Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


16. Date


As I entered the kitchen there was a note on the fridge :

I'm fishing ,

Back tonight , don't forget to eat .

Go out , have fun !


I rolled my eyes , yeah right dad . I slowly ate some cereal and froze when I saw the time and remembered the note on my bed from yesterday . It was 9.40 am , I still had to shower and get ready.

I jumped up and quickly threw my food away while running upstairs and hopping in the shower , I didn't wash my hair , it wasn't dirty and I didn't have the time . The shower was warm , it relaxed my muscles and warmed me up . Dad said it would be warm today , the sun would finally come out . I wondered were Edward was taking me , he couldn't go out in the sun he said .

I picked out a dark blue jeans , a blue long sleeved blouse and my casual shoes . I used a bit of the Makeup Alice gave me , my skin didn't look so grey anymore with It . After that I brushed my teeth and I quickly combed my hair . My hair was chocolate brown , it had a healthy look , it was thick and shiny . In the sun there were a few strands of red in it . I looked bad yesterday , partly because I didn't had any sleep the last few days and I couldn't eat . I didn't put the makeup on Alice gave me and I forgot to shower, conclusion I looked sicker , but I wasn't .

I quickly picked up my grey jacket since it was warm enough to wear a thinner jacket . (the clothes Bella is wearing are the same as she is wearing in the movie when they go to the meadow )

At 10 am sharp , there was a light nock on the door and I prepared myself to open it . My heart was beating faster and my palms were itchy . I was nervous but not because I was scared , I knew I was supposed to be scared , after everything that happened . But I wasn't , I felt oddly safe with him near me . Even though I only saw him three times in total .

I opened the door and he welcomed me with a beautiful , breath taking crooked smile . I've never seen him laugh like this , but it sure was the most beautiful thing I'd ever witnessed . It was my favorite smile in the world .

As he smiled , my already faster beating heart started to beat faster and he chuckled . I blushed when I realized he could hear my heart beating in my chest .

'Your blush is lovely .' He said while touching my cheek with his cold hand . I felt a jolt and I think my heart stopped beating .

I realized I didn't say hi to him , so I said Hi .

He chuckled ' Hello Bella ' , again that crooked smile which made me blush again .

'Are you ready to go ?' He asked me softly , ' You don't have to , I can always go home if you don' want to . I would understand if you'd rather ..' He was speaking so fast I almost couldn't understand him .

'Edward ' He stopped talking and looked at me , ' I would love to join you .' His eyes showed a sparkle when I said that and he held out his arm so I could take it . He was a true gentlemen I thought . I closed the door and got in his shiny Volvo .


When she closed the door I breathed in and my car was filled with her heavenly scent . It was bearable but barely . She smelled so sweet , like strawberries and freesia . She should be afraid of me, but clearly she wasn't . I had heard her heart speed up and I saw the blush creep up in her cheeks .

'Were are we going ?' she asked . Her voice was sweet and innocent . She was so pure and good , if I had a heart , It would be beating wildly by now .

'Just a place I like to go when it's sunny .' I smiled at her she smiled back and that was the most beautiful I ever saw . That was going to be my new goal , make Bella smile as much as possible . She looked better today but Alice and Carlisle explained to me that she wasn't wearing her makeup and stuff .

She looked like she was biting her tongue , she told us yesterday that she had so many questions . 'You have some questions ? ' I asked trying not to laugh at her face . She blushed ' just a few ' . ' Go ahead than .' I encouraged her .

She didn't say anything for a few seconds . 'Do you mind if I asked you a few questions ?' I asked her . She nodded and looked at me .

'What's your favorite color ?' I asked her , I wanted to know normal small details about her .She rolled her eyes , ' it changes from day to day .'

'what's it today ' I asked . ' probably brown .' That surprised me . 'why ?' I asked her .

'Brown is warm , I miss brown . Everything that's supposed to be brown – tree trunks , rocks , dirt – is all covered up with squashy green stuff here . ' I snickered at her explanation .

'your favorite book ?' I asked her . 'Wuthering heights ' she immediately answered . 'You like classics ?' she nodded love it , she mouthed at me .

When I pulled over I ran over at her at vampire speed , her eyes widened but went back to normal size immediately . She really wasn't scared at all , she surprised me .


When I saw the trail I frowned but immediately went to the trial but stopped when I felt a hand around my arm . 'This way .' He said while nodding at the forest . I frowned as he chuckled , I won't get you lost .' He said confident , I could see he was in his element.

He stared at me , 'Do you want to go home ?' I heard anxious and another kind of pain in his voice . I shook my head .

'I'm not a good hiker .' I answered dully .'You'll have to be very patient .'

'I can be patient –if I make a great effort .' He smiled , holding my glance . 'If you want me to hack five miles through the jungle before sundown , you'd better start leading the way .' I said as stalked into the woods . He came towards me and started to lead the way .

It wasn't as hard as I had feared . The way was mostly flat , and he held the damp ferns and webs of moss aside for me . When his straight path took us over fallen trees or boulders , he would help me , lifting me by the elbow , and then realizing me instantly when I was clear . His cold touch on my skin never failed to make my heart thud erratically . I knew he could hear it which made me blush every time .

'Are we there yet ?' I teased , pretending to scowl .

'Nearly .' He smiled at the change in my mood .I could definitely see a lightening in the trees ahead , a glow that was yellow instead of green . I picked up the pace ,my eagerness growing with every step . He let me lead now , following me noiselessly .

I reached the edge of the pool of light and stepped through the last fringe of ferns into the loveliest place I had ever seen . The meadow was small , perfectly round , and filled with wildflowers – violet , yellow and soft white . The sun was directly overhead ,filling the circle with a haze of buttery sunshine . I sat down in the middle of it .

Edward was still at the edge of the meadow . He hesitated and stepped into the sunlight .

2 hours later

Edward in the sunlight was shocking . I couldn't get used to it , though I'd been staring at him all afternoon . His skin , literally sparkled , like thousands of tiny diamonds were embedded in the surface . He sat perfectly still across from me so we could look at each other and stare at each other faces .

'what happened , you know , when we first met at your house and you tried to get to me ?' He flinched back .

'I wasn't prepared for your scent , your smell , smells better to me than to anybody else .It's almost irresistible to me. You know how everyone enjoys different flavors , for us blood tastes almost the same all the time apart from human blood of course . But when I caught your smell something in my brain switched and I wasn't me anymore Bella . ' He explained .

'I don't scare you ?' he asked amused . I laughed and shook my head .

'What are you thinking ?' he asked more seriously , 'I hate not knowing what you think .'

I took a deep breath 'I was wishing that I could believe that you were real . And I was wishing that I wasn't afraid .'

'I don't want you to be afraid .' His voice was just a soft murmur . ' Well, that's not exactly the fear I meant , though that's certainly something to think about. ' He moved quickly until he was closer to me . His golden eyes mesmerized me .

'what are you afraid of then ?' He whispered intently .

But I couldn't answer . As I had just that once before ,I smelled his cool breath in my face. Sweet , delicious , the scent made my mouth water . It was unlike anything else . Instinctively , unthinkingly , I leaned closer , inhaling .

And he was gone , his face and body away from mine .

'I'm sorry Edward .' He didn't response .

In less than a second he was at the other side of the meadow , walking away from me .

'Please don't go .' I said . He didn't slow down . 'I care about you Edward , I think I'm falling in love with you .'

He froze but kept walking after that .

'Don't leave Edward ! 'I yelled at him , I was mad at him . He just heard that I cared about him and all he could do was leave ? 'Don't you see it ! ' He shouted back at me he was mad too . ' I'm not good for you , I'm dangerous Bella , we don't belong together !' He screamed I could see the sadness fill his eyes and his face . ' That's not true Edward !' I yelled at the top of my lungs .

'Don't you feel it , whenever we touch I get this feeling I never had before , you make me feel alive Edward !' I was still yelling as was he when he answered .

'Bella I'm dead ! I'm wrong ! ' He yelled .' It's so confusing not knowing what you think !' He yelled back but not as loud as before .

'You want to know what I think ! ' I shouted .

'It always looks like you're trying to say goodbye to me , like you'll disappear just like you're doing right now .' I was still shouting but my voice grew quieter when I talked further .

'I don't know how you feel . Look at me , I'm absolutely ordinary , clumsy and ugly ,almost disabled and then look at you . ' I said while waving at him .

Suddenly all the anger and confusion left his face and he was in front of me again . His gaze lovingly and soft . 'You don't see yourself very clearly , you know . ' He murmured while stroking my cheek .

I shrugged and rolled my eyes . ' Trust me just this once – you are the opposite of ordinary . ' His voice was so soft and intense I blushed and dropped my gaze to his chest .

'I won't be saying goodbye Bella ' He murmured silently . 'Not anymore .'

'How's the thirst ' I asked quietly . ' I've not been thinking about it .' he whispered .

'There are other hungers , that I don't understand yet , that are foreign to me .' My heart skipped a beat when I understood what he was saying .

He was staring at my face never leaving my eyes when suddenly his started to travel to my mouth and back to my eyes . So slow I didn't even know it was happening he was cupping my face and slowly leaning in .

He hesitated – to gauge my reaction and to test himself . And then his cold , marble lips pressed very softly against mine . I moaned a bit but he didn't response , I pressed my lips a little bit harder on his lips and he returned the favor . What neither of us was prepared for was my response . Blood boiled under my skin , burned in my lips . My breath came in a wild gasp . My fingers knotted in his hair , clutching him to me . My lips parted as I breath in his heady scent .

I felt him turn unresponsive beneath my lips . His hands gently but with irresistible force , pushed my face back . I opened my eyes and I saw him looking in my eyes . I saw so much love in his eyes it made my heart beat faster .

'Bella , I've fallen in love with you too .' He said , my heart stopped and I felt whole . I've never felt like this before , I wish it could go on forever . I smiled widely at him and he smiled back pressing his marble lips against mine once more .

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