Saturday Night

That one night. Yeah. A Saturday night. That's it. When a boy and girl met. Yeah. On a show. A ordinary show. Like Friday download I guess...but they went out of show business long ago as this show came and fort and went with victory. This show was called...Saturday Night.


14. Oops

Fiona's p.o.v


'STYLES, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!' One of the (I guess) 'important' people shouted our way and Harry passed over to me a ear piece for the show. He ignored the man and told me what to do, whispering.


'Okay love. This is your ear piece. The producer will tell you what to do through this and tell you where to go for the show, alright?' He smiled.


'Harry are you even listening?!' The man was right in-front of us now.


'Okay! I'm here!' I could help but giggle as Harry winked at me.


'I'm very sorry miss...?' The man addressed me.


'...Fiona. And it's fine! Really!' I said, trying not to burst out laughing.


'No it's not. Harry, because of YOU our show has been delayed! We have got now half an hour! The channel have placed in another show for us. But at seven, YOU and Fiona better come or-'


'I know, I know!' Harry held his hands up like he had been caught by the police! Adorable.


'Humph, and don't show off too mister. I'll see you two love birds later.' He waked off, winking at Harry.


'Love birds?' I questioned.


'I think he saw us looking at each other and yeah...' Harry said embarrassed.


'Awh.' I said. ' you know where Louise would be?'


'In Zayn's, Louis's, Niall's or Liam's room. Why?'


'Harry!' I said laughing as he laughed as well.


'Sorry! Haha! She would probably been in the other lounge with them.'


'You have two lounges??'


'Nah three.'


'Wow!' I giggled.


'Would you like to meet the others?' He said holding my hand again as we walked out the studio.


'I'd love to!' I said smiling as we walked into the long corridor and turned right.


'Here you go love.Ladies first.' He smiled, opening the door.


'Why thank you Styles.' I said giggling.


As I walked into the door frame, I felt this light dusk on my butt cheek. Harry slapped my butt!


Harry's p.o.v


Okay...I couldn't resist! Great(!) Why the fuck did I do that?! She thinks I'm a prick now....well done Styles(!)


Fiona's p.o.v


I turned round to him, smiling and touching his nose with my index finger, whispering.


'That's naughty Styles.'


'You haven't seen my naughty side, yet.' He whispered back, smiling, revealing his dimples. I smiled and turned back around as the door opened the rest of the way.

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