Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


8. First Day


In my nightmare I was getting through everything that happened back in Phoenix and more . It's been going on for a while now .

Mom says it's normal , that my mind is coping with everything that happened on it's on way . Well I didn't like that way , I was having nightmares every night , I couldn't sleep anymore because I woke up every night .

I had to get up now , I wouldn't want to be late for my fist day at school .

Forks high school had a frightening total of only three hundred and fifty-seven – now fifty-eight – students ; there were more than seven hundred people in my junior class alone back home .

All of the kids here had grown up together – their grandparents had been toddlers together .

I would be the new girl from the big city , almost bullied to death , too skinny , ugly , a curiosity , a freak .

I sighed and wandered to the bathroom .

I combed my hair and washed my face .

Maybe , if I looked like a girl from Phoenix should , I could work this to my advantage . But physically , I'd never fit in anywhere .

I should be tan , sporty , blond – a volleyball player , or a cheerleader – all the thing that go with living in the valley of the sun .

Instead , I was ivory-skinned , pale as hell . My mom always joked that I could be a vampire with my skin color .

I had always been slender , but soft somehow , obviously not an athlete . But after the accident my whole body changed . My old body was slowly coming back , but I still had the body of a twelve-year old .

My breast were slowly coming back , not noticeable at all . Nobody would notice if I wore a bra or not . I never had hips but at least I had a small figure , which was gone now too .

You could see my shoulders bone through my shirt , which is why I'm wearing thick sweaters . My entire body had still every bone sticking out .

I only gained a little bit of fat on my knees , they still looked really fragile but they were better now , and a bit on my face . It was still bony but not in the sickening way .

The only positive thing about the whole situation was that I was excused from gym . Because I couldn't eat much , I couldn't do sports , because I would faint easily . I didn't care though , I didn't have the necessary hand-eye coordination to play sports without humiliating myself – and harming both myself and anyone else who stood too close .

I can't eat much yet , only half a sandwich or half a bowl of soup or a tiny salad . I could only eat easily digestible food .

It all made me look sallower , unhealthy , like I was actually sick . I hope there'll be some people who can look behind all of this .

If I couldn't find a niche in a school with three thousand people , what were my chances here ? I didn't relate well to people my age . Maybe the truth was that I didn't relate well to people , period . Even my mother , who I was closer to than anyone else on the planet , was never in harmony with me , never on the exact same page .

Sometimes I wondered if I was seeing the same thing through my eyes that the rest of the world was seeing through theirs . Maybe there was a glitch in my brain . ( I just love this , it's exactly how I feel)

When got into the kitchen there was a post-it stuck on the fridge :


Got to go to work

Have a nice day at school

Order pizza for tonight

Dad. '

I smiled , typical dad . I probably had to stop by a supermarket because I couldn't eat pizza yet . But I didn't care .

It was just drizzling when I left the house , not enough to soak me though .

I parked my truck next to a shiny Volvo and got inside .

'excuse me ?' I murmured to a woman who was bend over a large pile of papers . She looked up immediately and quickly walked over towards the desk I was waiting at .

'can I help you honey ? ' she asked , she had a motherly voice .

'I'm Isabella Swan ,' I saw immediate awareness in her eyes .

'of course ' she said , she dug through a precariously stacked pile of documents on her desk until she found my schedule .

'there you go sweetie , if something's wrong , or you're feeling a bit weak or emotional , you can always come to me .' she whispered , compassion filling her eyes as she saw my thin body .

'euhm , thanks ' I murmured , my cheeks flushed .

I rushed out of the little office and went slowly to my first class .

As I went into the classroom , I took the slip up to the teacher , a tall , balding man whose desk had a nameplate indentifying him as Mr. Mason .

He placed me at a desk in the middle of the class . I took out my books and waited patiently for class to begin .

I could hear everyone whispering behind me .

'OMG , that's Isabella Swan '

'Is that that girl who was put in that janitors closet ?'

'Ew she's like , so not pretty '

'why did she come here , all the boys will like , totally look at her because she's like new and stuff '

'It was a good joke they pulled on her , those people were stupid enough to get caught '

That last one actually hurt me , I was trying to hold up my tears . Great first day .

I heard someone getting up behind me and suddenly I saw two naked legs with a very short skirt .

'Hi !I'm Jessica Stanley ' she said , I could see the arrogance in her eyes , hidden behind 6 layers of mascara and tons of make up on her face .

'hello ' I murmured back , looking down .

'Wow , you're really skinny , is that because of what happened in Phoenix ?' I froze , how did she know all of that .

'euhm … ' I couldn't find the strength to answer .

'You know you could be pretty , but now , you just look really ugly , which is probably the reason why you were bullied .' she got up and high fived some girl behind me and they all started laughing .

'Leave her alone Jessica ' I heard a quiet voice next to me .

'Aw , is little Angela going to tell me what to do .' , Angela blushed and silently sat next to me while everyone was laughing .

'thanks ' I whispered looking at her from under my lashed .

'No problem , you don't deserve it , you okay ? ' she asked , worry crossed her face .

'yeah ' I lied .

'Okay class , we're going to start class .' I sighed , happy .

We both stopped talking and we gave our attention towards Mr. Mason .

I had all my classes before lunch with Angela , which I was grateful for .

When we entered the cafeteria I noticed them for the first time .

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