Little Steps

Aria Lubianco has been through the worst. Found freezing and sobbing on her doorstep by none other than Liam Payne, she is the definition of a strong but broken girl. As she warms up to the boys, feelings arise for one in particular. However, it is almost impossible for Aria to keep herself together when a mystery person begins sending her threatening messages.

As new people enter the story, suspects are chosen and bonds grow, all due in time.

What will little steps get Aria?

Originally by and all credit goes to lalaladooo:


19. Hatch A Plan Part 2

Aria’s P.O.V.

I don’t know if I was drunk or what, but saying yes to Harry was the worst mistake of my life. Every single dream I had had over the past few days were about Niall. I couldn’t even think straight when he walked into the room. Harry’s loving gestures were horrifyingly sickening. I hated it when he kissed me in front of Niall. I hated the fact htat I always kissed him back. I had no feelings for Harry. He was only a friend. And yet, I couldn’t find the nerve to tell him this was all an act.

Niall never talks to me. The only time he did was when he told me to clean the dishes. Not talking to him for a week makes me feel like I’m incomplete.

On Saturday, Harry and I spent the entire day at the beach. It was quit fun, except for the fact that there was this huge fiasco under everything. I almost got my first underwater kiss on that date, but I jerked away, deciding I didn’t want to have my first underwater kiss with a guy I didn’t even like.

Now, we had just finished the final plans for Liam’s birthday. Everything was set. I was overly excited for Monday, (his birthday). Lounging in the kitchen, the curly haired boy walked in, grinning at me.

“Hey, Ari.” He greeted, leaning in to kiss me. I don’t what why, but I found myself leaning away from him. It was time to finish this.

“Tease.” Harry laughed and leaned in again. I held my held out to his chest, keeping him away from me. This time, Harry froze, biting his lip.

“Is everything alright?” he asked, shoving his hands into his pockets.

I took a deep breath. “No, not really.”

Harry looked confused, but not hurt. Almost as if he had seen this coming.

“It’s Niall, isn’t it?” he spat, crossing his arms over his chest. My eyes widened. If I said it was, he might go take this out on Niall. No, that could not happen.

“No!” I exclaimed, “I just don’t think we’re meant to be together.”

Harry stared at me like I was the ugly duckling, running his fingers stressfully through his hair. “Oh.”

“Yeah…” I mumbled, gulping once more.

“So, do you think we should just be friends?” he asked, drumming his fingers on the countertop.

“Yes.” I confired quietly. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.” Harry mumbled before quickly leaving the kitchen.

A ton of weight seemed to have lifted off of my chest.

Just like that.

Harry’s P.O.V.

“I honestly thought it would’ve gone longer.” Zayn chuckled, pulling his knees to his chest.

“I think she realized she couldn’t deal with me and liking Niall at the same time.” Liam pointed out, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

“Harry, I think Liam was right from the start. We attempted to help them, but I think they just need to find their own way to loving each other. They just seem to be taking little steps. Once they spend more and more time with each other, they’ll grow fonder or one another, and one day, if they are meant to be together, they’ll make it happen.” Louis added on skillfully.

“It bugs me though, how they are so blind. Niether of them can tell that the other one likes them.” Zayn groaned, clutching a pillow.

“It’ll take time.” Liam concluded, “maybe they’ll figure everything out sooner than we think."

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