Little Steps

Aria Lubianco has been through the worst. Found freezing and sobbing on her doorstep by none other than Liam Payne, she is the definition of a strong but broken girl. As she warms up to the boys, feelings arise for one in particular. However, it is almost impossible for Aria to keep herself together when a mystery person begins sending her threatening messages.

As new people enter the story, suspects are chosen and bonds grow, all due in time.

What will little steps get Aria?

Originally by and all credit goes to lalaladooo:


31. Babysitting Lil' Man

“Noah, gimme it!” Niall pouted, sticking out his hand like a little kid. Noah giggled, grabbing the little chewy toy and crawling towards the kitchen. Niall and I were babysitting Noah while Gregg, Denise, and Maura went out for a day together.

Niall glanced over at me and rolled his eyes with a sweet grin, quietly stalking Noah who had successfully made his way into the kitchen.

“Now then, Noah, we wouldn’t want to get hurt, would we?” Niall said, pouncing in front of the little baby and sweeping him into his arms. Noah let out a squeal of joy, slapping Niall on the face with pleasure. I burst out laughing as I videotaped the two, knowing Noah had just slapped Nialler, on purpose.

“Oh no you did-uhnt.” Niall gasped, ruffling Noah’s hair. Noah stuck his tongue out at Niall, struggling to get out of Niall’s grip.

“You give me the toy and I won’t slap you back,” Niall teased, setting Noah on the floor. Noah shifted his attention from Niall to the phone I was holding. He reached out, touching it with large, curious eyes.

“Hey, Noah. I’m better than Niall, right?” I cooed sweetly, tickling under his chin. He giggled, nodding his head. I looked up at Niall who had a fake hurt face.

“Noah, I thought we had something, lil’ man.” Niall sobbed. Noah let out a confused sigh, scratching his head adorably.

“Gosh, he’s so cute.” Niall exhaled as he sat down in a chair beside me, picking Noah up and setting him on his left knee.

“I wish I had a little brother.” I sighed, stroking Noah’s hair.

“Well, you’ve got Noah now.” Niall grinned. Noah looked back and forth between the both of us, unsure of what we were talking about.

“You gonna give me that toy back, Noah?” Niall asked, lowering his head to look right into Noah’s eyes. Noah did exactly what any smart baby would’ve done.

He burped in Niall’s face.

“Aye!” Niall yelled, pulling his head away from Noah.

Noah on the other hand, was cracking up from his perfect little scheme, his eyes shut tightly as he laughed. He was probably the most adorable thing ever.

“I guess I taught him too well.” Niall grimaced, shaking his head. Then he grinned evilly down at Noah. “Payback time.”

Noah corrupted into a fit of giggles as Niall tickled him under his chin and under his arms. Noah threw his toy away, unable to hold onto it as he got tickled. Pretty soon, Noah was on his back in Niall’s lap, about to burst from Niall’s fingers tickling his skin.

Noah let out a wail, trying to say something. I set my hand on Niall’s knee.

“Hey, stop. I think he’s getting tired.” I laughed gently, taking Noah into my arms. I noticed that Noah had those same bright blue eyes like Niall, which were boring into my own. Noah gave me a toothless grin, pressing his tiny finger to my nose.

“Gahh.” He laughed, taking his finger away from my nose, and instead, pressing his miniature lips to the skin.

Oh my god.

“Wow, he never kisses me.” Niall pouted, popping his bottom lip out.

“Well, that proves your little nephew isn’t gay.” I smirked, leaning over and kissing Niall’s cheek.

“Okay, we’re even now.” He laughed, poking Noah’s nose. Noah tried to bite Niall’s finger in return.

“Geez, I think he likes you better than me.” Niall sighed, looking at me.

“Sucks to suck, Nialler.” I grinned, kissing Noah’s forehead. He wrapped his arms around my neck and attached to me. I could feel my heart beat quickening, feeling good that a cute little boy like Noah actually liked me.

I felt Noah’s small fingers playing with my earrings, dangling them with pleasure. He laughed every time he got them to dangle back and forth extra fast.

“Oh, hey,” Niall said, glancing at his watch, “it’s time to feed him.”

“I call feeding him first.” I hollered, rushing to the kitchen. I grabbed the small spoon and the jar of baby food off the counter and headed back into the living room, where Niall was fastening a bib around Noah’s neck. Noah sat patiently, eyeing the baby food. He was drooling.

“I swear, he’s exactly like you.” I laughed, opening the jar while Niall placed Noah in the high chair. Noah already had his mouth open by the time I stuck the spoon into the jar.

“Here comes the plane.” I cooed, driving the plane with my hand in circles before setting the baby food in Noah’s moth. He gulped it down happily, opening his mouth for more.

I then realized how much I wanted a child of my own.

Maybe not now, but definitely in the future.

After feeding him a few more spoons, Niall got impatient and grabbed the jar and spoon from me, taking over the job of feeding Noah. At this point, Noah didn’t care who was feeding him, he just wanted the food.

“One day, when he’s old enough, I’m going to take him to Nando’s and show him exactly what real food is.” Niall declared, wiping the smeared baby food from Noah’s mouth and feeding him again.

I watched as Niall looked and Noah with a different kind of look. His eyes were glazed over, like he was hypnotized by the beautiful little boy giggling and gaggling with happiness before his eyes. He seemed in love with the little boy. So in love that my heart melted.

“Hey, group picture.” I called out suddenly. Niall looked up and nodded.

Niall and I got behind Noah’s high chair. I held the camera out in front of the three of us and snapped a picture.

“Aww, we look like a family.” Niall laughed. Then he re-thought what he had said. I blushed, looking away. It was true. We looked like a family and no one could deny it. But this was Niall’s nephew, and Niall and I weren’t even boyfriend and girlfriend. The whole concept was rather confusing. As if Niall could read my mind, he said,

“I was thinking our first date should be tomorrow.”

I looked up in the bright pools of blue, nodding slowly. “Okay. I’m in.”

“You’ll love it. Don’t worry.” He smiled, pecking my lips softly. I kissed him back, but I didn’t want to continue as Noah was watching us with a strange look. As soon as we look back at him, he grinned that beautiful toothless grin and began clapping his hands.

“Lil’ man seems to be smarter than we think.” Niall chuckled.

Two hours later, we were seated on the couch watching an episode of a show calledWanderly Wagon. I honestly had no clue what it was about, but Niall and Noah’s eyes were glued to the TV. They looked like the same person, only Noah much smaller. But with their big blue eyes, they refused to look at me once, or anywhere else. Niall especially.

And this was supposed to be a kid’s show.

My phone began ringing loudly. Of course, neither Noah nor Niall noticed. I rolled my eyes and looked at the caller I.D. It was Liam.

Quickly, I slid my finger across the screen, pressing the phone to my ear.


I was answered by sobbing.

“Liam? Are you okay?” I asked, fully concerned. I shifted my gaze to Niall, who had turned his attention to me with a questioning stare. I held up a finger indicating “one second”, and slid off the couch, heading upstairs to Niall’s bedroom.

“Liam? Liam, talk to me.” I pressed, my pressure rising as I thought about all the reasons why he could be crying.


“Liam. Breathe.”

“Aria, I don’t know what happened. I thought… I thought…”

“You thought what?”


My heart stopped. “What about her?” I asked, my heart beat quickening.

“She… I don’t…I can’t even tell…”

“Liam, Liam, calm down. You can tell me.”

“She’s pregnant!” he finally yelled. I couldn’t help but gasp. After a moment of silence, I spoke again.

“How is she taking this?”

“I’m such a douchebag. I’m a huge dick. I shouldn’t even be alive right now. She hates me and it’s all…”



“Liam, how did she react? How did you react?”

“W..When she first told me, it was two nights ago. We were at my mum’s and dad’s place, and we were about to go to bed, when she told me. She looked like she was going to cry, and I did the worst thing I could’ve done. I walked away. I…I walked away and I left her alone at my parent’s place. She kept telling me not to leave and I didn’t listen. I was just so overwhelmed, and so mad that we had been so careless, and…”

“Liam, where are you now?”

“I’m at my friend’s place.”

“Liam, you need to go talk to her.” I said sternly. “This is strictly between you and Danielle. You both were part of it, and you can’t just walk away from her. She’s desperate; she was probably betting you would leave her. And when you did? How do you think she felt? She probably felt like utter shit.”

“I…I know, Aria.” Liam sighed, sniffling. “I’m just so scared to go back. I’m scared she’ll hate me now.”

“Look, I haven’t known Danielle very long, but I know her well enough to the point that I know she won’t give up that quick.”

“So you’re saying I should go talk to her now?”

“Yes Liam. You know it’s the right thing to do.”

“Okay, thank you, Aria. You’re always best for advice.” Liam said quietly. “Love you, little sis.”

“Love you too, big bro.” I laughed softly.

“Bye.” With that, he hung up, leaving me to ponder with my thoughts. Oh the many thoughts juggling through my head.

Danielle was pregnant. Liam had walked away. Liam was stupid. How could he do such a thing? I wanted to call Danielle, but I figured I would let them deal with it. Maybe once I was sure everything was calmed down, I would talk to her.

There was a swift knock on the door before Niall walked in with a sleeping Noah in one arm.

“Hey, is everything alright?” he asked quietly, being sure not to wake Noah.

“Yeah, everything is fine.” I smiled.

“You sure? You look a bit shaken up.”

“Yeah. Everything alright. Should we put Noah to bed?” I asked, trying to change the subject.

“It’s okay. I’ll take care out it.” Niall whispered, pressing a long kiss to my lips for no reason before leaving the room with Noah.

It only takes one call to mess the whole day up.

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