Saturday Night

That one night. Yeah. A Saturday night. That's it. When a boy and girl met. Yeah. On a show. A ordinary show. Like Friday download I guess...but they went out of show business long ago as this show came and fort and went with victory. This show was called...Saturday Night.


2. Call...again

The show was back on.


*Welcome back! I'm here with the original Jessie......J! Jessie:Hey guys! Thanks for having me on the show today!*


I picked up the popcorn again and curled up into a ball as the show carried on. But then...

the lane line phone rang! Oh for fucks sake! Now what?! I huffed and puffed as I stomped to the phone and snatched it from the wall.


'What?...ok sorry!...yes...ok...I'm fine! Just stressed of nothing...yes I'll be alright! Yes...ok. you too mum. Bye.'


Mums. So protective. Ever since I moved up she calls. It's cute and sweet of her, I know. But sometimes she gets on my nerves. I love her though. But when I turned 16 I wanted to move into another house. You're probably thinking that why did I do that? I'm so young! Well...I wanted to start on my career. I was not the most populist in school but I was one of the smartest. I wasn't a geek though. The smart I guess, sort of person. I wasn't poor. My whole family were rich. But I'm not a needy or selfish or greedy girl. I'm actually generous and I hate being spoiled. But my mum loves to. Buys me a huge mansion to myself with a car of my choice, but I haven't picked one yet. I'm learning how to drive but...I want to focus on my career first. All my friends were jealous of me, with my money. Saying I should buy all designer clothes and that. But I hate showing off all my money. I'm that type of girl. Yes, I still buy clothes from Hollister and that though, including shoes like vans and dm's. I guess you could say I have everything I always want. But no. Everyone would say that but me. The only thing I'm missing is someone to share my life with. I've got my friends, my family. But not a love. I've had past boyfriends but I make a stupid mistake. They just wanted me for the money. That's not love, that's bloody wrong. 


So here I am. Sitting curled on the sofa with my popcorn, watching Saturday night.


*So now is the time! We will be calling one of you guys out there! To be on our show next week! You don't even have to pay! Just text 'Hey Saturday Night!' to...*


I wrote down the number on a piece of paper. What? You never know! Might as well give it a shot. Anyway, this is one of my favourite shows! I rushed it down and started at the piece of writing. It looked like a monkey had written it. Pff. Oh well!





*So just give us a text and after the break we will be calling! Bye!*


I gave out a sigh. No way in a million years would I win's worth a try! I got up and headed towards the modern kitchen. I walked in and the lights in the ceiling lit up. Told you my family was rich, and me. I found my brand new iPhone on the counter and sat down, typing in the words 'Hey Saturday Night!'. My best friend, Louise, tested me as I sent the message off.


Fingers crossed! I opened my new mail and it read,

'Omfg did u just read the screen on the Tv!? We could be on there and meet the boys and that?! Totally applying! Xox -Louise' I laughed as I scan read the text. She was so hyper I could tell! Bonkers! I replied,

'I have eyes Louise! :P and yes I've already entered, Monkey xox -Fiona'

And yes. Forgot to tell you gorgeous readers! My names Fiona. Fiona Silver. I've never really liked my name. I don't really know anyone else with it to be honest! You don't really hear it very often now but my friends love it.

':P Stupid minion xox -Louise'

She sent me another text, which gave out another smile from me. We had our own nicknames. Louise was monkey; she was always cheeky! Mine was minion. I wasn't like a sidekick or anything! Just a mysterious, wild, cheeky minion. I don't even look like a minion! I've got light skin, not yellow. Pitch black long hair, not like Homer Simpson's. I'm average height and average weight. Not like a minion who's it tiny and fat ( no offence minions ).

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