One Step Closer

MyaDakota has just started college, and life is fine. Until she meets him... Dark brown hair, striking blue eyes, and a smile that could make you melt. She tries to stay away, but fails... She realizes a past that could haunt her forever. Then something happens that makes her world turn upside down. A mystery that she's trying to solve? Complete


1. Chapter 1

Brush, brush, brush.

“GAAH! You stupid hair! Just brush!” I screamed at my hair brush, then looked at my thick black hair that was down to about mid chest. I should just give up now. It’s impossible to brush my hair when it’s wet. Just slip it up into a crappy ponytail and hope for the best. “My, Hurry up! We’re going to be late!” Winter called from the kitchen. She was right we were going to be late I rushed out still putting the scrunchie overtop my ponytail.“Alright then. Let’s go.” I said gesturing my hands toward the door, we walked out I locked the door and we got in her Honda civic and headed to campus. She sped through all the yellow lights and was going faster than a jack rabbit. When we got to campus she stepped out of the car and was immediately surrounded by a whole lot of Brad. Her boyfriend.“Get a room.” I mocked them as I headed to my first class, I pulled out my timetable and took a deep breath of the springy wintry air. I looked at my first class again and hurried off. I was right on time sat near the front and waited for professor Garret to come in. Everyone was talking I looked around, took a deep breath, my eyes locked with blue serenity. i quickly looked away and blushed. Mr. Garret -my professor- came in and started the lesson, I typed in every word he said so I could review the lesson later. He dismissed us and I was the last one out. I headed to the cafeteria to meet Winter and found her at our old table. Her hair was bleach blonde, naturally, she was very small and had striking blue eyes, whereas Brad Was big, lanky, with his brown hair and green eyes. He was nervous around girls that flirted with him, you think he would be used to it by now with his looks, he was seriously hot in his own nerdy way. I grabbed a tray filled it with food and sat down. They were giggling. “Seriously stop acting like your teenagers.” I said smirking, Winter looked up at me as Brad continued kissing Winters face. “Oh lighten up My. We’re just having some fun.” She said in her familiar squeaky voice, it was so girly.  “How was class?” “Boring. Yours?” “Same.” I looked around, this place was so old and new. I knew it, but then I didn’t. It was like I can only see from afar never actually living it. Winter asked me if I was ready to go home, me, her and Brad all got in the car and headed to the apartment. I unlocked the door and breathed in the scent of home. Our kitchen was to the left and our living room to the right. It was very college like. Crap kitchen, crap living room with high-tech television. There was a hall beside the kitchen that led to my room with my bathroom and there was a hall beside the living room that was Winters room with an adjoining bathroom. I kicked off my sneakers grabbed a banana and plopped on the couch. Brad and Winter hurried off to Winters room. Yuk. I flicked on the T.V and dozed off thinking of the blue eyes.

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