Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


12. Born to be a Vampire


Damn ! that girl is way too smart for her own good . She notices everything . When I was playing Barbie Bella and we were doing some randomly talking she asked me why we all have the same eye color and why we're all so pale with dark shadows under our eyes .

We won't be able to keep our secret for long . Normal humans don't notice these things at all , they just think how beautiful we look and look away . Most humans are scared of us , it's natural , but Bella isn't . She's more scared of Jessica Stanley than from us .

I could hear my brothers and sister arrive , finally ! they get to see Bella .

'Oh , my brothers and sister are home .' I beamed .

She frowned ' how did you know that ?' she asked . Damn ,normal humans would say "okay " or something like that .

'I euhm heard it ' I said and quickly walked away towards my family . 'Stay here , I'll be right back ' I yelled so Bella could hear me .

When I entered the living room everyone just came in .


When we entered the living room we saw Alice . She was beaming but also looked a little stressed out .

We're going to have to be soooo careful around her .She literally notices everything ! She's going to know our secret in no time . She sees too much for a human , it's like she was made to be a vampire . – Alice

I frowned at her .

Really Edward , she already asked me why we looked so different , the pale skin the dark shadows , the same eye colors ! She even noticed I didn't eat , I said I already ate at school but she's not going to believe lies forever .- Alice

'Alice we can't tell her ' I said .

That won't be necessary . I think she'll find out herself . One way or another . She's different than the other humans Edward . Haven't you listened to her mind ?- Alice

'No I haven't ' I murmured .

WHAT ! why not ! – Alice

'Because I can't Alice !' I hissed .

'You can't read her mind ' Alice whispered yelled at me . Her eyes wide open in shock .

I shook my head .

Wait what ? – Emmett

He can't read whose mind ? – Jasper

That's quite weird . – Carlisle

'I know Carlisle , I don't know how but I just can't .'

'Ugh ! Enough with the silent conversations , can somebody tell me what's going on .' Rosalie asked , she sniffed and frowned ' is that little human still here , God she smells good . '

' Enough ! Rosalie in this family we talk with respect about others , is that clear ' Esme said firm . Rosalie didn't answer but just nodded .

'Now , what were you talking about , not everybody here can read minds .' Esme added .

'I can't read Isabella's mind ' I said .

Rose looks so .. , dude WHAT ! – Emmett

Are you serious . – Jasper

That must be frustrating – Esme

Looks like the little human is a freak – Rosalie

I growled at Rosalie and she just rolled her eyes at me .

'First of all , she likes to be called Bella .' Alice said .

Bella , it suites her , she a beautiful girl .

When I saw her enter something inside me clicked , I didn't hear what the others were thinking anymore . I was in my own little world . She had beautiful long curly brown hair and deep chocolate brown eyes . Her skin was pale , as pale as ours and when she blushed it looked like roses on her white cheeks . I didn't get her scent yet , but I'm sure it'll be perfect .

But how perfect she was , I had to leave her alone . My family would laugh , a human with a vampire. It's not right anyway and I don't see how it would be possible , I can't take an innocent girls life .

'And second , she notices everything . From our eye color to our paleness and shadows under our eyes and our eating . we're going to have to be very careful around her .' Alice explained .

' I already slipped just a few minutes ago when I said you were here . I heard you guys but Bella of course didn't . So when I said that you arrived she asked me how I knew that . '

Everyone gasped .

'We're really going to have to be careful ' Carlisle murmured while walking back to his study room .

'It doesn't matter ' Alice said simply . ' What do you mean ' Rosalie asked .

'I already saw it , she's going to know and she's going to be a vampire in the future .' Alice simply said.

'WHAT !' Everyone screamed .

Everyone was quite when we suddenly heard footsteps walking down the hall above us .

' Great , now she heard us .' Alice hissed .

'Alice ?' a small voice said from above the stairs , she was coming down . She had a beautiful voice , shy but steady .

When I could finally see her I mentally gasped . She was breathtaking . she was wearing some very skinny black jeans and a beautiful blue shirt . I revealed a few inches from her shoulder but just enough to be called decent . She had beautiful , thick curls . Some makeup and a beautiful light pink blush on her cheeks which was natural .

I blushed even more when she saw everyone .

I'll just take some distance , just in case – Jasper

Look at her , she looks so beautiful . – Esme

Wow she's thin dude ! Hehehe look at little Eddiekins. Do you like Bella Eddie ? You want to kisssss her you want to dateeeee her … – Emmett

I blocked him out .

' Bella , I want you to meet my brothers and sister ' she said while gently putting a hand on her shoulder .

'This is Jasper also my boyfriend ' Alice said . Jasper was standing to far from Bella to give her a hand . Bella frowned .

'He doesn't feel well today , he likes to be on his own when he's feeling a little ill .' Alice quickly said . Bella's frown didn't disappear . 'Then why were you holding hands at lunch ?' Bella asked .

We all froze .

Damn this chick really does see everything . – Emmett

She's too smart for her own good . – Carlisle

'well , I'm his girlfriend it's a little different .'

She moved Bella over towards Emmett and I saw her flinch back a little when Emmett smiled widely with his teeth showing . Finally a normal response , but who isn't afraid of Emmett . Even vampires are sometimes scared of him .

'This is Emmett, don't worry he looks all tough but he's really just a big teddy bear ' Alice whispered in her ear while Emmett let out a booming laugh .

He spread his arms and twirled her around , her breathing stopped for a few seconds and she quickly closed her eyes . We all laughed even Rosalie smiled lightly .

'Hi Bella ' he said friendly , a little bit too friendly but that's Emmett .

'Bella this is Rosalie .'

When they stopped in front of Rosalie I could hear her heart beating faster with fear . Who wouldn't , Rosalie's stare makes you beg for death sometimes , I growled to low for Bella's ear and Rosalie got up and went to her room . Bella looked down and blushed .

'she isn't a person people , don't worry , she does it all the time ' Emmett lied to her .

Bella just nodded and finally they were standing in front of me .


We finally reached Edward when my blush was faded away from my cheeks . I don't really think Rosalie likes me .

'Bella this is Edward ' Alice said beaming , we both frowned at her and chuckled .

He looked handsome , I think everyone could hear my heart speeding up while I blushed .

He shook my hand quickly , his hand was really cold just like Alice's and Emmett's touch . There really was something different about this family .

He released his breath and said ' Hello Bella , it's nice too …' He didn't finish his sentence .

What did I do , was the first thing to spring up in my mind .

Edward froze when he breathed in , I didn't smell bad did I .

He had a thirsty look on his face and his eyes really scared me , they were coal black and filled with thirst and anger .

He slowly walked forwards to me and hissed . I felt like he was a hunter and I was his prey .

My heart started to beat faster and my eyes were wide open . All the blood drained from my face .

Suddenly out of nowhere he was in front of me and growling at me . I immediately jumped backwards and he still looked at me hungry .

What was wrong with him , with this family . One second he was being very polity and the other one he starts hissing and growling ?

He reached his hand out towards my neck and out of nowhere Emmett and Jasper were holding him back while Edward was still growling and snarling at me . He tried to fight his brothers to get to me . What did he want from me ?

They were talking to him but too fast for me to understand , I could only understand a few words but I couldn't place them into a sentence .

They pulled him out of the room and suddenly everyone looked at me . I was still standing there , eyes wide open , wild heartbeat , pale white face .

They looked at me in horror , like I just saw something I wasn't supposed to see . I was terrified of them and I wanted to get away from here as fast as possible .

There is something seriously wrong here .

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