Bleeding Hearts: A Creepypasta Fanfiction

Winter Snow, the cousin of Jeff the Killer, has discovered the forest where Slenderman and Jeff live. Rather than killing her, Jeff chooses that she is to stay in the forest for the rest of her life, and should she leave, Slendy has the ability to kill her. (Contains Slenderman x Winter. Rated Y for later chapters)


5. Chapter Five

She wasn't out for long, but it was long enough for Slenderman to return and assess the problem.

“Jeff, we're going to have to kill her. She knows who you really are. She knows I'm real. She can't live.” his 'voice' was not concerned, though he was doing a good job of trying to fake it.

“No. She doesn't. She can keep the secret.” Jeff replied. Winter was the person who had brought him out of it. She was the only human being – or entity, for that matter – he still could find it in him to care about.

“She's a non-crazy human, Jeff.”

“I know.”

“I'm going to kill her myself if I have to.”

“I'd like to see you try.”

Jeff glared at Slendy, and he could assume that the faceless being was glaring back from the silence. The two stayed like that for a while, silently hating each other, until a small groan came from Winter.

“She's waking up, Jeff, so I'll leave. But I should remind you that she's going to have to die sooner or later.”

With that, Slendy teleported away.

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