Let me love you - Friendzone

Emma O'Brian:
Never thought that one night could have changed my life as much as this night did.
but there must come something good out of all the bad right? but for now I'm done. Done with boys, done with friends, done with everything.
just didn't think that that night would have changed that too..

Niall Horan:
feeling lost, feeling alone and felling like I'm going to stay that way forever isn't what people needs to see. so hiding at my dads house was the only way to disappear for a while. at least until people knows I'm there.


13. Nervous and scared

- Niall - 


Nervous was an understatement. I hadn't been this nervous in a long while and I had played venues that contained thousands and thousands of people. but tonight was different, it was a big night for us, for Emma. She had finally gathered up the nerve to give her father a second chance and now we where having dinner with him. In a few hours he would be here. 

My wife was nervous too, more so than I and it showed. she had been running around the house for days cleaning, decorating and fixing with the new furnitures that arrived just days before. 

It was Friday and her father had promised he'd be in London for the weekend to oversee the buy of his new apartment just on the other side of town. He had said he wanted to be near but still far enough away to give his daughter space. he knew he had a lot of making up to do. 

At first I had been a bit angry that Emma had given him a chance so fast but then I realised that she only wanted a part of her family back. her father was willing to make it work, he wanted her in his life and that meant more to her than people could probably understand and everyone deserves a second chance.  


"Emma, maybe you should take a break?" I asked when I saw her swaying as she tried to wipe the counter tops in the kitchen again just today. 

"I don't have time. Everything has to be perfect." she mumbled and kept wiping trying to take a way a spot that wasn't even there on the new counter tops. 

"Em, for who? You're exhausted and I don't think that your dad is going care about that. he cares about you, having a relationship with you. He said that he was going to be better. give him a chance." I said prying the cleaning cloth out of her hand. 

"I'm nervous. he's my dad. I've known him my whole life. Why am I nervous?" she rambled. 

"Because you're actually going to try to have a relationship and it scares you that he might haven't changed at all?" I asked pulling her into my arms. 

"how is it that you know me more than I do sometimes? have we really just known each other for 4 months?" she asked giving me a small smile. 

"Maybe we where lovers in a earlier life?" I joked. 

"not funny." she giggled. 

"Well maybe you should have a nap and then take a shower so I can have some peace in my kitchen while I'm trying to do some cooking. you, my dear, are a distraction." I smirked while I tried to push her out of the kitchen. 

"He knows me, he cares about me, cooks and makes me laugh. when did I ever get so lucky to find such a beautiful human being to call my husband?" she smiled. 

"I'm the lucky one. now get up there and have a sleep. I'll wake you in time to have a shower before your dad gets here." 

"we are becoming one of those clichés that everybody hates. we are to love-y dove-y for our own best." she wrinkled her nose. 

"It wouldn't be us any other way. I like us like this. Wanna share 60 and some years with me?" I smiled. 

"Seriously? only 60?" she smirked. 

"yeah. well to death do us part I believe the vows said." I smiled even bigger. 

"I knew I married the right guy. God, we're at it again. stop being so perfect." She smiled and kissed my cheek before walking out of the kitchen. 


I started to clean away all the cleaning supplies that Emma had brought out. I smiled to myself thinking about our future. it was bright and we had so many things that we could do together.  knowing that Emma wanted to be with me for the rest of our lives helped calming my nerves. she was so much more than just some girl to me and I thanked my lucky star every single day that it brought her to me. 


- - - 


Nearly two hours later I had done all the preparations for the dinner. even if it was just a salad and roasted potatoes and some grilled meat I was happy with the result. I had even set the table. the steaks were marinating and all I had to do was to check on the potatoes in a few minutes. 

Emma was in the shower and looked more rested now then she had done just a few hours ago.  I was finishing the last herbs on the meat when the doorbell rang. I looked at the clock and knew that it was to early for Emmas father to be here.

I rounded the counter and wiped my hands of on the kitchen towel I had hanging from the apron that was securely hanging on my hips.  I looked out the peep-hole and felt like the blood left my face. 


"Who is it?" Emma asked as she walked down the stairs drying her hair with a towel. 

"Emma, Go down to the basement, hide and call the police." I said sternly trying to make her understand that it wasn't a game. 

"it's him? he's here? already?" she asked, she was so pale. 

"Go down to the basement and I'll be right with you." I said again. 

"Niall.." she started. 

"Do as I say." I snapped and she jumped, she looked scared. 

"I'm right behind you." I said softer, pleaded to her to get to safety.


This was a gated area, how had he gotten past the security at the gate? I swallowed thickly and contemplated my options. open the door and risk both my life and Emmas or not open the door and risk our lives anyway. 


"Maybe you should open the door?" Carter said from the other side of the door smirking holding up a gun next to his face letting me know that he was armed. 

"Why should I let you in to my house?" I asked. 

"Because maybe I'll let you live a few more minutes than I had planned from the start." he said and he sounded ice cold. 


He was mental. he had to be high on something or maybe he was just that cold and that was dangerous. I feared for my life but more so I feared for Emmas. what was he going to do to her?  I had the love of my life downstairs hiding from a man threatening to kill us. 

I needed a plan, a plan to occupy him until the cops came. if they showed up in time.  I then remembered the alarm. the panel was just beside the door. the right code and the security would alarm the police and come by to check if everything was okay. I pressed the buttons as fast as I could and then I stepped away from the door. I was thankful for the silent alarm. I knew that soon this nightmare just had to be over. 

I tried to slow down my breathing and then I went for it. I leaped down the stairs and skidded on the floor trying to get to the basement.  the house had been renovated by the previous owners and they had installed a safe room, like a panic room with its door in the laundry room. I never thought that I would be in need of it so I didn't give it an extra thought until Carter had rung the door and I couldn't be more thankful now.  Emma was sitting in the corner next to the laundry machine. 


"Come on." I said taking her hand and dragging her up to the shelves on the other wall. 

"What are you doing?" she asked and her voice trembled. 

"Getting us somewhere safe." I said opening the shelves that hid the door. 

"What?" she started. 

"Get inside." I rushed as I could hear the gunshots from upstairs and the breaking of wood. 


There goes our front door I thought as I pushed Emma into the room and closed the shelves behind us and locked the safety door.  the room lit up and inside of the panic room was a large sofa and little fridge a desk with all sorts of monitors over it. I made sure the door was locked again and then made my way over to Emma who was looking at the monitors. there were pictures of our house, security cameras. 


"Niall, are we safe in here?" she whispered. 

"for now, I hope.." I told her. 


There was a phone on the desk and something blinked on it. I looked at the monitors and saw that Carter was looking around in our bedroom upstairs. I lifted the phone and waited. 


"Mr Horan? It's Clark Miller down at the security office. your alarm went of. are you and Mrs Horan okay?" the voice on the other end asked. 

"yeah, but we could use some help. there's a man with a gun in our house." I said. 

"Niall, my dad!" Emma gasped and her eyes got bigger. 

"Mr Miller? Mrs Horans father is suppose to come by today and I want you to make sure he stays at the gate until the suspect is in custody. this man is known by the police and he is very dangerous." I said. 


I felt like I sounded like something form a movie or something. Like I was some kind of James Bond character taking care of the damsel in distress. I felt like I had to protect Emma, she looked so fragile sitting down on the edge of the couch. she had her head in her hands and her shoulder where slouching. 


"I didn't think I ever had to see him again. I thought I had left all that back in Ireland." She mumbled. 

"this isn't your fault." I sighed taking one last look on the monitors watching Carter destroying our bathroom and tearing our clothes to bits in the wardrobe. 

"it's my ex." she said tears threatening to fall down her cheeks. 

"yeah but that doesn't mean that this is your fault. he's gone mad. he doing this because he is a sick spoiled brat and he couldn't get what he want." I said sitting down next to her. 

"I.. " she sighed and started to cry silently. 

"no, you're not to blame." I said and pulled her into my arms tightly. 


the destroying of furniture started to come closer. Carter was getting closer. I stood up again and walked up to the monitors. he was really mad, nothing seamed to be left whole. he was in the kitchen now, near the basement door.

I held my breath as Carter started to go closer to the door.  I couldn't see anything on the monitors facing the front lawn and the street, so I could just hope that the police wasn't that far away. suddenly there was a roar of frustration and then the heavy steps of a man in the stairs walking down. 


"Come out Come out where ever you are!" Carter yelled walking in the hallways of basement. 


Emma stiffened and came up next to me gripping my hand tightly. she was afraid and so was I. I swallowed and turned to Emma. 


"What ever happens, I want you to know that I love you." 

"your timing sucks." she whispered. 

"I know, but I still wanted you to know."  "I love you too." She smiled nervously and clanged to me as I clanged to her. 


I dragged her to the corner next to the couch and dragged her down next to me on the floor. I held her in my arms and as I tried to cover her body with mine all we could do was to wait for the help to get there. 





I am so so sorry again for not posting sooner. I've had a lot of trouble with how I wanted this story to end. I wanted some more drama to happen but I felt like everything I could write was just so cliché. this chapter has been procrastinated for long enough and rewritten to many times to not be read at this point. so I apologise for the long wait and hope that you like this. Tell me what you think? 

- Sarah


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