Bleeding Hearts: A Creepypasta Fanfiction

Winter Snow, the cousin of Jeff the Killer, has discovered the forest where Slenderman and Jeff live. Rather than killing her, Jeff chooses that she is to stay in the forest for the rest of her life, and should she leave, Slendy has the ability to kill her. (Contains Slenderman x Winter. Rated Y for later chapters)


2. Chapter Two

A boy with black hair and pale skin, a smile cut jaggedly into his cheeks and wearing a white hoodie and black jeans, stared at her with a startled expression. Beside him was a tall, pale figure wearing a snazzy suit and with no face. Not that it was possible to tell, but he was amused.

"All right, it's time to have a little fun." the tall entity said, and multiple black tentacles extended from between his shoulderblades.

"Wait, Slendy." replied the boy. He was in maybe his late teens, about seventeen or eighteen years old.

Slendy's tentacles stopped extending. "What, Jeff?" he asked, obviously annoyed. "Are you going to tell me not to play with my food?"

"No." replied Jeff. "I just . . . maybe we could leave this one alone?"

Slendy's shoulders shook. He was either laughing or crying. "Jeffery, Jeffery, Jeffery. I enjoy kidnapping people. You enjoy killing them once I've eaten their souls. Are you saying brutally mutilating people has lost its appeal?"

Jeff scoffed. "No, I just . . ."

Slendy cupped his hands together and placed them near his shoulder, resting his head on it in the universal 'how cute' pose. "Awww, is little Jeffy gaining some compassion for human life?"

"What? No! I just don't want to kill this girl! He didn't do anything to us . . ."

"Neither did any of our other victims." replied Slendy. "Screw this, I'm off to stalk this 'Winter Snow' girl and there's nothing you can do to stop me."

Slendy teleported and Jeff clutched a butcher knife he kept in his pocket.

"We'll see about that."

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