Bleeding Hearts: A Creepypasta Fanfiction

Winter Snow, the cousin of Jeff the Killer, has discovered the forest where Slenderman and Jeff live. Rather than killing her, Jeff chooses that she is to stay in the forest for the rest of her life, and should she leave, Slendy has the ability to kill her. (Contains Slenderman x Winter. Rated Y for later chapters)


10. Chapter Ten

As Winter's strength deteriorated, Slendy felt a deep grudge against Jeff beginning to emplant itself, and Jeff felt himself drift deeper and deeper into insanity. Neither fought it.

Winter's breathing slowed. She was losing the fight. She would die soon. Her hand twitched a few times, and Slenderman grasped it, thinking she needed contact. Winter's eyes opened weakly.

Her vision was blurred. She was dying, and she knew it. There was nothing she could do to fight it. Not that she wanted to, it would be a relief. She was in pain . . . so much pain . . .

She took one last shuddering breath, and she was gone.

With nothing left holding him back, a twisted grin hit Jeff's face, accented by the scars on his face. With the only love he'd ever known gone, a ruthless nature entered Slenderman, and he was completely silent.

It went without saying that the partnership was gone.

It was certain that they would be fighting each other for as long as Jeff would live.

His cousin forgotten, Jeff let out a manic laugh and ran away, out of the forest, towards the city. He would kill someone tonight.

Slendy buried Winter under the Scary Tree in his forest. He never forgot Winter. Occasionally, if someone reminded him of her, he would let them get all eight pages with some objection.

Most weren't so lucky.


(A/N: Super sorry this story sucks so much DX Thanks for reading regardless~)

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