Let me love you - Friendzone

Emma O'Brian:
Never thought that one night could have changed my life as much as this night did.
but there must come something good out of all the bad right? but for now I'm done. Done with boys, done with friends, done with everything.
just didn't think that that night would have changed that too..

Niall Horan:
feeling lost, feeling alone and felling like I'm going to stay that way forever isn't what people needs to see. so hiding at my dads house was the only way to disappear for a while. at least until people knows I'm there.


2. Being alone

- Niall - 


I was moping in the sofa. my leg up on the coffee table in my dads living room. He had put Theo to bed and was fetching two beers for us to drink while watching some game on the TV.

Greg and Denise had been invited to a party and my dad thought it was good for them to go out for a night.. he called it their date night. so they had gone out to a late dinner and then now to this party.

I loved being around my loved ones. there was where I had my sanctuary. I loved my brother and all the boys but right now with me being this lost, being this alone and slightly depressed, being around them didn't make it any better. 

Liam had just moved in with this really nice girl Allison and they where over the moon happy and right for each other.

Louis and Eleanor where still going strong and I had even heard Louis talking to Zayn about maybe popping the question in the near future. 

Zayn and Perrie where planning their wedding, they hadn't come very far but they both had busy careers so they didn't rush anything witch is good since they are still young.

And Harry the youngest of us was about to be a father any day now. Peyton was a down to earth kind of girl that fit Harry perfectly. 

then there was me, little me that everyone pities. they don't say it to my face but I can see it on theirs. like they for some reason feel guilty for being happy and I don't want them to feel that. I don't want them to think that I'm week and sad and depressed. 

the happy funny me that I am usually is just a front. but now I have come to the point where I can't hide it anymore. so I ran, I went to my dads place to hide away from the world giving them a false lead that I was somewhere in France.

I accepted the bottle he gave me and took a big gulp before looking back at the TV. 

Dad was so understanding these last couple of day while I've been hiding here. he loved me and wanted me to be safe so he would have done anything for me I know that.

the game later ended and my dad turned the TV off and looked at me.


"want to talk 'bout it son?" he asked.

"no not really, just needing some time away from the crazy." I told him pulling the label on the bottle making it crumble into small peaces of paper in my lap.

"you know I'm always here right?" he said.

"Yeah I know dad." I said giving him a smile.

"I love you son." he said before getting up to give me a hug and a kiss on the forehead just like when me and Greg were young. 

"I love you too dad." I said giving him one of my old smiles, the one that was still genuine and unspoiled.


he got up at left the living room to go to bed. it was late and I knew I should have gone to bed too but I just wasn't that tired. I sighed and looked out the window. it was a clear night and it didn't look that cold so I decided to take a walk. I grabbed my phone form the coffee table and put into my jeans pocket and hopped on my crutches out  I put one of my knitted sweaters on then my black winter-coat and shoes. I just needed to clear my head for a while. being cooped up in the house since I arrived a week ago wasn't that fun. 

I got out of the house and hopped carefully down the street to not fall over on the ice I couldn't see. I wanted to feel free, I wanted so much more.

I felt a bit guilty over that though, I have so much more than other in my age have. I have a successful career, a living family and awesome coworkers but it still just don't feel like it's enough.

I'm jealous of all of them, those who have settled down and just started the rest of their lives. but being such a public person and my image being this bubbly and positive and outgoing person made it difficult to actually be me because my feelings where different then the carefree person I usually am. 

I sighed entering the park a few blocks from my dads house. I knew that I was definitely going to pay in the morning for jumping around on the crutches for this long but for now I didn't really care.  

it was cold but not that cold this night and all I could think about was feeling sorry for myself. I needed to get a grip, I needed to get out of this funk. I needed to be better, I needed to be not alone. I never thought that I was going to be that guy that is in a room full of people but still feels alone. well in my case a stadium full om screaming fans, the boys in the band and the crew and my brothers, I still felt like I was alone in the world. 

up to this point I had made a pretty good job on hiding theses feeling since it was non of peoples  really. 

as I approached the familiar pond I noticed that I wasn't the only one up at this hour. I couldn't see who it was but I could see that it was a girl. her shoulders hunching over and the back of her neck exposed as her hair was tied up in a bun and her dress leaving the top of her back bare. she should have been cold but she looked like it was the last thing on her mind. she was crying, I could hear her from where i was standing, I didn't want to disturb her but I had this overwhelming feeling of wanting to protect her. no girl should ever have to be that upset. suddenly her sobs quiet down and her shoulders straighten and she leaned back against the bench. 


"do you mind if I join you?" I asked her just a few meters away from her.


her body jolted and her head snapped up looking towards me. her face was gorgeous even though her checks were wet from tears. her eyes were big and green and up close I could see that her hair was firely red. she nodded after looking me up and down assessing if I was a treat or not. 



"what made such a beautiful girl so sad?" I asked her feeling the need to know what made her that upset.

"I'm having a really bad day."she said and I could here that she was hesitant of telling a stranger her life story.

"it's cold, aren't you freezing?" I asked as being up close I could see the goosebumps forming on her bare arms.

"I left my house in a hurry." she whispered running her hands up and down her arms to warm herself.

"here take my jacket." I told her beginning to take my jacket of since that was the proper gentleman thing to do.

"no, then you will be cold." she said.

"I have a knitted sweater under this so I think I'll be fine." I said wanting to laugh but decided against it as I laid my jacket over her shoulders. 


we sat in silence looking over the pond. it was in the middle of the night and nobody was out here. The park was completely abandon at this time of night and the stars where glistening and the moon was lighting up the pond and lawn for us. she felt more real to me than any girl I had met lately. she seamed like a really nice and down to earth kind of girl. I didn't know her but I knew that she didn't deserve what ever had happen to her. 


"you're not gonna hurt me right?" she asked looking at me.

"I have a newly operated leg and I'm on crutches. you can out run me with no problem but you don't need to because I'm not going to." I smiled but understood that she had to ask.

"can we just sit here and don't talk for a minute?" she asked and looked into my eyes.

"sure." I said and we looked out over the pond.


it was silent, the silence calmed us down. at least that is what I felt. I had been out of the house for nearly over an hour and it was starting to get colder, it was neatly 2 am and I wasn't even tired yet. 

my phone vibrated and I fished it up from my jeans finding a text from my brother. 


Greg: where you at? dad's worried.


I sighed opening my phone to answer him. the thing was I didn't what to say. I didn't want to home yet and if I said I ws at the park then they would probably come get me with the car.


"you okay?" she asked.

"fine, just don't want to go home but my dad'd worried. apparently I'm not able to be alone for a few minutes." I sighed.

"I know the feeling." she sighed giving me a look like she knew exactly what I meant.


"I turned my phone of 30 minutes ago because someone couldn't take a hint." she said.

"I'm sorry." I told her.

"it's not your fault he cheated.. with my best friend.. in my bed.. on my birthday." she told me and I could see her eyes tearing up again.

"what a douche." I gasped hearing of what a dickhead her boyfriend was.

"yeah well it's a good thing he's my ex now. he just has to realize it too. I guess he never really loved me. he says he does but after this I don't trust him anymore." she whispered. 

"what an asshole, you're better of without that guy." I felt myself getting upset over this, like it was one of the first emotions that really griped me for a very very long time. 

"thanks." she gave me a small smile and it looked so genuine like she really appreciated that I thought her ex was a douche. 


she started to fumble with her phone, it started beeping a lot so I guess that she turned the phone back on. she sighed scrolling down some text messages she got. 


I"I guess I have to talk to him sometime right?" she asked looking at the screen that now lit up with the picture of some guy with the name carter and a heart.

"you don't have to do anything you don't want to love." I told her. 

"could you stay?" she asked.

"yeah of course." I told her and lean back against the bench and laid my arm over the backrest, the girl that I yet didn't knew the name of leaned forward and pressed the answer call button and pressed on the speaker.


"Emma, please. Listen to me it was a mistake. I love you. please come home. I'll wait here. We need to talk about this." the guy said.


Emma was her name, it suited her. she looked like an Emma. how a person could look like an name anyway. 


"Emma May please. I need to explain. please you have to forgive me." he nearly shouted sounding a bit aggravated, probably because he wasn't getting what he wanted.

"I don't have to do anything. leave my house Carter. if you are there when I get back i'm calling the police." Emma spoke clearly but you could hear that she was angry and meant it.

"Emma please give me a chance. I'll never do it again. it meant nothing. please." the guy named carter now shouted desperately.

"Goodbye Carter." Emma said and hung up.


I felt pride when she did that, like that was probably not something she would usually had done. she was brilliant and she smiled and let out a sigh of relieve before looking at me.


"I hung up on him." she said like she was shocked that she actually did that. 

"yeah, you where awesome." I told her and smiled one of those smiles that the fans always screamed so very load over. 

"thank you." she smiled.

"come on, I'll walk you home to make sure that guy isn't there." I said trying to stand up.

"you don't have to..." she started but I wouldn't let her finish.

"a cup of tea and a reason to not go home just yet and I'm good." I told her smiling again. 

"okay. but first give me your name?" she asked looking at me.

"you don't know my name?" I asked her and felt surprised.


every one in this town knew who I was, and a lot of people out in the world knew who I am. this girl seamed like she genuinely didn't know who I was and that was a strange feeling. I was so used to that everyone I talked to in some way knew who I was that I didn't even think twice about it anymore. that made me sound kind of like an douche but most people did know about me.


"I'm Niall." I told her, stretching out my hand for a handshake.

"nice to meet you Niall." she said smiling again.


we started to walk slowly and she lead the way to her house. It seamed like it wasn't that far from my dad's house actually so going home from there wasn't going to be any trouble I thought. we turned a street corner and she pointed at one of the houses a few gardens down telling me that that was her parents house.

She looked around nervously when we got to the house but nobody was there. I let out a sigh of relive on her part and stayed by the little white fence surrounding her garden.


"I do think you should come inside. he does know where we keep the spare key, besides I promised you a cup of tea." she blushed, actually blushed for real and she looked even more beautiful doing that.

"yeah, don't want to get into any troubles." I smiled at her, she never really promised me a cup of tea but I was glad she remembered.


jumping carefully up the small patio and up the two steps to her front door she looked around carefully before getting the spare key from under the doormat, opening the door and stepped aside to let me go in first. I looked around in the spacious hallway but couldn't see anyone. she closed the door behind us making a louder noise of it then she needed. I was jut about to go into what I assumed was the kitchen when I had to turn around and look at the guy running down the stairs. he must have been carter. 

Emma was standing next to me when the guy reached the hallway floor but he didn't look like he was that happy to see that she wasn't alone.


"who's he?" he shouted.

"I think she asked you to leave before she got home. I think this qualifies as a breaking and entering." I said looking at him making sure I had Emma safe behind me.

"Who do you think you are?" Carter hissed looking at me with a death glare.

"are you high?" Emma's eyes widens when she saw Carters face that had obvious signs of being not sober.

"Emma, call the police. you gave him a warning he didn't listen. go to the kitchen." I said.

"don't tell her what to do, she is my girlfriend." Carter shouted breathing hard.


Emma was slowly backing of towards the kitchen with her phone against her ear. she looked scare and I couldn't blame her. 


"I think it's time for you to leave. you have 10 minutes before the police is here." I said calmly. 

"you are not the boss of me." he said and tried to walk pass me, but even tough I had a bad knee I was not going to let this guy hurt Emma.

"the police is on their way." Emma said from the kitchen door looking at the both of us. 

"Em, I just need to explain, it meant nothing. she means nothing to me. Please forgive me. please." he pleaded and I guess that this guy knew what he was suppose to say.


I shook my head at him knowing that he was lying his as off for her but I knew that Emma needed to tell him off by herself. so I kept quiet then but I could hear the sirens in the background coming closer. Carter was drunk and he was so focused on getting Emma to talk to him that he didn't noticed that. he kept trying get to her. 


"Emma, go to the bathroom and lock yourself in there until the police get here okay." I said looking at her when I noticed that Carter was getting more antsy and antsy meant unpredictable and I didn't want her to get hurt.


Emma rushed towards the bathroom door when Carter got passed me, the only reason she got inside of it in time was that I managed to trip him with my crutch. I could hear the sirens just outside the house now so I jumped over to the door to let the officers inside. 

after that it all happened so fast. the police officers asked what happened all the while Cater was ignoring them pounding on the door to get Emma to open it. I explained the little I knew about the situation and that Emma didn't want him here and that she had told him to leave. I was thankful that one of the officers where one of Greg's old classmates. we remained calm all while Carter kept getting more and more angry. lastly Carter kicked the door so hard that it broke. the officers got a hold on him putting him in cuffs reading him his rights and apologized to Emma that was finally able to get out of the bathroom and stood by me as one of the officers got Carter out to the car and the first one took a statement from her. 

just 20 minutes later it was all quiet again and Emma sat down in the stairwell. 


"I'm so sorry." she whispered and hid her face in her hands.

"it's okay. this is not your fault." I told her.

"no it's not okay." she sighed.

"come on lets get some tea." I said holding my hand out to pull her up.

"yeah." she said standing up holding on to my hand without pulling me down since I was balancing on one leg.

"when are your parents coming home? do you have anyone to call to not be alone?" I asked her as we walked into the kitchen.

"they aren't. they are in Dubai I think. work trip. the only one else to call from Carter was Sierra. and I'm not calling her." Emma said fixing two cups of tea for us.

"do you want me to stay? I can stay on the couch if you don't want to be alone?" I asked her looking at her like she was going to break down any minute.

"you wouldn't mind?" she asked ans looked so hopeful I couldn't do anything else but to shake my head letting her know that it was fine.


She smiled and looked thankfully into my eyes. it was like I was drowning in her eyes. it as like for the first time in months I felt something else other than sorry for myself. I just knew that I  had to hold on to that feeling. I just hoped that she was wanted me too.


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