Saturday Night

That one night. Yeah. A Saturday night. That's it. When a boy and girl met. Yeah. On a show. A ordinary show. Like Friday download I guess...but they went out of show business long ago as this show came and fort and went with victory. This show was called...Saturday Night.


19. Skype call

Fiona's p.o.v


'Hey Haz.' I said as I waved my hand at the camera. It was half an hour exactly as I spoked with him on skype.


'Hey Fi! are you?' I knew he had something hidden.


'Harry, you've already asked me that! I'm good and you?'


'Good as well. Um...I need to ask you something.'


'Sure...' Was it time? Would he ask me? Would he hate me? Any secret?


'Meet me at quarter to midnight on New Year's Eve. I'll send one of the boys to pick you up, alright? Oh...and wear something fancy if you want.'







'No! No! I'm not doing anything Harry! It's perfectly fine! It's just...'


'Whats wrong? Were you planning something?' He looked concerned as the camera concentrated on me.


'It...was...well I was going to ask you if you...if you wanted to come to my New Years Eve party...but-'


'I'd love to come! Who else is coming?' 


'Um..I'm not quite sure yet...but I was thinking of inviting the others? The boys?'


'Yeah, sure...' He scratched the back of his neck.


'Why? What's wrong? What's happened?' 


'No no! Invite them!' He waved his hands in the air.


'Harry...' I knew something was going on. Something. Was it me?


'Fine. Fine! You know what? I'll tell you...they keep on bugging me and that because I haven't asked you out yet!' He came close to the camera whispering. His curls were going around the lense. Cute.


'Harry, there's plenty of girls out there who want to be with you! Don't let them force you, you're smarter then that.' I knew I had no chance with him. I knew. I know. He probably doesn't even like me.


'Look, they're just annoying me that's all. It's not you don't worry.'


'So...just me and you on New Year's Eve! Is that alright with you?'


Harrys p.o.v


'Corse it is love! And um...what are you doing...over christmas?' Fingers crossed Harry, fingers crossed.


'Um...not really doing much over christmas really...all my family is busy, at work or away like my mum. I mean, I am a christmas person, my house is filled in ever room with decorations and that but...yeah.' 


'That's great! I mean...not in that way! I was wondering if you'd like to go out? Like somewhere or stay at mine til New Year's Eve or the day before?'


'Um...ok sure! I too!' A bright smile came apon my face.


'Y-you would? Ok! I'll pick you up tomorrow!' I was about to shut the Mac down but then she spoke.


'Wait! I can't do tomorrow Harry!'


'Okay how about Friday then? I'll pick you up in the morning!'



'Okay! I'll see you then! Bye!'


'Bye!' With that I shut the screen down and walked into the lounge, Louis was watching TV as usual.


'So...did you ask her?' 


'Ask her what?' I raised my eye brows as I jumped on to the couch with him.


'Harry don't act like that. You know what I mean. Did you ask her?'


'No. But! I know what you're gonna say and don't say it. I'm going to ask her out sooner than you think. I'm not doing this because you and the boys want me to. I'm doing this because I think she's the one. And I'm doing it romantically to make sure it's perfect. Alright?'


'Alright! Alright lover boy!' I gave him a death glare, he just sniggered and carried on watching TV. 


'Oh and mate?' I was about to go upstairs before I forgot to tell Louie something. 'Is it alright if Fiona stays round here for a couple of days? She's alone at christmas and-'


'Fine, but make sure that you stay outta my room with her. Just because-'


'Yeah yeah I know. "Just because my room is more romantic doesn't mean you can make out in there or even go in there" I know! Bloody hell Louie! I'm not that desperate! I'm taking this relationship slowly.' I didn't want to but...I wanted this relationship to be per-fect.


'Pffff yeah right. When is she coming mate? It's not tomorrow is it? Cause we have to record the last Saturday Night until Febuary.'


'Dont worry it's on Friday. Couple of days I'll pick her up. But we'll be out for the whole day so yeah.'


'That's fine mate. Go and get her.'


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