One Step Closer

MyaDakota has just started college, and life is fine. Until she meets him... Dark brown hair, striking blue eyes, and a smile that could make you melt. She tries to stay away, but fails... She realizes a past that could haunt her forever. Then something happens that makes her world turn upside down. A mystery that she's trying to solve? Complete


5. Chapter 5

I woke to the buzzing of a cell phone. What? I stretch in the sheets I'm in but they don't feel familiar. My hand groggily goes to my head as I try to sit up in this dark room? Where am I? I look around and try to make out the shadows. I got up and tried to find a light switch. Finding a door instead I open it to illuminate the room. On the bed is Cameron. What the hell? I just stare at him, his hair is ruffled in a sexy way. His face so peaceful, so relaxed. His snore's softly fill the room. He stirs as if he's searching for something. He mumbles in his sleep, then his hand comes to where i was in the bed. He quickly sits up alarmed, and blurry. "M? Mya?" He sounds worried. I walk forward. "Hi Cam." I whisper, my hand holding my arm. He looks relived then angry. "Get your ass back in bed. You need to sleep, I'll grab you an Advil and water or something..."  I just look at him. Is he crazy or something? "No. First where am I? Second, why am I in bed with you. And third, you have no right to treat me as if I'm a child." I give him a good death-glare. "You're at my apartment. You kissed me last night and practically dragged me into bed, and then passed out beside me. You were an insolent drunk last night so yes, I can treat you like a child." He states matter-of-factly. Then the memories rush back, me dancing with him at the club. Doing shots. Carol storming away. Being dragged up stairs. Kissing Cam. That's why his hair is so ruffled, it's from my hands being in it. I sink to the floor my head in my hands trying to get ride of the new headache that's claimed me. "Hey," Cam says encouragingly. "It's okay," I hear him get off the bed then his arms are wrapped around me as he drags me into his lap and starts to slowly rock me against him. I'm so frustrated and angry at myself. I start to cry. I must be getting my period soon, because I'm an emotional wreck right now. He puts a hand on my head and presses me closer to him. "I'm sorry," I murmur as I try to get off his lap. But he doesn't let me go, he keeps me pressed against him. I feel his grip on me tighten. "Cam, I have to pee." I whisper, he stays tense for a couple of more seconds then he shakes his head and slowly lets me go. "Oh, um sorry." He says a little confused. I do a nervous giggle then stand. "Um...Where's the bathroom?" I say shyly. He chuckles then tells me its down the hall. I quickly find it and thank God that I'm not on my reg.I look in the mirror to see my eye-liner smudged around my eyes making me look like a raccoon. My red lipstick is non-existent, and my hair is in a messy mass of curls around me. I'm in a baggy t-shirt-Probably one of Cams- and my underwear. I hope I dressed myself. I walk back into the room only to find that Cam got me a glass of water and an Advil just like he said. "Here" he gives me both. I quickly take the pill and chug the water, then crawl back into the bed. "Cam?" I say sleepily. "Ya?" "Can you, ugh... Can you cuddle with me?" I cannot even believe I asked him. But next thing I know he's crawling into the bed and he's spooning me.

"No, Stop. NO!" I wake to hear Cam scream in his sleep, he's tossing and turning on the bed. Oh no."GET AWAY FROM ME!" His body convulses on the bed. As he Screams. I quickly straddle him and try to hold him on the bed. "CAM! Wake up!! CAM!" I Yell his name but he continues to violently shake under me. "Cam please," I say quietly and put my hands on his face. His eyes immediately open. He groans. He looks so lost, but he grabs my hips and rushes up and kisses me. Shocked I kissed him back. After a while he leans back, resting his forehead on mine. "Sorry." he whispers. I just stroke his face. "Are you okay?" I whisper back. Not wanting to break the tranquillity. "Yeah, I'm okay." He says so quietly I can barely hear him. I just continue to run my fingers down his face, He leans in closing his eyes, looking more calm now. Oh Cam. I lean in and kiss him, he opens his mouth and our tongues mingle and explore uncharted territory. I moan and in response he groans. I know if I don't break it off soon, I'm going to sleep with him.

I continue to kiss him

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