Perfection is overrated, or more truthfully, it doesn't exist.


1. perfect

I wonder what it's like to be perfect. I wonder what it's like, then I remember it doesn't exist. The people that seem perfect always have a secret that no one knows. They might be beautiful, they might get good grades, they might be sporty, they might be popular. But they have a secret. And if they don't and they can just fill their head with mediocre things, to be honest I feel sorry for them, because mistakes and secrets are lessons learned. Death and destruction give us more emotions to be felt. Hurt makes us more empathetic to more sensitive subjects.

It doesn't always work like this, people that are bullied can become bullies, rape victims can become recluse, these are all scenarios that actual happen, and only worst case. Something as little as being called fat when you're young can make you weight conscious for life.

Sometimes, just sometimes, we need to remember the bad things, and remember that they make us who we are, they write our story, even if it's a story that will never see the light of day. Because perfect doesn't exist, so why beat ourselves up over it?

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