Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


36. Finally

Chapter 38


I finally felt it , I finally understood what he meant . I knew what the look in his eyes meant every time I caught him staring at me .

I knew why he had acted so protective of me back in Volterra , I knew why he felt miserable when I wasn't with him . I understood why he followed to the meadow , I understood why he wanted to be with me .

It wasn't exactly his choice , it was the mating thing . After that one moment in his room , I finally understood why I was drawn to him , why he was the only one who could touch without causing me pain . Why I felt possessive and defensive over him , I didn't understood what it was before .

I felt different around him , I didn't know what it was , I didn't know what those feelings meant , until know .

I felt happier , warmer ,I felt home again . I could see that he was happier too , his body language was different , he was more relaxed . He wasn't tense and nervous around me anymore .

'Edward , can I ask you something ?' I asked him , he chuckled , ' if it's a question like your previous one , yes , gladly .' There was this new spark in his eyes , there was a spark in them before . But it looked like I could see his soul .

I giggled and took his hand in mine , playing with his fingers . 'Why were you so tense and nervous around me ?'I looked at him from under my lashes , ' You never looked relaxed.'

'I never knew how to act around you . I was afraid that I would scare you off , that you wouldn't be comfortable around me . I was used to spontaneously grab you , touch you and kiss you . I was used to not thinking around you , to just be me . Of course I was thinking when I kissed you , I had to be gentle with you . ' He explained , looking at my hands which were still playing with his .

'You didn't have to do that you know .'he looked up , staring into my eyes , confused . ' I could notice there was something off about you , I could sense you were nervous and tense around me . I knew you acted different then the person you were inside . I noticed that you weren't yourself around me , and I felt so confused , I wanted to know what I did .'

His lips were in my hair ,' You always noticed too much for your own good .' I frowned , ' what do you mean ?'

'I'm sorry my love, I keep forgetting you don't remember everything yet .' My entire body tingled, every time he called me , my love or love , I felt tingly and light in my head . I felt giggly and a big smile overtook my face .

'I love it when you call me that , it makes my entire body weak .' he smiled at me ,' will you explain to me what you meant about me noticing too much for my own good ?'

'Normal humans don't notice anything about us apart from our looks of course , they have this thing which scares them off , to not look farther , to run or walk away .'

He took a deep breath , ' You on the other hands , you didn't have that , you looked farther . You noticed that we didn't eat , that we were pale , that we had the same color of eyes , that we were graceful , faster and stronger . You my love noticed everything that other humans didn't .'

He sighed and looked back at me , slightly tracing the lines of my face .' We were trying to be normal to you , but when we first officially met , I also caught your smell for the first time . You were my singer , I started to growl , I wanted to take you .'

I was slightly shocked , he seemed so controlled .' My brothers pulled me back and you ran away , Alice took you home ,but you refused to talk or even look at her . We stayed out of school for a week and in that week you figured it out .'

I raised my eyebrows , 'I did ?' He laughed ,' You stormed into our house , explaining everything , noticing even more supernatural things than before . We couldn't say no , so from that moment you knew .'

I smiled , I didn't realize I had been that smart , that made me feel pretty confident about myself . Edward looked like he was thinking very hardly , I climbed on his lap and took his face in my hands . 'What's going on in this pretty little head of yours ?' I murmured while bringing my face closer and closing my eyes meanwhile .

He chuckled and closed the remaining distance , he lips touched mine gently , lovingly . I relaxed immediately and felt him relaxing too .

His lips started to move against mine and I moaned , his hands grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him , my legs closed around him and pushed him closer to me as well .

My hands were tugging on his hair , desperately wanting , no needing to get him closer to me . He did the same and we broke apart , gasping .

He bit his lip while looking at mine and surprised me by pulling us both up and instead of holding me just grabbing my hand .

'I want to show you something .' he smiled nervously , I frowned but nodded and her pulled my downstairs towards the big black piano filling one side of big living room .

I frowned at him , 'you play ?' he didn't speak , he just nodded . 'The day you went missing , I had planned something for you . After you would return from the shopping trip , I would've cooked you mushroom ravioli , that was your favorite .' he smiled ,' After that we would've just hang around , kiss and cuddle each other . And somewhere in the middle of it , I would've played you a song I wrote for you . After you left , I played every day . '

He gently pulled me down next to him on the little black piano bench . 'I'm going to play it for you now ' he whispered .


I was really nervous about playing the song for her , I had written it a while ago . When Bella was at home , sleeping and I couldn't get her out of my head . I sat down at my piano , and mixed all my feelings and thoughts for her in this songs .

I sighed and pressed the keys , letting the melody enter the room and leaving a stunned and frozen Bella behind .

I closed my eyes , letting the emotions and memories flooding in my mind . When the final note left the room I opened my eyes and Bella looked like she was about to cry mingled with happiness and love .

'Edward ,' she whispered , emotions were flooding in her eyes . She bit her bottom lip and looked down at her hands . Did I do something wrong ?

' I think I'm falling in love with you . No , I.. , Edward I love you .' she stuttered rapidly ,without even thinking about it I pulled her on my lap , taking her face between my hands .

'Bella ,' I whispered , collecting everything I felt for her in my eyes as I heard her gasp. ' I love you too , so much you have no idea .' I desperately said .

She inched her face closer to mine ' I think I have an idea .' she murmured and with that I captured her lips and kissed her with more passion than I had ever dreamed of I would feel for her .

Her lips eagerly replied to mine and it felt like we were responding unspoken questions to each other , unwillingly my tongue came out and gently touched her bottom lip . I didn't want to scare her , but I couldn't help myself . Bella had left that day we had tried it for the first time and I couldn't get it out of my head , the way her tongue felt against mine was pure heaven .

But that was nothing compared to this , I didn't have to be careful , I didn't have to think . So I didn't , I moaned when her mouth eagerly opened within the same moment and our tongues met each other right in the middle .

I stood op and placed Bella on the keys of my piano , a mix of notes filled the room and other people would call it bad , it was a heavenly sound to me .

Bella's breathing fastened and she opened her legs , so I could stand between them . Her legs closed around my back and forced me closer to her again , her hands pulled my head down , grasping my hair tightly while her other hand glided over my neck to my chest .

My hands curled around her upper thighs , her breathing became more shallow , like she did when she was human .

I felt whole , her hands grabbed me tighter , her hand fisted in my shirt while her other hand pulled harder on my hair while pulling me closer .

We never went this far before , I never had touched her so intimately , I felt a new kind of hunger build up inside of me , I couldn't get close enough to her , I grasped her tighter and harder against me while kissing her more fiercely and passionately .

We didn't need to stop , we could go on forever , I didn't want to stop , so I wasn't going to .


Alice had asked us to leave the house , she had a vision about Edward and Bella . We were all curious but she didn't want to tell us .

Instead she was giggly and bouncy all day . Having multiple visions and clapping afterwards , we knew that they were about Edward and Bella of course .

She wouldn't react so enthusiastic about anything else . 'Let's go home !' Alice shrieked , it was sunny today . So instead of going shopping we had to sit and wait in the middle of the forest .

Alice ran as fast as she could , ' Come on !' she yelled , forcing us to run faster behind her . When we saw the house we practically stormed in and we were all surprised by what we saw .

We thought everything would be okay , maybe a little kiss between the two of them . But I definitely did not expected what I was seeing right now .

If someone would've told me afterwards I would've laughed at them .

Bella was sitting on Edward's piano keys , Edward holding her tight by her thighs , they both were pulling each other tightly towards each other , desperate trying to get closer to each other . Their kiss was fierce , passionate .

Their kiss was heated , their tongues were entwined , battling for dominances . It wasn't uncomfortable to see , this was the pure and raw definition of mates and mating .

They needed each other , like humans need water and air . They weren't just two persons they were one .

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