Let me love you - Friendzone

Emma O'Brian:
Never thought that one night could have changed my life as much as this night did.
but there must come something good out of all the bad right? but for now I'm done. Done with boys, done with friends, done with everything.
just didn't think that that night would have changed that too..

Niall Horan:
feeling lost, feeling alone and felling like I'm going to stay that way forever isn't what people needs to see. so hiding at my dads house was the only way to disappear for a while. at least until people knows I'm there.


3. Comparison

- Emma - 


Waking up and realizing that everything had changes made my head pound like i had gotten the hungover from hell. I slowly rose from my bed making sure to do as little movements as possible. I hated feeling sick, but the second I sat up properly I had to rush up and into the connecting bathroom. I didn't drink that much at the party did I?

then as the last remnants of last nights food and drinks left my empty stomach I remembered that the guy I met in the park and I did some tequila shots before going to bed. I grunted and brushed my teeth before stripping out of last nights dress and stepped into the shower. the warm water ran down my curves and eased my tense muscles. 

I swore to never drink ever again. I stepped out of the shower after I had washed my hair and rinsed grabbing the big soft and fluffy dark-green towel to cover my nakedness. I looked into the mirror and was horrified at the pale face looking back at me. I looked horrible and decided to wash my teeth again as I could still taste the bile in the back of my mouth. 

I took my glasses on as the contact's I had worn yesterday was gone, probably lost them at the park when I was crying. I stepped back into my room and nearly screamed when I noticed the body laying on my bed. I stepped to the side where it was laying and I breathed out when I saw that it wasn't Carter. 

The blond guy that occupied the left side of my bed looked so beautiful. so calm and young and yet so familiar. I shook my head and walked over to my walk in closet to get dressed. 

cotton underwear, sports bra, black leggings and a big t-shirt with a Rolling stones print on it. I dressed quickly and walked out to see the guy still sleeping on my bed. 

I walked slowly down to the kitchen to get something to eat. I reached into one of the cabinets to take some aspirin first. then one for the guy, it was bugging me that I couldn't remember his name properly. I remembered it started with a N but there's a lot of names starting with that letter. I sighed and opened the fridge and got eggs and bacon out. As I was pouring the whipped eggs into the pan I heard a grunt and the blond guy limped into the kitchen. 

he squinted and looked at me. 


"I smelled the bacon." he muttered and his Irish deeper and thicker from sleep.

"hungry?" I asked and he nodded.

"do you got any asprin? my head is killing me." He asked sitting down on one of the bar stools that faced the kitchen counter. 

"yeah, here." I said and handed him the pills I had brought out earlier.

"thanks." he sighed and took them and the water glass that I had drunk out of earlier but didn't finish.


it was something intimate about sharing a glass. yet it was just a glass not a declaration of love. I smiled nervously at him and continued to cook the food. two plates covered with the scrambled eggs and the greasy bacon, two glasses of orange juice and three peaces of toast later we were both full and I was starting to do the dishes when  his phone on the counter went of. we both grunted from the high sound since the aspiring didn't take the hangover all away. 

the guy pressed the answer button and then the speaker phone before resting his head on the counter next to it.


"Niall, where are you?" the voice on the other end shouted, the voice sounding really familiar.

"I'm okay, fell asleep when I got back to my friend's house. Forgot to text you."

"that doesn't tell me where you are little brother!" the other voice said.

"Greg, I'm fine. Tell dad I'm fine." Niall grunted into the phone.

"Greg is your brother?" In asked when I realized that I in fact knew the guy on the other end of Niall's phone call. 

"Emma?" Greg asked sounding more than confused.

"you know each other?" Niall asked as he sat up looking at me.

"he was at the party last night, he helped getting everyone out. well nearly everyone." I said as the dished was done so I could turn to him.

"everyone had left when I made sure the house was locked, I swear." Greg said.

"it's fine, Carter knew where the spare key was." 

"that Carter dude nearly assaulted her last night." Niall told his brother.

"I'm so sorry Emma, I did make sure he had left though. He tried flirting with my wife." Greg grunted.

"He got arrested last night, I don't think he will be bothering us for a while now." Emma said.

"yeah, I'll tell dad that you're okay. just make sure that you'll come home tonight." Greg said 


it took another few replies before the call was ended and we looked at each other. We moved to the living room after I had made us some coffee. It was suppose to be a game on that I really wanted to see.


"the game okay to watch?" I asked him.

"yeah, wanted to watch it actually so yeah." he smiled.


we where silent for almost the whole first half of the game. barely even cheering or screeming when the teams did something good or wrong. at the end of the first half Niall turned to me and looked me over. I had just screamed at the ref for giving one of the players a yellow card but he so obviously had deserved a red one. I breathed out and looked at Niall that was nearly in aww of me  so into the game.


"seriously?" he asked.

"What? that ref is so blind. c'mon, he totally deserved a red card for that." I shrugged.

"where have you been all my life." he mumbled more to himself then to anyone else.

"Impressed of my soccer knowledge?" I asked him raising my eyebrow at him.

"didn't take you for a Derby fan." he chuckled.

"born and raised, probably the only thing that my dad and I have in common." I sighed keeping my eyes on the TV.

"I don't think I have ever met a girl that is actually into soccer like you." he chuckled like a girl liking soccer was something so unreal and rare.

"Only thing that me and my dad could share actually. my parents are never home and when he was home he wanted to watch the games. so this was the only way to actually spend time with him. My mom, her way of mother-daughter bonding was taking me to the mall and giving me her credit-card to buy anything I would want. they don't know me. things doesn't matter to me at all. Relationships and feeling does." I told him and felt like it was a weight lifting of my shoulders. 


I didn't know why I felt so safe around Niall and I didn't know why I had told him all of that. I just knew that I could tell him and he wouldn't judge me about it. I mean non off us really knew the other. he kept me company last night and practically saved me from my now psycho ex boyfriend. He came into my life like a knight in shining armor, or on shiny crutches and gave me more than anyone had ever given me before. I wanted to give something back to him.


"thank you." I said after a while. 

"for what?" he smiled nervously as he looked at me.

"for actually listening to what I had to say, saving me. Carter would have never had done something like that." I said.

"I'm sorry about him being a jerk." Niall said squeezing my hand that was on the couch between us. 

"I guess I just have bad taste in men." I chuckled sadly when I realized how similar Carter and my dad was. 

"no.. you just haven't met the right guy." he told me and then we both returned to look at the game where the second half had already begun.


we where silent for the rest of the game, it wasn't a weird silence though. it was comfortable and actually pretty nice. I couldn't help but to smile when ever we shouted on the ref or making cheers or sounds of disappointment through out the rest of the game that then went into overtime. Niall was a good guy and it didn't matter that we didn't know each other.

an other game and a movie and one large Hawaii pizza later we were both tired and it was late on a Saturday night. My parents wasn't going to be home for an other week and I really enjoyed Niall's company and I wasn't really looking forward to the time I had to spend alone when he had left. 


"Uhm.. I have to go home." Niall said just a few minutes later.


it was like he had read my mind though. maybe he thought I wanted him to leave.


"yeah, your dad must be worried." I said turning of the TV and started to clean up the living room where we had spent most of the day in.

"yeah, no we texted a few times today so he isn't that worried." he said.

"You have your life to go back to, it's okay." I told him without looking directly at him, I was to proud to actually ask him to stay longer.

"Are you sure you're going to be okay on your own?" he asked.

"I'm fine." I lied, I didn't want to seam like a clingy and helpless and defenseless girl. 

"or I could go home and get some clothes and come back?" Niall asked and when I heard him I looked up at him, he was staring at the floor but I could see that his cheeks where tinted a light pink.

"why would you want that?" I asked and Niall looked at me then.

"I can see that you are scared and I don't really want to leave you alone when he could come back." he said nervously scratching the back of his neck.

"you would do that?" I asked him again comparing him to Carter that never would have come to even think off doing something like that. 

"yeah, I wanna be your friend. I consider you my friend now, as simple as that and friends are there for each other. Okay?" he said.

"okay." I said and gave him a smile before starting to laugh at the thing we said.


Niall looked at me confused at first but then joined in like my laugh was contagious. his whole face looked relaxed and the crinkles around his eyes suited him, his mouth widely open showing his teeth but he didn't look ridiculous like Carter did when he laughed. Again he looked beautiful. 


"that was so taken from 'The fault in our stars'." I panted through my laughter when I remember why I had started to laugh in the first place. 

"that John green novel that is turned into a movie right?" he panted.

"yeah, that's the one. Okay is their always." I said as we both settled down. 

"I haven't laughed this much for a very long time, thank you." he said and leaned back against the couch.

"well me either so no need to thank me. I'm the one thanking you remember." I smiled.

"lets just say that we are even." he said holding out his hand.

"we're even." I said shaking his hand.


I put the kettle on and did the dishes after that. Niall had called his brother to come pick him up so he didn't need to jump all the way with the crutches. just a few minutes from when Greg was suppose to pick him up he turned to me looking at me. he looked like he wanted to say something but like he didn't knew how to say it.

I looked back him feeling confused to why he just couldn't spit it out.


"Emma, could you do me a favor?" he asked after finally getting the courage to speak.

"sure, anything." I said drying the dishes that was left.

"Could you marry me?" he asked and the kitchen went silent.


what would one answer to that? What am I suppose to answer? Would it be wrong to feel like it was the right thing to do even though we barely know each other?

I looked at him in shock but I couldn't ask him what he meant or give him an answer because just then the door bell rang.




and there you have the first twist of the book.. will it work? will it not? what is her answer?

- Sarah

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