One Step Closer

MyaDakota has just started college, and life is fine. Until she meets him... Dark brown hair, striking blue eyes, and a smile that could make you melt. She tries to stay away, but fails... She realizes a past that could haunt her forever. Then something happens that makes her world turn upside down. A mystery that she's trying to solve? Complete


6. Chapter 6

The kiss becomes more passionate as we both make a silent agreement. He starts to kiss down my jaw, I tilt my head to the side when he reaches my neck. Giving him more access. I moan and tug on his hair. He growls and nips my neck. Making me gasp in shock. His hands travel down my body till it reaches the hem of my shirt and slowly he lifts it, trailing his fingers on my sides, I trace my teeth along his jaw and moan when his fingers reach the sides of my breasts. He growls deep in his throat. If the kiss and his fingers didn't make me hot, that growl would. My body is alive and so sensitive to his touch. He chucks my shirt and undoes my bra. In a quick movement I'm underneath him and my legs surrounding his hips as he suckles my breasts. Oh my God. I want him, Now. Using my feet I slip his boxers off releasing him from them, holy shit. He's big. He moans as he trails kisses down my chubby stomach to my underwear, he slips them off my legs and trails kisses up my legs to me. Next thing I know he kissing me there, overwhelmed I let out another moan. "M, You are so wet." He growls. Making me more wet. Gosh. Then he's up kissing my throat again. "You on the pill?" he asks, i nod my head. "Okay. Ready?" He whispers, his breath makes my skin tickle. Then he pounds into me. "AHH!" I scream in shock and pleasure, he fills me up. Stretching me out from my dry spell of about 1 year and a half. "FUCK! You, are so tight." He growls through his teeth. Then he starts his rhythm, my hips meeting his every thrust. I'm building, my insides tightening. "Come on M." He growls, as he starts to pound harder and harder. I'm undone. "AHH!" I scream as I come around him. He pounds one more time then he comes "FUCK! MYA!" He screams in pleasure. He collapses on top of me. I hold him, my hands stroking his back, my legs around him. He kisses my neck and tries to get up but I hold him to me. We doze off.

I wake feeling too warm and sore, but content. I look over and see that Cam is using my boob as a pillow, his hand on my stomach and his leg entwined with mine. His face is relaxed and he has a slight smile. His just-fucked-hair is sexy. I reach around with my free arm and stroke his face, he mumbles shifts, then cuddles me again. His nightmare suddenly clouds my mind, like a mist. He just woke up and kissed me. What was his nightmare about? Why did he kiss me? I'm glad he did, but why right after his nightmare, and what's up with his episodes of grabbing my shoulders and squeezing? Like is he remembering something? Something harmful.... My thought get cut off by Cam stroking my stomach then doing a quick stretch. He leans up and smiles at me, "Hey." He says seductively. "Hey." I smirk matching his tone. Then I feel it. His morning-wood. I giggle as we go for another round.

After I tug on one of his t-shirts and trot to the kitchen to make up some scrambled eggs. I crack and hum the tune of 'Anyway you want it-Journey' Once the eggs are done, Cam strolls into the kitchen with an ear splitting grin on his face, comes up behind me and hugs me and kisses my neck. I lean back against him. "Your breakfast, sir." I feel his smile against my neck as he reaches around me and grabs both my plate and his and runs to the bedroom. "HEY!" I yell as I chase after him. I barge into the room to find him sitting on the bed hauling food into his mouth. I glare and steal my plate back and eat like it was an eating competition. He won. He smiles at me making my mouth water, I grab our plates and set them on the white end table. Then I tackle him to the bed trying unsuccessfully to pin him to it. He chuckles as he swings me underneath him again. He nips my neck. "No, way." I say a little breathlessly. "What no way?" He asks as he trails kisses down my neck to my shoulder and back again. "There is no way you can go again." I state. He chuckles, "Ya your probably right. Can we just make-out until I can?" I giggle but shake my head as i try to avoid his kisses. "No, I need to call Winter and tell her where I am." I giggle again, his hands trail down my body until the reach my sides, then starts to tickle me. I laugh and shake trying to get him off my but his hips are pinning me to the bed and his hand has already gripped my wrists. "No, STOP, PLEASE!" I beg as I roll and shift. Laughing so hard. He's laughing too, eventually he stops and kiss me face. "Get off me you hooligan." I say trying not to smile. He smirks knowing that I'll smile, which I do. He releases my wrists then slowly lifts his hips off me, shaking my head I push him onto his back and straddle him. "Oh Cam, What am I going to do with you?" His erection answers for him. I smile then tug at his boxers as he lifts his bottom so they can come off. He reaches for the hem of his T-shirt and slips it off. We're skin to skin. I raise up holding him in place for me as he grips my hips tightly admiring the view. I drop down on him surprising us both, "Gahh." We both moan loudly. I pick up again and drop taking him again. He grasps my hips the next time I to go up but then he quickly pins me underneath him and starts pounding into me so fast and so hard I feel myself building. "Ahh, Fuck M." He growls and I come around him screaming his name, and he comes in me and the feeling of him unloading into me almost makes me come again. He flips me so I'm straddling him again and I lay on his chest, nuzzling his chest hair, and feeling the ripples of his abs. "Well, So much for that." I chuckle. He just continues to stroke my back as we lie in post-coital together. 

"Hey.." I say warily into the phone. "My? Is that you? I've been trying your cell phone all day! Who's phone are you calling on?" Winter screams at me. "I'm ugh, at Cam's..." Hoping that would answer her questions. She gasps, then I hear her say to someone else, "She's with Cam." and I hear Trent, "What that blue-eyed freak?" Freak? "My, Come home right now. We need to talk." "Umm, Okay?" Cam drives me home, and then I'm in the apartment. "What's wrong?" I ask staring at all their shocked and scared expressions. "My, You can't be around him any more, he's bad news." "What, no.. He may have issues but doesn't ever body?" Does everyone have nightmares like that? "My, rumour is, he killed his mom."

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