Let me love you - Friendzone

Emma O'Brian:
Never thought that one night could have changed my life as much as this night did.
but there must come something good out of all the bad right? but for now I'm done. Done with boys, done with friends, done with everything.
just didn't think that that night would have changed that too..

Niall Horan:
feeling lost, feeling alone and felling like I'm going to stay that way forever isn't what people needs to see. so hiding at my dads house was the only way to disappear for a while. at least until people knows I'm there.


11. Wake up

- Emma -


Being this tired had never happened before in my life. I liked sleeping, I liked to snooze in the morning. And I most definitely wasn't a morning-person. Niall was a bit better than me on that though, witch was why I know woke of to the smell of coffee.


"Wify, time to get up." Niall's ruff Irish morning voice said.

"5 more minutes." I said turning around to bury myself under the covers some more. 

"come on. we have some shopping to do." he said trying to uncover me from all the blankets.

"no.. I'm sleeping." I stalled once again.

"Emma." Niall chuckled as he finally uncovered me.


I tried giving him my worst look but when he was grinning it was hard for me to stay mad. I wasn't really that angry with him anyway, I just wasn't that big of a morning person.


"Ni... just let me sleep." I whined in one last attempt of getting more sleep.

"no.. come on. we have a dinner at Liam's later too." he said.

"fine. I wanna shower first though." I muttered.

"sure, here have some coffee." he said before kissing my forehead and leaving the bedroom.


I slowly got up from under the covers and shivered from the cold air hitting my bare legs. I walked into the on-suite as I sipped on the coffee that Niall had given me. I turned on the shower and stripped down before stepping in.

washing my hair and shaving my legs fast as my lazy self could do before turning of the water of and stepping out. I wanted to stay in bed all day, not go out and shop.

I brushed and dried my hair, applied some light make-up before getting back into the bedroom.


"come on babe." Niall shouted from downstairs.

"Just getting dressed." I shouted back and sighed.


I was lazy today but he didn't need to push it. I walked into the closet that Niall's assistant had unpacked all our clothes in.

that's what we had. our clothes and the most basic furnitures. the kitchen had little appliances and there was only our bed in the master bedroom.

I grabbed a pair of black leggings, a grey- with grey superman print- t-shirt, my black leather jacket with sown-in-grey hoddie and a pair of black vans. I got dressed and as I walked back into the bedroom while putting on my earings and wedding bands, Niall was standing in the doorway leaning against it casually in his black jeans and white t-shirt.


"you ready?" he smirked.

"yeah. did you know you sounded like we've been married for years?" I asked as the thought hit me.

"noo? do we? well it must have been meant to be then." his smirk got wider into a grin.

"well we got some things to get now do we? Ikea?" I asked grabbing my phone and wallet.

"yeah sure." Niall said putting his jacket on.


half an hour later we had picked up Marc, gotten to Ikea and where just about to get a cart when a little girl came up to us. she looked like she was about 12 or 13 and she was clearly a fan as she was wearing a t-shirt with the print "future Mrs Horan" on. I chuckled looking at the girls face as she saw my husband. Niall smiled at her and she almost burst into tears.


"could I have you autograph?" the girl asked.

"sure, love. What's your name?." Niall said and smiled again.


the girl shaking hands took out a little notebook and a pen and gave it shakily to Niall saying her name was Lucy. Niall signed one of the pages and gave it back to her.


"thank you so much. I love you. you are my favourite." she gasped.

"I love you too." Niall said.

"will you marry me?" the girls gasped once again probably overwhelmed by seeing her idol.

"sorry love, I'm already taken." Niall chuckled lightly at that and the girl looked surprised.


She looked over at me I could see the way she was trying to figure out the meaning of the words.


"who are you?" she asked out loud.

"I'm Emma." I said.

"that girl from Ireland?" she asked turning to me.


I looked at Niall and he just smiled. he knew I didn't really like the attention but I was going to have to get used to some of it right? If I didn't I really had married the wrong guy. I was falling in love with one of the most popular guys in the world at the moment, no I had fallen in love with one of the most popular guys in the world and I had the priviliage of calling him my husband.


"yeah, that would be me." I smiled.

"how did you two meet?" she frowned like she was irritated that she didn't already know that.

"uhm, I was a friend of his brother and sister-in-law." I said honestly.


Niall stepped up next to me and laid his arm around my waist. he smiled.


"you've known each other long?" the girl continued to ask.

"yeah, pretty much. it took a few years to realise who his brother was referring to when he talked about Niall and that he was the same person as the Niall Horan but yeah." I said.

"and the same about her really. Denise and Greg always talked about Em, but it took a while to connect the dots. It felt like I already knew her when we met." Niall said.

"aww, love at first sight?" she giggled.

"yeah, you could say that." Niall smiled widely.

"aww." she looked adorable smiling.


I smiled towards her and squeezed my hand over Niall's that was around me. if all the fans would be like this it wouldn't be that hard to adapt to this new life.


"could I get a picture?" Addie asked.

"sure, just don't send it of right away? we still got some shopping to do." Niall said and gave his camera to Marc.

"I'm just gonna..." I started to say and was going to make my way to stand next to Marc when Addie stopped me.

"can you maybe be in the picture too?"

"sure, if that's what you want?" I said.

"yeah, I would love that." Addie smiled.


Marc took the picture and when he was done Niall went over to see how it looked.


"you'd be nice to him right?" Addie whispered.

"yeah of course. he means a lot to me." I whispered back.

"yeah?" she looked guilty, like she was embarrassed for even asking the question.

"yeah, you could say he's my knight in shining armour." I smiled.

"like a prince charming?" she asked.

"yeah. pretty much." I smiled again.

"cool." she smiled widely.


A woman called for Addie to get a move on and she had to leave but she thanked all of us for taking our time with her. she got a hug from Niall and just before she left she gave me one too.


-  -  -


"so we need a little bit of everything right?" I asked as we finally got into the store.

"yeah, the bigger things we could get them to deliver to the house though I think." Niall said as he steered the cart over to the living room area.

"Okay, so we need a big comfy couch." I said.


"I mean, we are suppose to have the guys over a lot right? and they have girlfriends. our family and then there's the movie nights. I mean comfy is key here. and big." I said.

"Again I have to ask where have you been all my life?" Niall smiled.

"you haven't asked that. and I have been right next door pretty much." I smirked.

"I have too. come on Wifey. Let's buy a new couch." Niall chuckled.


it took us pretty much all day to pick out all the stuff for the house but as we got home that afternoon we where both exhausted. then we both got reminded of the dinner at Liams house.

We both got ready, changing our clothes and me redoing my make up. Niall was talking to his assistant about all the deliveries when I got down to the kitchen. He looked relaxed, more relaxed then that first night I met him.

he looked happy and that made me happy too.





Hi.. I've been bad at updating again.. I'm sorry.. in my defence this chapter has been under editing for over a month now. I'm still not that happy with it but it is a bit of a filler. so here you go. if you have any questions about me or my writing you could ask them on Ask.fm/SarHill90

I LOVE you all for you patients <3

- Sarah

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