Saturday Night

That one night. Yeah. A Saturday night. That's it. When a boy and girl met. Yeah. On a show. A ordinary show. Like Friday download I guess...but they went out of show business long ago as this show came and fort and went with victory. This show was called...Saturday Night.


1. TV

*Hi everyone! And welcome tooooo.......Saturday Niiiight!*


I grabbed my popcorn, which was begging beside me as I curled up on the couch.


*Now today, well be calling one of you! Yes you! Even if you're watching now! Get ready for one of your phones to call!*


Pff...yeah right. The TV flashed through my eyes as the darkness was flowing through the room, without a light on. And I would never ever get that phone call-. I was interrupted by my phone, ringing next to me and the popcorn. I jumped up in the air as I heard it ring? No...must be hearing things. It stopped ringing and I carried on watching the TV.


*So onto today's show, well be meeting up with celebs, interviewing there up coming tours including Jessie J and Olly Murs! [Crowd cheers] And don't forget later in the show, well be calling one of you!*


It was my usual Saturday night, to watch the Saturday night show of course. The presenters were probably the only things which kept the show popular! But they are cute. One of them, his name was Liam and he was one of the tall guys with brown hair. Another was Zayn. He looked like the bad boy but he was shy, with black hair and tattoos all around his arm. Another was called Louie. He was the most funniest, with light brown hair with a touch of whoosh in it. Then there was Niall. The little Irish one, with blonde flick hair. Then there was one more. Harry. He was the most hottest out of them. He had thick brown curls. His eyes were pure green. His voice He always made me smile...but I knew he didn't see me. Even know me. He wasn't the popular one out of them. Louie and Niall were. They're not the most famous people or on celeb guest lists. They're just a couple of guys doing their own show, to entertain people and of course meet up and interview artist and look at the most top ten songs or the week and that.


It came to adverts and I gave a huge sigh. Why are there breaks? Honestly! I placed the popcorn onto the couch as I got up but then my phone started to ring, again!


'Hello? Hello?'

'Hi! I'm Simon from Saturday Night! We've called you to be on our show!'

'Ahahahahaha! Nice try Louise! But you're not getting away that easily! Amazing voice though! You're getting the voice better! Almost as if-'

'Please! It's me! Simon!' I heard a giggle just as they ended their sentence.

'Hey Louise.' 

'Oh for gods sake! How the fuck do you know it's me?!' 

''s me! I know you now. Aha! Try again!'

'Fine! I'll see you soon! Bye!'

'Bye Hun!'


Friends aye? Worst prank call of them all. I knew she was watching this as she thought she could prank call me simon would call. By the way, Simon was the producer, manager. He helped the boys do all their things on the show. Nice try Louise. Gonna have to do better than that.



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