Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


23. Drop

I'm glad you guys liked my last chapter , to answer some of you OMG EMMETT IS FUCKING AMAZING I KNOW ! Who wouldn't want Emmett as a big brother of friend ?!LOL , enjoy !


Edward and I were in the middle of our meadow , talking and making out . I'd never felt that great . The sun was shining and everything was warm and wonderful .

Suddenly the sun disappeared and everything turned cold and black . I looked around confused , Edward looked at me just as confused as I was .

'Edward what's happening ?' I asked , but when he opened his mouth to talk , somebody started to laugh hysterically.

I saw a figure standing at the end of our meadow but my human eyes couldn't see who it was . Edward froze and I could see angst in his eyes .

We were standing half a second later , Edward took my face in my hands and looked into my eyes . 'Bella , I need you to run , no matter what happens to me you have to run .' He ordered me .

Tears rolled over my cheeks as I realized this wouldn't end well . I ran as fast as I could to the other side of the meadow . But I froze when I heard a blood curling scream from Edward .

I couldn't see the man's face but he had blond hair in a ponytail . He was holding Edward with his hands in one of his and his other hand was pulling Edward's head in an inhumanly way .I saw Edward's pain .

'EDWARD NO ! ' I screamed as loud as I could , ' Bella ,' he said as loud as he could .


I was shaking badly , 'Bella ' I heard closer to me this time .

Suddenly the man was pulling on Edward's head harder .


I was too late , the man laughed and ripped his head of .


I fell to the ground and sobbed . The man smiled at me and I could see he had blood red eyes . His eyes were scary and he looked at me hungrily.

'Bella wake up my love .'

I gasped for air as I sat up in the big bed .


Bella fell asleep in my bed , I didn't want to wake her so Alice called Charlie to tell him she fell asleep in her room watching a movie .

She seemed to be having a fairly nice dream , since she was smiling and breathing rather slowly . I loved watching her sleep , it fascinated me . I wish I was able to sleep , to dream . I'm sure I would dream about my Bella .

Suddenly Bella's expression changed and she started to toss . She looked worried and scared while a tears spilled over her closed eyes .

'Bella ?' I whispered in her ear . Her breathing changed and she was almost gasping and tossing even faster than before .

'EDWARD NO !' She screamed , she was clearly having a nightmare . A second after she screamed my entire family was standing in my room , looking worriedly at Bella .

'wake her up Edward . 'Carlisle said .I tugged on her shoulders gently but she didn't wake up .

'PLEASE DON'T ! EDWARD NO ! PLEASE DON' T LEAVE ME !' She yelled at the top of her lungs , she was almost sobbing now . Tossing and turning furiously .

'Bella ,' I said a little bit louder while shaking her shoulders .

'NO PLEASE ! DON'T KILL HIM PLEASE ! NO PLEASE ! ' She screamed again , her breathing shallow and hard .

Carlisle sat on the side of the bed , shaking Bella's shoulders with me . 'Why isn't she waking up ?' , 'Bella , come on .' He murmured at himself , his mind was worried .

'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOO ' She yelled louder , Bella's crying changed to sobbing as she tossed and turned in my arms .

'Bella wake up my love .' I said louder . Suddenly she gasper for air and sat up , her eyes taking in her environment .

I took her head in my hands , I was worried . ' Bella my love , are you okay ?' I asked her looking deep into her eyes . Trying to find something different . Her eyes were still teary and she looked frightened to death .

She looked at me and pressed herself tightly against my chest while she continued sobbing . 'Thank God you're not dead .' She whispered between her sobs .I folded my arms tightly around her and pressed her as close as possible into my chest , my head resting on hers . Her fingers were griping my shirt tightly , so tight that they were turning white . Everyone looked at Carlisle , worried about her . Carlisle frowned , 'Bella sweetheart , what did you dream ?' Esme asked kindly .

Bella didn't look up ,' We were in our meadow .' she murmured , ' Everything was beautiful and warm and lovingly .But suddenly everything went dark and cold and somebody entered our meadow .' She stopped to take a deep breath . ' You got us up and told me to run as fast as I could , to not stop if anything happened to you .' She sobbed harder , 'I ran but suddenly I heard you scream , the man had you in his grip and was trying to rip your head off . '

She sobbed harder and Esme stroked Bella's back , ' I begged him not too , but he did .' She was sobbing between every word . 'I was so scared Edward .' she whispered .

Everyone silently left the room . I wanted to lay her down but she refused , her grip on my shirt tightened .

'I'm not going anywhere my love .' I murmured in her hair . As soon as we laid down , I pulled her against my chest , as close and hard as possible .

She cried for more than forty minutes but finally fell back asleep . She scared me , I couldn't bare seeing her like that . I pulled her even closer and closed my eyes , enjoying the way her body felt against mine .


Me and Bella grew closer and I actually really like her , I even dared to say that she's my best friend. Our bond is different than mine and Alice' of course but I really liked her .

I felt really guilty about being so mean to her , I just couldn't handle the fact that Edward her in so easily .I took me months to let him trust me when I joined them .

We were all just watching television together since Bella fell asleep . When Edward and Bella went upstairs and we heard what they were doing we all laughed but when Emmett went upstairs we couldn't stop our curiosity . So we followed him and I was shocked at what I saw when we entered the room .

Edward hadn't hear us come in , he was laying on top of Bella , his hands tracing her figure . He was kissing her passionately and she was eagerly returning the favor . I was shocked because I didn't know Edward had that much self control . But then Emmett had to ruin our fun and Bella's cheeks were as red as a tomato .

She finally fell asleep in his arms .

'EDWARD NO !' Bella suddenly screamed , we didn't hesitate and we went upstairs immediately . Was she dreaming or was my brother being stupid . When we opened the door Edward was shaking Bella's shoulder as he whispered , ' Bella ?'

She was having a really bad dream , it took him and Carlisle a while to wake her up but when they did she didn't stop sobbing . She held on to Edward like he would disappear if she didn't held on tight enough . I could see the fear in her eyes and when she told us her dream we were all shocked , poor Bella .

She sobbed for forty minutes before finally falling back to sleep .


When I heard that Bella slept again I silently entered their room . Edward was looking intensely at Bella , he was worried about her . His feeling were all over the place , Bella's emotions scared me . When we entered the room and I felt her I nearly collapsed .

I'd never felt such angst and pain before . Never ,I've felt people die , being killed and copping with death of their lovers but her pain was much worse than all of those together .

Edward looked up when he saw me and smiled sadly , ' did she really felt that way Jas ?' He asked me , I shook my head , I was remembering her pain but not as much as it was .

'It was much worse my brother .' I whispered while looking at Bella , 'Edward .' She murmured and Edward smiled while kissing her hair .

The love they felt for each other was intense , in tenser than Alice' and mine , or as Rosalie's and Emmett's . Even in tenser than Carlisle's and Esme's .It shocked me that a human was capable of that much love .

Edward smiled at me as he heard my thoughts . 'Jasper , I want you to make me feel like she did .' He whispered , I shook my head .

'Trust me , you don't want to .' , he stubbornly shook his head , ' do it .' he ordered me .

I sighed and made him feel the way Bella had , he took a sharp breath and he look terrified . He was dry sobbing since it isn't possible for us to cry .

'Did she really felt all of that ?' He asked perplexed , I nodded .

I was confused by the feeling Bella had right before she fell asleep , she felt like something bad is going to happen soon .

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