Bella is Bullied in In her old town
She moves to forks. And it continues
She meets the Cullens
What happens?
Find out. READ.


34. Bella and Edward....


Edward had left a while ago , we weren't worried . We knew they were together , they needed some time alone and together . She was so different and yet the same , she was different from when she went missing and the same as in a few months ago when we had first met her .

I had spent a lot of time with Bella , since she was so intimidated by me , she slowly realized I actually really liked her . We became great friends , almost as close as sisters . She understood some things Alice didn't , and I was glad that I could talk to her .

She was a bright and smart girl , from the moment we've met her we knew . Even when she was changed and didn't remember a thing , she still had this type of knowledge .

Alice had already seen them back together , the second she decided to join us . Edward's mind was too far away , strangled around Bella's presence , so he didn't notice .

Alice had been bouncing around since Edward left and ran behind Bella . Without Edward around we didn't know what kind of vision she saw .

We could hear someone running closer to the house and we all smiled at each other , Emmett smirked and laughed smugly .

But when their forms came closer we saw Edward was looking worried and scared to death with an unconscious Bella in his arms .

Carlisle immediately took Bella from his arms and lay her down on the couch , we all gathered around her , her eyes were closed , like she was asleep .

Carlisle didn't know what to do , since she isn't human anymore , he can't check her heartbeat or her blood pressure or any of those things .

She suddenly gasped and sat up abruptly throwing her arms around Edward's neck . She smiled brightly at him and looked at everyone in the room .

Edward lifted his hand and gently took her face between his two hands , he still looked worried , 'Bella , love , are you okay ?'

Bella froze a little when Edward said love and so did Edward .

'I'm so sorry ,I ..' Bella shushed him , putting two of her fingers over his lips . He looked up at her , surprised by her sudden action .

'I'm more than fine ,' she smiled again ,' I remember more , I remember everyone , I remember some memories .'

Edward was perplexed , he hugged her tightly against his chest . I felt like I was interrupting a very private moment . But I just had to ask her , 'Bella , what exactly do you remember ?' I asked , she looked at me , still intimidated .

'I remember a lot of moments , definitely not all of them of course .' she smiled sadly while looking down at her hands .

I raised my eyebrows and crossed my arms , 'but ,' Esme looked at me , 'Rosalie !' she hissed.

'But , I don't remember the feeling , I don't remember how I felt around everyone . I saw how I felt , but it was like watching a movie . I didn't feel it , I only saw it .' she murmured she obviously didn't like to say it and we saw she wasn't comfortable anymore .

Esme rose from her position next to Carlisle and took Bella's hand , Bella cringed back and Esme's eyes widened .

Bella still being in pain because of being touched meant that she still wasn't back to her old self ,I realized that the old Bella might never come back .

Edward's gaze suddenly met mine , he wasn't angry at all . He looked sad , he understood what I was thinking , he knew it better than everyone else .

He was the one who had spent the longest time with her since she had changed .

'Come on Bella , I'll show you to your room .' Esme murmured , Bella looked confused . 'My room ?' she asked .

'Well , you can't live with your father anymore honey , we made you a room when you were gone .' Esme smiled kindly , motherly at her .

Bella's tense posture finally relaxed softly when she followed Esme upstairs , taking their time at a human pace .

When they were out of sight , Edward fell to his knees , his hands in his hair . Nobody reacted so I went to him . I gently rubbed his back 'It'll be okay Edward , I promise ' I whispered as silently as possible in his ear .

'She's remembering , she'll be fine .' I added , 'no Rosalie , like you said , she'll never be the same .' he whimpered .

'she can't handle touches ,' he cringed , ' she can handle yours .'

From upstairs we suddenly heard Esme talk to Bella , in the same way I had just talked to Edward . 'I'll be okay Bella , I promise .'


Esme touch sting for a little while , but I ignored it . I followed Esme upstairs , she pointed out all the different rooms , ' this is Edward's room ,' she said while opening a door to the room next to it . 'This is your room .' she smiled gently .

She felt so motherly , I missed that , I didn't remember my mother just yet and that made me really sad .

I entered room and I loved it immediately , two of the four walls were entirely made from glass while the other two had a soft , relaxing green painted on it .

There was a huge bookcase which almost touched the very high ceiling , it was filled with modern and old books .

Next to the bookcase stood an enormous , king-size bed with purple sheets . It was filled with a lot of beautiful pillows .

There was a fire place which was already on . The warmth felt nice against my cold hand and I smiled to myself .

There was an ancient big chair placed next to the fireplace . Almost the entire floor was covered with a very thick , white carpet . It looked very inviting and I wanted to lay down on it .

Against one of the glass walls there was a dark wooden desk with drawing papers , pencils , paint and other art materials on .

There were two doors in the same room apart from the door we had just entered , Esme opened the first one , ' your bathroom ,' she mentioned for me to follow her .

The bathroom was beautiful , old fashioned and elegant with a bubble bath and a shower . The second door led me to a very very filled walk-in closet .

I turned around to look at Esme , 'Alice ' she said , I frowned at her . She looked at me , apologetic . 'Alice is obsessed with clothes , she never lets us wear the same things twice , although you can if you want to , it's your choice not Alice' '

I smiled sadly and felt sob's entering my body , I crouched down and I Esme came closer she wanted to touch me but she hesitated . After a few seconds she moved her hand back to her side .

'Why can't I be normal ,' I sobbed , ' Normal is boring ' Esme answered , I wanted to laugh but I couldn't .

'I just want everything to go back to how it was before I became a vampire ,' I whispered , my knees were pressed against my chest , my hair spilled out over them .

'It'll be okay Bella , I promise .' she whispered , I really hoped she was right . 'I'll give you some time alone , take a nice hot shower and relax .' Esme smiled at me as she closed the door behind her .

After she left I took a hot shower , I didn't know how long I was in there , because I lost track of time . The hot water felt relaxing on my cold body , I didn't really need a shower but I loved the way the water felt on my skin .

I stood there , enjoying the water and digging in my mind . I already had some memories , I wanted more . I wanted to go back to my old self , whoever that was .

After my shower I nestled myself in the warm , comfy bed . The sheets were very thick , soft and heavy . They made me feel like I was in my own little world , I was curled up in a little ball under the sheets , thinking about Edward .

I wanted to feel the love I could see he felt for me . I could see it in his eyes , the love and the pain he felt for me and because of me .

I felt really guilty for not remembering everything , I would give back all the memories I had just so I could get my feelings back . When I thought back about those memories I saw how happy and in love I was with him , I wanted to feel that way .

I want everyone to be able to touch me , I want to hug my family , I want to be normal again. I wanted to ask Edward something , something very personal and private . It wasn't really a question , it was kind of a request .

I would understand if he would say no of course , I mean , it's going to be a very weird question . I lay there for a little way , debating with myself if I should ask it or not . Eventually I collected all my confidence and I got up .

I walked to his room in a very slowly human pace , I could hear he was in his room , he was listening to some music , I recognized it .

I gently knocked his door and took a deep breath , ' come in ,' he muttered . I opened the door and looked at him , 'it's me ,can I come in ?' I asked shyly .

He looked bewildered but nodded furiously , he wanted to cut off the music but I stopped him , 'what's the name of that song ?'

He frowned at me , ' I kind of recognize it from somewhere ,' I bit my lip nervously and his gaze went to my lips , his tongue licked his lips as he suddenly looked up at me again .

'It's euhm , Clair de lune from Debussy .' he murmured , I nodded .

We stood there for a little while , with an awkward silence this time . 'You want to sit down ?' he said while mentioning at the black couch .

I nodded and sat down , asking him to sit down next to me .

'Edward , can I ask you something ?' I was really nervous for this part , 'anything ,' he whispered .

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