Saturday Night

That one night. Yeah. A Saturday night. That's it. When a boy and girl met. Yeah. On a show. A ordinary show. Like Friday download I guess...but they went out of show business long ago as this show came and fort and went with victory. This show was called...Saturday Night.


3. Surprised?!

*Hi and welcome back...*


Shit it was starting! I ran into the lounge and flew myself onto the couch with my phone in my hands. Ok, maybe I was a little obsessed with the show...but who isn't?


*I've got the gold in my hand! Let's pick at random!* Louie said, with the 'gold' in his hands. It's just a phone. I braced my self, thinking the phone would go off in my warm hands. I felt the tension down my body, getting ready to pick up the phone. Then...




*On my god! Oh my god Hi!!!!!!!*


It wasn't me. Oh. Well...but. Wait. That person on the other line...sounds rather familiar...


*Hey Hun! Tell us your name!* they all said together. It was kinda cute! Wait...I do know the caller! It's...


*My names, 'Louise!'* We both said Louise at the same time! It was her! My bestie monkey, Louise! Oh my god! She won! (Lucky bitch).


*Louise you've won! You're going to be on our show next week! How do you feel?*


*I can't believe it! I can't wait to see you all! Yay! Thank you so so much!*


I turned up the volume so I could hear better.


*Who are you going to bring with you?* Liam spoke.


*Well, all of my friends will probably kill me but I'm gonna bring my minion, Fiona!*


All the boys laughed on screen. Wait. She just said me?! She's bringing me!? What?!?!


*Your minion Louise?* Harry spoke. He asked who I was! Arghhhhh! 


*Its her nickname!*


*Aha! Well I'll give you more details on the prize later! See you and your 'minion' on Friday!*


*Thank you! Byeee!*


*Well, she sounded glad, aye boys?* Niall said still laughing. Wow...was my nickname that hilarious? Awh, he looked adorable though!


What. Wait. Forget them! Fiona you just got invited to see them! Your bestie invited you to see them in London girl! Whooo! I'm going to London with Louise! Arrgghhh! I couldn't bare to watch the rest or the show! I started running around my house! Childish I know but you would do this if it was you meeting your idol! Your crush! As I started getting out of breath, my phone rang, which I was still holding onto!


'Oh my god Louise! Thank you so so so so bloody much! I love you!' I squeezed to her while jumping on the spot.

'I take it you watched the show! I could hardly fucking believe they were calling me! I thought it was someone else or something!'

'Thank you so so much Louise! You won't regret it!'

'Id better not, otherwise I'll leave you there with Harry boy!'

'Oh yes please!'

'Ahahaha! Anyway, I'd better go! Just received a message from them! I'll pick you up on Saturday with a taxi?'

'Oh yes please! I'll pay the fair don't you worry!'

'No no I'll do that!'

'Louise! I'll pay!'


'Louise! Shut your mouth! I'm paying weather you like it or not! Ahahahaha!'

'Fine! Ok! You win! Oh...I've got to go babes! Got another message! I'll see you soon!'

'Ok monkey! Byee!'





That was that! Me and Louise were going to London to be on a Saturday night! I could bloody wait!




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