Saturday Night

That one night. Yeah. A Saturday night. That's it. When a boy and girl met. Yeah. On a show. A ordinary show. Like Friday download I guess...but they went out of show business long ago as this show came and fort and went with victory. This show was called...Saturday Night.


20. Christmas with the boys

Fiona's p.o.v


So...I guess that was that. It still didn't answer my question though...did he have feelings for me? I'm still confused but then if he didn't have feelings then why would he ask me to stay round his all Christmas? And why would he come to my house on New Year's Eve? Okay I'm talking shit. He does like me. I just don't want to say!


*Friday morning*


'Hey, you ready?' He stood in the door way, as I picked up my black handbag, with my clothes, tooth brush, dress, make up and hair stuff inside. Not to mention his presents and Louis's.


'Yep.' I smiled and came out of the door frame, so did Harry.


'Is that all you got?' He looked surprised as he took my bag, holding it up how its light weight.


'Yeah. Everything I need is in there.'  He gave another smile, making me blush, looking away shyly. He saw me and gave a light laugh.


'Let's get home.' He lead me to the car and opened the door for me. His car was a Citroen, on of the old models. I guess he hates to spend his dosh everywhere. Well...he'll like my present then. Gentlemen.


'Thank you.' He smiled, showing his white pure teeth. He shut the door, walking round the car, and slipping into the red leather seat. He was wearing his grey top, with a heart in the pocket, with black skinny jeans. I loved that outfit. He once wore it on Saturday Night.


*Skip car journey*


'I can't wait to give you your present!' I said as he drove up the drive way. Wow. It looked so private, you had to drive through a forest lane. When the private road stopped, there was a huge iron gate, with a small pincode on. I looked away as he entered the pin.


'Love, you can look. I trust you.' He laughed as I giggled, embarrassed. The gate slowly opened, as he drove into the front garden. There wasn't another car?


'Harry, doesn't Louis drive? Or is he out?'


'Oh we share a car.'


'But you're like both rich!'


'We had throwing our money about. We're not like the other guys. Okay, our house is a mansion but apart from that...not much difference. We think fame is no different.'


'Apart from the fact your house had a private road and a gate?'


'That's for fans, paps and security. We are famous.' He gave the car to a stop and he turned off the engine.


'No really(?)' We both laughed as he got out, with my bag and came round the side, opening my door.


'Thank you.' 


'No problem.' He locked the car as he opened the large red door. His house was like a palace! Well...I wouldn't blame him!


'LOUIS! WE'RE BACK! Sorry about that. House is so big and...' He laughed.


'It's fine! It's like that at mine too.' I smiled.


'Harry! Fiona!' He ran down the plain, cream stair case and gave us a tight hug.


'Hey Louie aha.'


'It's so nice to see you! Come in! Come in!' He lead me into the lounge and settled us down onto the couch. I saw Harry enter the lounge with my bag.


'Do you want me-'


'Fi It's fine! You're the guest. Here...' Harry handed it to me as I smiled.


'Love the decorations guys! Its beautiful!' I gazed through the room. It was full of christmas decorations and their tree was huge! 'Be right back!' I ran towards the tree as they followed me. 'There!' I placed two small boxes underneath the tree. No, I wasn't going to ask them to marry me. Not a ring. And no not a new pet nor my house keys. It wasn't that. It was...




'OH MY FUCKING GOD FIONA! I can't take this!'


'Me neither! I'm sorry but-'


'Shut up guys! I have money and I wanted to buy you guys something special! Go outside!'


'What?' They both said in shock. I wanted to treat them and their present was outside. 'It's outside?'


'Yeah! I drove them in early this morning so you two wouldn't noticed!' I was in a separate room to them. I was in this big floral white room, opposite Harry's. No, I wasn't sleeping with one of them.



Hey guys! I'm sorry for the long wait but here's the chapter! :)



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