Saturday Night

That one night. Yeah. A Saturday night. That's it. When a boy and girl met. Yeah. On a show. A ordinary show. Like Friday download I guess...but they went out of show business long ago as this show came and fort and went with victory. This show was called...Saturday Night.


11. Now?

Fiona's p.o.v


Harry came back into the room, taking the ear piece out, leaving it dangling.


'Sorry about that love. Management.'


'Its fine, honestly! Take all the time you need!'


'Why would I do that? Then I wouldn't be able to spent time with you.' 


My heart burst. My eyes widened. My head spun. My mouth did a 'o'. My eyebrows went up.


'Whats wrong? Are you alright? What's happened?' He rushed over to me and guided me to the end of the double bed as we both sat on the end.


' I'm good.' I was appsolutly speechless. 


'You don't look like it love! Here, I'll be back! Don't move, alright?' He got up, and hand gestured to me, like I was a dog, saying sit and to stay.


Ok, I bloody need to snap out of it! He's panicking and rushing about all because he said he wants to spend time with you! It's not like I'm dying! Fuck sake Fiona! He's not a slave! I know he isn't! 


'Here love, have something to drink and I've got some food...' He placed the glass on to the top of the draws next to the bed and placed down some bites on the bed.


'Harry you don't need to do all this! I'm just one of the competition winners! I'm not even that! If it wasn't for Louise who won and brought me here...I wouldn't even have met you...'


'Hey!' He brought up my chin. 'That makes you even more important babe...or minion. You got chosen for a reason you know? And I'm glad I met you Fiona.'


'You're just saying that.' I laughed it out as I took a mouthful of water.


I placed back the glass on to the draws and looked back at Harrys serious face. Oh my bloody god. He's just saying these things to make me feel good.


'Fiona, I know we've only just met but...ok coming from me, this will sound bizzare and cheesy but I don't care. Not anymore. Fiona, as soon as you walked through the studio I watched you guys come in. I watched you guys all the time. Down the corridors, even with Phil. Then, as soon as he left you guys in the room, I wanted to meet you. I left the boys and saw you guys. Fiona...I've never felt like thhis for anyone in my life. You trust me for everything. And I trust you too and I don't care if we just met a few minutes ago or hours. All that matters that...I really like you. You're just like me. In the same position as me with life. All that matters is now. I love you. I really really do. Bizzare. But...I'm crazy in love. I don't want anybody to take you away from me. Not even the boys. Guards. Life. I love you and...I hope you feel the same.'


That was the big speech. His...speech for me? Am I dreaming? Ok...I'm so dreaming! Did he just...


' you feel the same? Ok-I'm-so-sorry-if-I'm-pushing-you-I'm-being-such-a-twat-and-'


Without thinking I leaned in and kissed him. He kissed me back, culling his hands on my cheeks.


'Of course I fell the bloody same Styles. I've always loved you.' I whispered as I pulled inches away, I felt him breathing on to me. He showed a smile, letting his dimples shine. We both leaned in again but this time, passionately kissed each other. I placed my hands around his neck, playing with his hair as he held my waist still. A bloody huge bonfire was starting in my heart, being lift from his breath. I tasted every moment. I savoured every moment. I held every moment. This is what I've been wishing for all my life. Harry leaned back an inch and took a breath. 


'Fiona, I'm sorry it took me all this time to tell you...I...I guess I was just...'




' might not feel the same. Or think that I'm a womaniser like every hater does. Or think that I'm a-'


'Haz, forget them. They're just jealous of what you've got and what they haven't got. I always say it. But they do piss me off sometimes, all times!'


'Some fans love me! Outside the studio, waiting for us. Others just come to hold up banners and say fucking horrible stuff and shout. It just pisses me off and makes me feel useless...'


'Don't be Haz. You''' My face went red. I honestly loved him but...I didn't want to give my heart out and embarrass myself.


'You're red as a rose!' He poked my cheek, smiling.


'Sorry.' I shyly looked away. This was embarrassing.


'Roses are beautiful...but not as stunning as you. What were you going to say?'


'You're...that you're perfect. In every way. I always watch you on tele.'


'Me? Perfect? You've got the wrong guy babe.'


'Shut up Styles! You're guilty in my books.' I lightly punched his left shoulder and got up from the end of the bed.


'You're not going anywhere missy!' He picked me up and threw me on to the bed!


'HARRY! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!' I laughed while trying to shout.


'I'm making myself into you innocent books.' He said as he jumped on to the bed beside me.




Hey guys! Sorry for a later update so I made this a extra long chapter! Hope you have a great Saturday Night! :) :)

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