Summer Riddle never fitted in, she got expelled from various schools across America. She can also speak to certain animals.

When Summer moves to another school, in England, she finds out things she never saw coming. She met someone that left her life at the beginning...someone famous.

Has Hogwarts given her the life she's always wanted? Or has is sealed her fate forever?


2. Talking Hats

I put all the little belongings I had in a small cheap bag that was sitting on my bed.

"Your leaving so soon? It's such a shame, I was just beginning to think that you weren't 'you know who's' decent." Isabelle said from across the room.

"What the hell? I am not related to him!? Who gave you that awful idea?" I yelled at her. She smirked at me again.

"You did. Summer Riddle; Tom Riddle. You know idiot." She mumbled the last part. I ignored her and put my wand in the sleeve of my boot. I pulled the bag over my arm and went to walk out the dorm door.

"Bye bye Death Eater." She waved me of. That's when I lost it.

I stopped dead in my tracks and just stared ahed, worried that if I looked her she would burst into a million flames. I flexed my knuckles slightly. That's when the bunk above Isabelle fell flat onto her and it seemed like she was crushed.

I turned to look at her when I heard he blood curling scream. I froze at the sight. I heard footsteps rushing into the room from behind me. A few other girls went to lift the bed of her. I rushed right out of the dorm then, running strait into the Head Masters office.

"Miss! Isabelle...I swear..." I started.

"Miss Riddle, it's okay. We have the situation under control. You won't be punished, since you are not in my control anymore." She said with a smile. Huh?

"Wait. What?" I asked, shocked. Just then a man stepped into the room from a door behind her, the teachers lounge. He was huge, and I mean huge. Like he was a giant or something, I've never actually seen a giant by the way. He had a big scruffy dark beard and bushy hair to match it. His clothes looked like they hadn't been washed in weeks.

"'Ello Miss Riddle. I'm 'Agrid. I will be accompanying you to Hogwarts." He said. His accent British and not pronouncing some of the words properly.

"Uh, hi. I'm Summer." I said. He turned to Miss Hennings.

"Thank you very much. We'll be off now." He smiled.

"Bye now. Have a nice trip." She grinned at me. She was please to rid of me. The man, Hagrid, walked out the door. I followed him as we walked out the school. I stopped when I saw the vehicle he was hopping on. It was a motorbike with a side car.

"Well. Ya gettin in?" He asked. He had places some goggles over his eyes.

"That won't get us to England." I said. Why can't we use brooms?

"It will. It's flys. Now get in." I listened and jumped in the side car.

"No belts?" I asked. There was noting to keep me in the side car, or my luggage.

"Nope. Now off we go." He turned the motorbike on and within moments we were zooming down the school driveway. This isn't flying. Hagrid then pressed a button on the bike and we instantly levitated. I couldn't stop the smile from spreading across my face. This is amazing. Riding by broom is better but only if it isn't old, and all the ones I have used were almost 20 years old.

About an hour later we were nearing the English Coast. I could see all the hills and sights. It was also cold. Very cold.

Half an hour after that we started slowing. We tapped to the floor behind a building in a city I think.

"Hagrid, where are we?" I asked.

"London. You will need to hop on the Hogwarts Express from here. I will lead you to the train. C'mon." Hagrid jumped off the bike and I followed closely behind him. We came up to a platform. Platform nine.

"Right. You need to go to platform 9 and three quarters." Hagrid said.

"What? Okay then. Where's that?" I asked. Hagrid just pointed at a pillar that was in-between 9 and 10. I looked at him questioningly.

"Run at the pillar. Trust me." He smiled brightly. I am a stupid person so, of course, I didn't think twice. I ran at the pillar head first. To my surprise I didn't feel my head explode into a thousand pieces. I opened my eyes to find myself on a crowded platform. There was a beautiful steam train in front of me that said HOGWARTS EXPRESS on it. I saw a sight that said platform nine and tree quarters. I looked around for Hagrid.

Where is he? Did he come through?

Just then the train whistled signalling that it was about to leave. I rushed past a family that was saying goodbye to their children, they all seemed to be strangely ginger, and onto the train when I found the nearest entrance. It started moving as soon as I jumped on. I stood at the doorway whilst the train whizzed along.

"Excuse me? I don't think that's safe." A voice from behind. I turned round to be faced with a boy, I say boy I mean young man. He had dark black-brown hair that was sticking up in places and he was wearing rounded glasses. I had to say he was pulling of the nerd look pretty well.

"Hello?" He said again.

"Oh sorry. No it's not." I replied. I shut the door quickly and secured the bag on my shoulder.

"Is that all your stuff?" He asked in his British accent.

"Yeah. It is." I said. There were people pushing up and down the train shoving the boy about.

"Watch it Potter." A boy shouted. We both ignore the comments.

"So...what's ya name?" I asked.

"Harry. Harry Potter. You?" He said holding his hand for me to shake. Harry Potter? As in the boy who lived? Oh my God. Act natural.

"Summer. Summer...Riddle." I hesitated.

People don't react well with my name. Even if it has nothing to so with Tom Riddle.

I took Harry's hand and shook it.

"Your name...um..." He started, looking for words.

"It's got nothing to do with Tom Riddle. Just a coincidence." I finished for him. He just nodded his head.

"Well. I'll be off then. Might have a look around." I said.

"Wait. You probably shouldn't do that. We haven't got the nicest kids in our school." He said.

Yeah. Cause I'm nice.

"They can't be as bad as me." I shrugged.

"Trust me. They can."

Trust me. They can't.

"Okay. Do I just stand here then?" I asked.

"No. Come sit with me." Before I could protest Harry was walking off into a sitting compartment. Ooh they have slidy doors. I followed him in.

There were two other people in there with him.

"Guy, this is Summer. Summer, this is Ron and Hermione." Harry introduced us.

"Uh. Hi." I said. The girl, Hermione, stood up and shook my hand.

"Hi." She was being polite. I have learnt to see people emotions in their eyes. She doesn't like me. Judgemental.

"Hey." The ginger boy said. He had the same scruffiness and ginger hair as the family I passed. Must be his family.

Harry took my hand and dragged me down to sit next to him, opposite the other two. He took my small bag and put it in a compartment above our heads.

"Anything from the trollie?" A woman asked. I looked up to see an old woman at the sliding door with a trolly full of all the sweets you could think of. They even have Bertie Bots every flavoured beans! My faivorate.

Ron and Harry both jumped up and went to the trolly. They came back and Harry had piled the sweets up on the side. Ron, on the other hand, only had a few chocolate frogs and some sizzling candy thing I haven't seen before.

"Didn't want anything?" Hermione asked.

"I don't have any money." I said. Yes, I have never owned a penny in my life. Who cares.

"What? But how are you going to go to Hogsmead?" Ron asked, mouth full of candy.

"First, you tell me. Second, where?" They all looked at me with shocked expression.

They all then explained that Hogsmead was probably the best place to go for candy, tricks, or butter beer. It sounds amazing.

"Oh well. I will live." I shrugged.

"Your accent is so cool by the way." Ron said.

"Thanks. Yours too." I replied. Thease are probably the first friends I have ever had. Evan if they don't all like me.

"Summer, come look." Harry said as he pulled my wrist to the window.

I could only just see a castle in the distance. It was huge. But I couldn't see any proper features.

"No the best view." I said.

"Don't worry, you'll see it in a bit. We should get changed into our robes." He said.

"I don't have robes." I said.

"Have a look in your bag." Hermoinie said as she pulled on a black robe and a red and gold tie. They were all wearing the same robes by now.

I dug through my bag to find a simple black robe. There wasn't a colour theme like there was on their robes, just black. I pulled them on quickly and put my bag back around my arm.

"Leave your bag here. It will be on your bed later." Ron said. I obeyed and placed my bag back in the over head compartment.

I followed the three off the train at to a big black cart. It was a wagon, a horse pulled one. Only there was no horse. I jumped on and sat next to Harry.

"Hey Neville." Harry said.

"Hi Harry, who's this?" The boy asked whom was sitting across from me. He had a bit of a baby face and he seemed like he would be the dippy one.

"This is Summer, she's been transferred from America." Harry said. Neville held his hand for me to shake, I didn't really want to but it would be rude not to.

"Hi Summer. I'm Neville, this here is Luna." Neville nudged a girl sitting next to her, she had bright white hair.

"Oh, hello there." She smiled at me. Her voice made her sound like she was away with the fairies, she looked it too.

"New friend Potter? Looks like she would suit your little...what would you call it? Rat collection?" A boy shouted from the ground. He had white hair, a bit like Luna's, looked bleached. He looked a bit ratty but in a cute way.

"Get lost Malfoy." Harry shouted back. 'Malfoy' looked at me for a second.

"I wouldn't hang with them lot if I were you, their trouble, and a load of losers. Hanging with us would be a lot more fun." He winked at me. I gave him a fake smile and quickly took my wand from my boot. I flicked it and a small amount of water went gushing towards his face, it stopped inches from his eyes and fell to the floor.

"Try again next time honey." I winked at him before turning my back to him. The carriage started moving before he could say anything else.

"You stood up to Draco Malfoy." Neville said, dazed.

"Hey! I stand up to him all the time!" Hermionie snapped.

"Yeah but you never leave him dazed like she did." Ron added.

"I did last year! You know, the year we met a were-wolf? I punched him?! Oh my god people." She sulked in the corner glaring at me.

"I don't think your girlfriend likes me." I whispered to Harry.

"Whow, she is not my girlfriend. She's my best friend." He corrected me. Before I said anything else a light court my eye. I looked up to see a huge medeivile looking castle. It was beautiful, towers and windows...how do I explain it? It was amazing!

Just then a pitch black owl flew down from one of the towers, and landed on my shoulder.

"Hi Lilly." I said stroking my birds feathers.

"Lilly?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, I like the name. She was cheap so my foster parents bought her for me." I explained.

"Foster parents?" He seemed shocked.

"Yeah, but don't be surprised. I've been in foster care for as long as I can remember." I say.

The carriage then stopped in front of a huge entrance to the castle...school.

We all jumped off and I followed them in.

"Miss Riddle!" Someone called my name. I turned to see an old woman trying to get her way to me through the sea of students. I went over to her leaving Harry and the others.

Oh well. I have survived this long.

"Miss Riddle? Please wait with me. I am Professor Magonagol. You will be sorted into your house in a moment." She said. Great. Stuck with an old lady.

In the sea of students I noticed one in pertucular, Malfoy. Draco Malfoy. Our eyes met for a second before he rushed off into the room everyone was going to.

Once everyone was in the room, we waited for a moment. Then the big doors opened once again. Professor Magonagol lead my into the hall. It was huge, there were four tables going vertically down the hall full of students and one horizontally at the front with all the teachers I presumed.

All eyes in the hall were on me. I spotted Harry, Ron and Hermione on the table to my left as I went past. Harry gave me a smile while Ron and Hermione just stared along with everyone else.

I was stopped at the end of the hall where there was a stool, and an ugly hat placed on top of it. Professor what's her face with a long name took the hat and looked at me expectantly. I went and sat on the stool assuming this was a meeting ritual or something. Professor Magoragol placed the hat on my head.

"Oh wow. That is very interesting. Hmm. You would go well in Gryffindor definatly. But your blood calls other wise. That is a hard desistion. I haven't had a head like this since Potter." A voice said. It was from above me? What? Oh gosh. It's the hat isn't it. Oh! The legendary sorting hat. Duh. Wait did he say Potter? Harry?

"I think it will have to be..." I looked over to Harry. He had his fingers crossed hopefully. I wander if he wants me in his house or not? Maybe I will ask him later.

"Slytherin!" The hat shouted. Harry's face fell and he slumped back round to face Ron and Hermione. The hall erupted in applause.

Slytherin. I wander if there is any special reason I was placed in Slytherin...

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