Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


24. Blackness



I was shocked when I woke up and Edward told me about my break down last night . Everyone looked different at me that morning , all having a different smile . Everyone except from Edward , he knew I had nightmares , but I never had them that bad .

It looked so real , it scared me to death . I never felt that way before , is it possible for a human to feel that much pain , because I don't want to get true that again .

I was having breakfast and I could sense that everyone was looking at me , I could feel it and notice it , nobody was making any movements or sounds . There were six people in the house since Carlisle was working at the hospital today . And nobody was doing anything , no television , no radio , no talking , nothing .

'Would you all please stop staring at me !' I snapped , I was holding my spoon rather tightly . My knuckles were white from the pressure I was putting on it .

Edward ran his hand over my back a few times and seemed to look at his family behind me as they all stopped staring and pretend to do something .

I finished the cereal and Esme politely took the bowl . I couldn't handle the irritating silence and awkwardness so I grabbed Edward's hand and pulled him after me towards his bedroom . I heard Emmett snicker .

I was really frustrated and when I closed the door Edward spun me around and took my face in his hands , his thumbs sweetly caressing my cheeks . It relaxed me a bit , but defiantly not entirely .

'Bella , relax , they're just worried about you .' He coed .

I sighed and closed my eyes , Edward cold fingers were massaging my temples as we lay on the bed , my head on his chest . 'I just don't like it , I have nightmares all the time . They shouldn't worry about it . It's perfectly normal .'

Edward frowned , ' Bella , I don't know that many humans who have nightmares all the time .' I blushed , 'they did disappeared a bit when I met you .'

'You still have them Bella .' he said , ' Yes , but not as worse as before .' I murmured . He bended over so he could into my eyes , they were filled with worry and sadness , 'You had more ?' I nodded , I couldn't let him hear my voice shake as I talked .

He sighed and lay back down against the soft pillow , one of his arms bend behind his head while the other played with my hair .

We just lay her for what I thought were a few hours , enjoying each other's company and each other's touch . We kissed , cuddled or just lay down . Always touching each other in some kind of way.

We were floating somewhere in our private cloud away from everybody else , not talking . We were in our own little bubble when suddenly a knock came from the door , I was too lazy to get up so I just kept on laying on Edward's chest , letting him caressing my face and hair .

'Come in ,' Edward murmured , Rosalie and Alice silently walked in , looking at their hands . I frowned and sat up .

'Bella , we came here to apologize .' Alice murmured , I smiled brightly ,' It's okay Alice , just don't do that anymore , it really annoys me .'

'Bella you scared the shit out of us !' Rosalie almost yelled , but she wasn't mad just worried . 'Language ! ' I heard Esme yell . I snickered .

'Bella , we were so scared , when you were screaming and crying , you wouldn't wake up .' Rosalie said , ' Edward and Carlisle were shaking you , almost yelling but you didn't wake up .'

'It's okay , don't freak out the next time okay ?' I asked them , they both raised their eyebrows , 'the next time ?' they said together .

'It's happens sometimes .' I murmured while looking at my hands , 'More like almost every night Bella .' Edward whispered in my ear and kissed my cheeks lovingly making a lovely kissing sound . I blushed at his closeness and Alice and Rosalie giggled a my blush .

'Oh shut it .' I murmured .

'Bella ?' Alice asked , her eyes were all innocent looking and begging . 'Should I be afraid ?' I asked at Edward . 'Terrified ,' He answered .

'Would you please go shopping with us , pretty pretty please .' She pouted , her hands together in front of her .

I rolled my eyes , ' Just this ones .' I said , Alice let out a high squealed scream and I flinched back . She tugged at my arm , trying to pull me off the bed .

I reached out to Edward and he grabbed my hand , coming closer and giving me a lovingly kiss before leaving me with them .

'Have fun !' He screamed behind me , ' I love you ' he added .

'I love you too !' I yelled , ' oh , look at my little sister being all mushy with my little brother .' Emmett coed . Jasper rolled his eyes and laughed when he saw that Alice was practically dragging me behind her .

'Shopping ?' he asked , I nodded . 'Good luck ,' he shrugged .

She tossed me some shorts and a tank top to put on and my sneakers after it , I smiled at myself . 'Oh don't smile missy , you'll be getting some heals and flats today .'

I stuck out my tongue at her voice , 'I saw that !' She yelled .


We finally arrived in Seattle , since Alice didn't want to go to Port Angeles . Alice was thrilled to say at least that Bella was finally doing another shopping trip with us .

Alice stopped at Victoria Secret and smiled at me , I frowned , 'let's get our men a present shall we ?' Alice asked , I smiled but Bella seemed frozen .

'Come on Bella , it'll be fun .' Alice bounced , clapping her hands like some little school girl . 'Just one' I added .

Bella looked at me , ' do you promise ?' , 'I can't really promise anything when Alice is here .'

Bella sighed and nodded slightly , Alice squealed and pulled her inside , Bella blushed when she saw all the lingerie and I was stunned about her shyness . We all knew she wasn't very coy , but still , they're just some undergarments .

Alice took a lot for me and her , we didn't had to fit , we already knew our sizes . She gave Bella at least six pieces .

Bella's eyes opened widely , 'I'll come with you .' I murmured in her ear . She bit her lip and nodded , walking slowly behind me .

After a few minutes I wondered if she was really that slow , 'Bella ?' , ' uhm , yes .' She said , 'Can I come in .' , 'uhm , I euhm , guess so ?' she said . Her voice shaking from nervousness .

When I entered the little fitting room I was kind of stunned to see her body . Her body had this beautiful cream white color , everywhere .It was perfectly smooth , I swear that if I wasn't with Emmett , I might've thought about it .

She was wearing a royal blue set of lingerie , she had perfect measures . Nothing too much , nothing too less . I could see in her eyes that she didn't thought about it like I and probably everybody else would .

'It's bad isn't it ?' she whispered , I gently pulled my hand on her shoulder and turned her around so she was facing the mirror .

'Bella , look at yourself .' I whispered , ' I don't want to ,' she said , her eyes closed .

'Please Bella ' , she sighed and slowly opened them . ' Tell me what you see .' I murmured , ' Nothing.'

I was shocked by her answer , 'you want to know what I think Bella ?' , she sighed , 'Please Rosalie , don't try to make me feel better .'

I looked in her eyes ,' I never do that Bella , people call it being a bitch but I always tell people what I think of them .'

She swallowed loudly and nodded ,' I see a beautiful woman .' she shrugged , I rolled my eyes . ' Bella look , everything is perfect in proportion , your skin is even better than mine and Alice' .' She looked at herself and shook her head .

I sighed and waited outside the fitting room as she tried on the others and showed me . She looked amazing in every single one of them . Edward would really like this and I bet Emmett and Jasper , hell even Carlisle would be turned on to see her like that .

She was even more beautiful than me and Alice at some points but she clearly didn't see that . 'Do I really have to take one ?' she asked me .

'No ,' I said , she looked relieved , ' you're taking them all .' her eyes widened . 'but ..' she stuttered .

'No buts Bella , Edward will love it .' she shrugged , ' Rose , he'll never see me in these .' she murmured , I could hear the disappointment in her voice .

I frowned , 'what do you mean ?' I asked her . 'Rose , we can't really get that far . I'm human , he's a vampire .' She whispered , ' I'm very breakable in his hands .'

And suddenly I felt really bad for her , but Alice did see her as a vampire sooner or later . 'We'll still be taking them .' I murmured .

After we did more and more shops and we had to walk to the car to put our bags in it twice . Alice decided that Bella had to eat something . It really smelled disgusting , how could she eat that .

It was really crowded in Seattle , we were all pushed together . we were walking and Bella was just looking at random people in the crowd and she suddenly froze and her breathing changed , she was having trouble breathing .

We quickly pulled her in a little alley and we tried to calm her down .

'Bella , deep breaths , just breathe .' I looked in her eyes intensely , they were filled with fear . 'Bella what's wrong ?' Alice asked her .

'That man ,' she whispered , I didn't know who she meant but I'm sure we couldn't find him anymore. 'What man ?'

'From my nightmare .' She whispered barely hearable , we both froze , what the hell did this mean . Bella had been repeating the entire day that she was having a bad feeling but this was just insane .

'He probably just looked like him .' Alice tried to calm her .

'No. ' Bella said , ' he had the same dirty clothes , long blond hair in a ponytail and red eyes .' Alice and I froze , red eyes . It wouldn't be possible , could it . What would a human drinking vampire do in a city filled with people at clear day ? They only come out at night to hunt .

' Bella , honey , I'm sure it was probably just the sun in his eyes .' , she blinked a few times and just nodded .


I was almost sure I saw him , but I could be wrong of course . An hour later my nervosa disappeared and I was actually enjoying myself .

Alice and Rose were going to the last shop of the day before all of the stores would close , there was a little ancient bookshop just a few buildings farther from the clothing store

'Would you guys mind if I would go to that little shop ?' I asked them while pointing at it , they shrugged , ' Books Bella ?' , ' sure , why not , be careful .'

I smiled at them ' I'll see you soon .'

The little bookshop was my personal heaven , all the classics , everything was here . I picked up a new version of Wuthering heights and Pride and Prejudice , since the binding of mine are falling apart . 'Thank you darling .' the old lady yelled when I left the store ,' Have a nice evening .' I called when I closed the door .

I was looking at my books when I ran into somebody and dropped my bag . 'Pardon me , I'm really clumsy .' I blushed . The person laughed and I froze , I knew this laugh , I had heard it before . when I saw the persons feet from whom I ran into . He wasn't wearing any shoes , his pants were dirty and torn up . He wasn't wearing a shirt but he was wearing a dirty, worn , leather jacket . He was pale white and had blood red eyes . His blonde hair in a ponytail .

'Hello there ,' he smiled down at me , noticing the fear in my eyes . His cold , dirty finger stroke my cheek . ' Scared already ? Just wait darling .' His eyes were pure evil .

He grabbed my upper arms tightly , I would probably have some nasty bruises from that . He held out a dirty white handkerchief and pressed it against my mouth .

I screamed as loud as I could when I felt myself getting dizzy and sleep . But nobody would hear me , my screams were muffled in the handkerchief . I thought about Edward before everything turned black .

Sorry for the cliffhanger guys !

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