalie

They look so great together ! – Alice

I wonder what she'll be like when she's a new born .- Jasper

I could see what Jasper was seeing , he was picturing Bella in the sunlight , sparkling and with blood red eyes . I growled under my breath .

Let's hope Eddiekins is going to get some ! –Emmett

I rolled my eyes , Emmett clearly didn't understand that I couldn't do that with my Bella . I wanted to of course but it would be too dangerous .

I was shocked by how my thirst for her almost disappeared after a few months . I didn't feel the thirst as much as before for her anymore , I only felt love for her and I felt more human when I was around her .

I know she's worried about what will happen to us , she asked me a couple of time what will happen when she gets older and I won't . I have thought about it of course , but I just can't change her , I will protect her soul .

When I opened the door she froze and gasped .

I frowned , and gasped myself when I suddenly saw a massive bed in the middle of my room .

It's a present from every one of us Edward , it's not for what Emmett thinks it is . It just so you two can relax and be comfortable . Besides when she sleeps over she won't have to sleep on the couch . And if you are ready for more , well , it'll be there .– Carlisle

Bella turned around and looked at me , 'My family ' I answered her , she blushed and walked inside . I loved the view of Bella in my room . She was standing at the bed , touching the sheets . Her back facing me . Her shoulders were bare and looked very inviting to me , I slowly walked towards her and gathered all her hair to one side of her shoulders .

Her hear sped up immediately and her breathing was shallower . I loved the way I controlled her body , she was very responsive to my touch . Carlisle explained to me that it was the mate thing .

I bend down and started to kiss her shoulder and her neck , after a while I couldn't stand just kissing her shoulder anymore so I turned her around and kissed her hard . She moaned , I loved it when she did that . Her hands went up and entwined in my hair trying to pull my closer to her . Her tiny frame was pressed against mine , it felt like we were a matching puzzle . My hands were roaming , they were moving without my permission . I was roaming my hand up and down her arm and her shoulder while my other hand was up in her hair . Her hair felt like silk in my hands .

Go Eddie , You're going to get some ! –Emmett

I ignored Emmett , I didn't even notice I started to walk forward , forcing Bella to move backwards . Her knees hit the back of the bed and she fell in the centre of in with me hovering over her . My mind told me to stop but I couldn't .I was pushing myself up on my arms so Bella wouldn't feel my weight . My lips went back to hers , and we were more eager . When her tongue came out and touched my lips I wanted to open them for her , I wanted to taste her . But I couldn't .

I pulled back and looked at her face , her breathing was shallow , her chest going up and down rapidly . 'Bella , we can't do that yet , I don't know what kind of effect my venom will have on you .' I explained to her.

WOO ! GO EDDIE ! –Emmett

Edward son , the venom can't harm her if it isn't in her blood system. Just trying to help you my son , be careful . – Carlisle

If I was human I would be blushing furiously right now , but I was excited to know that kind of information at this moment .

I smiled down at Bella and she smiled back , I leaned down and pressed my lips against hers again . Almost immediately my tongue left my mouth and traced her bottom lip , she was shocked for a moment but responded immediately . He lips opened and her tongue met mine , her taste was divine. The contract between hot and cold was perfect and we both moaned at this new experience , we were both battling for dominance in her mouth . Bella started to move under me , her hips making very small movements towards mine and I knew this was natural . I had to stop but I didn't , my hips moved with hers , slowly .Our hands roaming over each other's body . I moaned loudly at the feeling and Bella's heart sped up again , her breathing faster . Bella moaned too and I wanted to go further when suddenly ,

'OH MY GOD ! I DIDN'T ACTUALLY THOUGHT YOU GUYS WOULD DO THIS ! ' Emmet screamed from my doorway and I looked up , Emmett was standing the middle of it with Alice , Rosalie and Jasper behind him . Trying not to laugh .

'Brother , the sexual tension in this room is killing me .' Jasper said , Alice looked up and pulled him back towards their room .

Thanks Edward !-Alice

Bella's cheeks were as red as a tomato , 'Emmett Mcarty Cullen ! How dare you spy on your brother and sister like that !' Emmett swallowed loudly and turned around , Esme was standing at the end of the hallway , her hand firmly on her waist .

'Mom , I ..' Esme didn't let him finish and two seconds later the door was closed and we were alone . Bella was hiding under the blanket .

I laughed and pulled her against my chest were we lay like this for hours .

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