Dead Instinct

Siren Dexter was always expecting this. The zombie apocolipes. She fights her way through America when she bumps into a very confused boy band.

One Direction. Siren has to go through protecting five boys, along the way she finds out that she is an old family member to someone.

Will they survive?

Who is she related to?


1. Prologue

A strawberry is sweet, but the lemon will out taste it. The wolf is smart, but the Lion is stronger. Things may be good, but there will always be something to bring that down. This is the way of life. There will always be a fault with the human race.

There has to be.

Cancer is the one thing we needed to defete. We did it. But with that, came come thing worse. Something terrible The Virus. It kills, and kills. The Virus will end us. Only I can stop it.

I am Siren Dexter, and this is my story.

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