One Step Closer

MyaDakota has just started college, and life is fine. Until she meets him... Dark brown hair, striking blue eyes, and a smile that could make you melt. She tries to stay away, but fails... She realizes a past that could haunt her forever. Then something happens that makes her world turn upside down. A mystery that she's trying to solve? Complete


11. Chapter 11

Walking down the hall I turn around the corner. Opening the lock I say a prayer, push the door open, and see him there. On the floor, grovelling. "Please let me out, I won't tell anyone!" He whispers when I rip the tape off his mouth. "Yes you will." I say solemnly but a small smile escapes me. "Please, just please, LET ME GO!" He screams and tries to pass me, my hands go around his neck as I knee him in the gut. He falls onto the floor gagging. "That's right asshole, try to leave again. I dare you" I spit at him. I kick him one more time then put the tape on his mouth. "So much for your bathroom break. You can go piss yourself." I leave the dark room and step into the blinding fluorescent lights. Locking up again I whistle a little tune as I walk back to the car get in and laugh.


"Woah" My hand flies to my head. What a fucked up dream. I grab my shower stuff and head to the shower, needing to scarp off the remnants of that dream. The guy taped up reminded me of someone, but it the lights were to dark for me to really make out the face. There was no way I could've brought HIM down, so... That was weird... Shaking my head I scrub my head.

Towelling off I hear a knock at the bathroom door. Odd because Winter has her own. "What do ya need Winter?" I hear a manly cough then "Umm, I'm not Winter." Oh shit. It's Cam.  "Uh, Sorry just give me a minute I'll be right out." Quickly Towelling off I throw on clothes and put my hair up in a messy wet bun., I leave the bathroom. He's sitting on my bed, hand behind his body, his head laid back. "Well, hi there" I giggle "Glad you made yourself at home."  He brings himself up and looks at me. "Hey, do you have class today?" I shake my head. "Not till later any ways."  He nods then he's deep in thought again. "So, did you just want to hang? or..." I trail as he looks at me with lust in his eyes. "A booty call?" I squeak. He gives me a devilish smirk. saunters over to me and grabs my hips. I'm frozen, a booty call? I don't do booty calls though. You don't have sex with people after you know them for one day either. Whore. My stupid subconscious.  His lips are on my neck, then my shoulder. I notice that he's slowly pushing down my spaghetti strap to my tank top. "Cam." I whisper. Meaning to tell him, I don't do booty calls. But it came out more like a plea. "Shhh, I got you babe." I shake my head trying to clear, but i still can't get the strength to push him away. "Cam." I say a little more sternly this time. He stops and looks at me. His eyes are darker than usual. "What?" He whispers seductively. "No." Finally finding my equilibrium I push him away. "No, Cam." He steps back, furious. Runs a hand through his hair. "Fine obviously you don't want me. I'll leave. Sorry to fucking in convince you." He looks a little hurt. "No Cam, Wait. It's not that I don't want you. It's just I don't like booty calls. Fuck."  I say. He turns around and stares me right in the eyes. No emotion holding back. I slowly walk up to him and push off his leather jacket. "I want you." I whisper. He groans then he's taking off my tank top, then his shirt. Then we're on my bed. Totally topless. He pushes down my boxers and underwear. Then I'm straddling him, his pants are already gone, and his length is there. "Fuck" I moan, I raise up as he positions himself. Then I'm on him, "Jesus." He moans. He sits up as I keep riding him, and his mouth is on mine. Seeking entrance, I immediately welcome him. sharing each others breaths. Moving to the same tempo. We were in sync. Every time I went down he thrust up. "Oh, Fuck" I moan. Loudly. "You like that?" He whispers into my ear. He flips me so I'm underneath him. "You like this?" Then he pounds into me. So hard I scream. "You know you fucking like that. You little slut."  Did he just call me a slut. "Yes, Your little slut." I moan into his mouth. Oh, jesus. Did I just say that?  "Yeah? You like it rough. Don't you." He keeps pounding into me like a machine gun. I came. Then I came again. "That's my girl. Fucking give it to me." He growls. His rhythm finally slows down and becomes less rough. "Ohh fuck yeah." He moans. I moan in response. Then he pounds into me one last time and he's undone. So am I. "Shit Cam." I whisper, out of breath. His hands suddenly clamp on my arms. His grip gets tighter and tighter. "Cam stop," I say a little louder. His grip gets even tigher. "NO! I WON"T" I screams at the top of his lungs. I struggle unable to stop the panic rising inside of me. I hear the door burst open, and I hear Winter gasp. "Cam! What the fuck?! Get off of her!" She squeals at him. He turns to look at her, and from the utter shock Winter got. I could tell he gave her a death glare. She ran out the door, and before I could blink Cam was off me and out the door. "AHHHHH!!!!" Winter screams. I quickly grab my cell phone and dial Trent.  "Hell-"  "Trent?! Cam is on a rampage, GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" I Scream into the phone then stealth it to the kitchen, Cam has Winter pinned to couch, shes struggling and kicking and biting. I quietly grab a knife, and sneak up to them. Sticking the knife in Cams back so he could feel it I say "Cam, back the fuck away from her. Right now." He tenses even more but he lets go of Winter, and slowly gets off of her. "Look, M. You don't want to do this." He says in a way that seemed convincing. "Cam leave." He smirks "What? Naked? Just let me grab my clothes and I'll leave." I shake my head, Glad that I remembered to put on a housecoat. "Winter? Are you okay enough to go grab Cam's clothes please." She nods then stumbles into my room. "What the fuck Cam." I almost whisper. "I have no idea what your talking about babe." He smiles even wider. "We were all just having a good old time." He's really close to me now. "Are these his?" I turn towards Winter to answer. Then I'm seized by Cam, He has my knife in his hand at my throat and his other hand is gripping my wrists. "Its all okay M. It's all okay."

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