Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


28. Cant Remember

Chapter 29


Alice straightened her clothes as she got up , she dry sobbed with me for a while . I would say crying or sobbing isn't something I would do . I was brought up with a warm and caring mother , I always wanted to join the army . I was a tough kid , didn't cry , didn't show my pain .

I wasn't exactly emotionless , I cared for my family and craved for somebody to love , I would say I craved for love in general .

After I was changed I didn't think it would've been possible to find somebody to love in return . I never thought about loving a human and there weren't that much vampires in the world .

Carlisle and Esme thought that Rosalie and I might become a thing . Though I never felt more for her than brotherly love .

I thought I wasn't capable of love , until I met my Bella . The more time I spend with her the more human and loved I felt . She took my breath away , every smile and every touch from her made me ach for more . She made me feel alive , Charlie told me that he hadn't seen Bella that happy for years.

I couldn't understand why she didn't remember us , but Carlisle told me that changing really changes you in the literal sense .

Some people lose certain memories , some lose everything or nothing . Human memories normally are rather vague , for me at least .

I walked after Alice , heading towards the living room where everyone was gathered . They knew something was wrong since Alice and I both had been dry sobbing and everyone here had a really good hearing .

Shit Eddie , what's going on ? – Emmett

Son ? Are you okay ? Is it Bella ? – Carlisle

Look at my poor children .- Esme

NO! Something must've happened , if I were there that night …. – Rosalie

'Calm down everyone .' I murmured , everyone snickered for a bit since this was just going on in their heads . There was silence for everyone except for me .

'What did you see Alice ? Jasper asked while moving behind her and putting his hands on her shoulders , trying to comfort her .

Edward , I'm so sorry , but I can't tell them . – Alice

Sobs took over her little body again as I sighed , I nodded at her and cleared my throat . It felt thick , full of whatever can be full in there .

'Alice had a vision of Bella at Volterra .' Everyone gasped and Carlisle frowned , ' They changed her into a vampire and she has decided to be a vegetarian .' I said sadly , everyone looked relieved but Carlisle still frowned .

'Edward , who changed her ?' , he asked , the vision replayed in Alice' sobbing head and I saw a bruised and battered Bella laying on a very luxurious and big bed . Aro whispered something in her ear as he bit her and Alice stopped the vision there .

'Aro ' I muttered , still overwhelmed by her vision . Carlisle gasped and his hands went to his hair , Esme gently stroked his back .

'What wrong Carlisle ?' she whispered . 'Esme dear , Aro hasn't changed someone in more than three thousand years , he doesn't change anyone himself unless it's really necessary or the person himself is really special .He didn't even changed Jane himself , and Jane is his little treasure .'

Esme didn't move but hurt and sadness overwhelmed her mind , everyone just sat or stood there , not moving .

'Aro does everything to keep that person with him , he doesn't care if that person would've been happier without the volturi . He'll lie and tell lies just to keep her with him .' Carlisle added sadly , Emmett stood up abruptly .

'Well , I guess we better book some tickets to Italy than .' He smirked , ' If they won't give our Bella back , we'll get her ourselves .'


'Aro ?' I asked him as I sat next to him . He looked up from his book and smiled , 'Yes my child ?' He was curious , he was so used to everyone just touching his hand without saying anything . He was never curious before until he had met me apparently .

'I was wondering ,' I stopped for a second thinking , ' Yes my dear ?' he asked patiently . ' I have a feeling I'm forgetting something really important . Like something's missing but I can't put my finger on it .'

He frowned , trying to think but I had a feeling it was fake . I didn't understand why I asked him or anyone in the first place . Aro is the big boss around here , everyone listens to him . I bet if he would tell someone to kill themselves , they would .

I promised myself I wouldn't become like that , I didn't want to be just a puppet in his little army .

'No my child ,' he suddenly interrupted my thoughts , ' I told you everything Isabella .' He said , smiling brightly at me and returning back to his book .

I turned around and went to the garden , the garden was spectacular , no human apart from Giana came here .

It was filled with thousands of different flowers and plants , there were little benches which seemed more than hundred years old .

I just sat down there for a few hours usually just staring at all the beautifulness in this garden . But I wanted it to be different today , so I went to the library .

This place didn't have just books , all the books here were first editions , in the human world these would be collector's items worth thousands sometimes millions of dollars .

I skimmed through the titles and stopped when I saw one , Sense and Sensibility ,the title reminded me of something but again I couldn't put my finger on it .

I carefully took it with me outside , I didn't want to harm it . I started reading and it all felt oddly familiar , like I'd read it before .

But how could Aro know what I'd read in my human life right ?

When I read the name Edward , I froze . My mind screamed at me , yelling at me to remember something .

I hated the unknowingly , I hated not knowing who I really was . Sometimes when somebody would say a name or a word I would freeze and my mind would scream at me , it yelled that I had to remember like just happened to me .

I knew than that that had something to do with my past , but I didn't know what . Was Edward a friend of mine , a teacher , a family member . Or did I just remember the name since I read this book before .

When I'd read a different book a few days ago , I bounced on the name Jasper , I had a feeling than too and my mind screamed too but when I read the name Edward I had felt something apart from annoyance .

I couldn't explain what the feeling was but it was different .

With the book in my hands I ran back to the big room , Everyone was already in there , the guards , everyone . They just ate and the bodies were being cleaned up , the last one just disappeared as I walked through the doors .

'Who's Edward ?' I asked , not just at Aro but at everyone . Most of them froze or stared at me in shock , they knew something I didn't and I hated it .

'I don't know what you're talking about Isabe.. ' , ' Stop it !' I yelled at him , he frowned and everyone stared at me with wide eyes and jaws dropped to the floor .Nobody ever talked back to Aro , nobody even dared to interrupt him.

'I can feel that I knew someone named Edward , I can feel that you're lying to me .' I didn't shout anymore but my voice was firm and a bit harsh at the end .

'Not that I know of sweetheart .' he stated , his eyes full of "trust " and I didn't buy it for a second . 'I know you're lying ' I said , ' I will find out one day , I don't care if I'll find out tomorrow or in three thousand years , but find out I will .' I said while storming out the door .

I was going to leave this place one day , but not yet . They might know some things that might come handy for me . I knew that Aro lied , I could see the looks on everyone else's faces , they knew what Aro knew .

They only couldn't keep it on the inside as well as Aro could . If I would leave this place , so what , what were they going to do . They couldn't force me , they couldn't threaten me . They couldn't force me to use my power .

I knew how to use it , but I didn't let Aro know that . I had to practice every day for two hours , I pretended to try , I pretended that I couldn't do it . But I could , just a few hours after my change I found out .

I could protect every single person in this building if I wanted to , of course I would never do that . I secretly hoped that Aro would get tired of me , that he would think that I didn't had a gift , that I was just worthless and then he would just let me go .

And would try to find out everything about myself , I would go back to my birth town , ask people around if they knew an Isabella Swan . Maybe I could escape and return , trying to pick up my old life.

But I guess it isn't possible after all , as long as I can't remember everything from my human life , I can't go back .

The only thing I remember are my mom and dad , that's it , no memories of being a child of being a teenager , nothing .

I remember them calling me Isabella and me asking them to call me Bella , that's it , that's all the memory I have from before .


I smiled at Alice' vision just like Alice did , Emmett rolled his eyes . 'You two sharing a vision again ?' He fake mocked .

'Shush !' Rosalie slapped his chest , ' we're on an airport lower your voice .' She hissed at him , it was one of the first things she had said since we decided to leave to Volterra to get my Bella back .

'What is it ?' Esme asked curiously , ' Bella was reading a book , Sense and Sensibility , she read a thousand times when she was human .' I smiled at the memory of her old , torn books that she kept rereading every time .

'There's a character named Edward in the book .' Esem gasped ,' Oh my Lord ! She remembers you !' She almost yelled , a few people turned around , annoyed .

'No , she just remembers that Edward was from her past , she doesn't know who he is , she doesn't know anything apart from what Aro told her .' Alice hissed Aro's name , like it was a disease .

'We'll make her remember you my dear .' Esme patted my hand and she returned to Carlisle .

I really hope she'll remember me .

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