One Step Closer

MyaDakota has just started college, and life is fine. Until she meets him... Dark brown hair, striking blue eyes, and a smile that could make you melt. She tries to stay away, but fails... She realizes a past that could haunt her forever. Then something happens that makes her world turn upside down. A mystery that she's trying to solve? Complete


7. Chapter 7

"What? That's ridiculous." They just all stare at me. "You're going to believe a rumour. Seriously?"  They just stare. I through my hands up in frustration and stomp to my room. Well if they won't believe me, they can go screw themselves. I don't believe it, and even if he did. It was probably in self-defence, of course though no one else would see it that way. He has nightmares, What are they about? Are they about killing his mom? What if they are? No i can't think like that. I look down at what I'm doing and see I've packed a backpack. Okay so obviously my subconscious thinks I can't stay in this house, I'm fine with that. I don't even bother to change from Cam's clothes, I send him a text and walk right past Trent, Brad, Winter and Carol. They're all shocked. "My, what are you doing?" I hear Winter ask but i don't even glance at her, I just continue walking. Cam's driving into the parking lot when I get to it. I put my backpack on and we're off.

"So, why'd you leave?" I know he's been waiting, dying to ask this question. "They weren't respecting my choices." I tell him still just staring out the window. I feel him come up behind me, his legs and arms surround me. "Meaning me?" He says quietly, I just stay silent. We sit like this for a while, who knows. Hours, Minutes, Seconds. In comfortable silence. He starts to massage my shoulders, and I relax. "M..." He trails. "What?" I say after a couple of seconds. "Maybe they're right...." He trails again, I can hear the pain and sorrow in his voice. I twist my head around and stare at him. "What? No." I state. He shrugs. "You didn't kill your mom, are you kidding me?" I screech. Jumping up from our comfortable spots. I see him tense. He's rigid and unblinking just staring. Then he speaks. "Is that what they're saying now?" I just stare at him. "I didn't kill my mom. But yes, my mom was murdered." He stares at nothing, he's trapped in a memory. He saw it. He saw his mom being murdered. "No, Cam." I go to him cupping his face. "You don't have to tell me." He shudders then I'm consumed by Cam. He's holding me, his breathing heavy at my neck, I stroke his back his neck his hair. Trying to get him to relax. My poor Cam. He starts kissing my neck, and I know that he needs comfort. I give in.

I place spaghetti and meatballs at the little bar stool table. He sits across from me and we dig in. "Oh My God. This is fucking delish." He states smirking and hauling food in. I just laugh. What a day, eventful yes and busy. Oh so busy. Cam saw his mom get murdered, by who? Does he know? "Hey, M?" He brings me back out of my reverie. "Hmm?"  "Where'd you go?" I shrug. After we're done he gathers the plates and throws them in the dishwasher. "'Want to watch a movie?" He asks. It's really only now that I notice his apartment is fool of wood browns. You walk through the front door to see the a giant flat-screen T.V and a corner couch. Then you look to the right and there is the little but updated kitchen full of white and black. Then the hall way leading to the public bathroom, and Cam's room. "Sure." I say as he leads me to the beige couch and he throws on the last movie in the DVD player. Underworld evolution starts to play. Nice. I curl up next to him and watch.

Half-way through the movie we lied down on the couch and passed out.

I'm in a house, or more like a shack, there's a little boy probably 9 or 10. His black hair is greasy, his clothes are dirty and basically rags. His blue eyes stare in horror at a man with a mask chasing his mom around the room. His mom shrieks and he runs and hides beneath a end table. The scene changes to the little boy in his room playing with his trains. His mom walks in, in a bra and short shorts. "Come here boy." She says, the booze oozing from her pores and cigarette smoke leaking from her breath. The little boy with blue-eyes shakes his head. "What? You come here you little shit!" The mom screams and chases after him. He dodges her and runs outside into the open air. He runs down the street until he runs into a man. He hugs this man, and this man hugs him in return. He looks confused but he loves this boy. The little boy starts to weep, so scared. "Hey, what's wrong?" says the man. "M-m-Mommy. Sh-she t-tr-tried to touch m-me. Again." He stops crying and hugs himself sinking to the ground, tense. The mans eyes blaze with fury as he stomps the way the the little boy ran. The scene changes back to the first one. The little boy in underneath the end table, his mom shrieking around the house, the man with the mask takes off his mask only to reveal the man who hugged the little boy. He drags the mom by the hair into the kitchen. Her screaming all the way. I told you if you touched him again, I'D KILL YOU!" The man screams at her, then her screams stop. The little boy doesn't cry. He just sits under the table scared, shocked, tense.


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