Summer Riddle never fitted in, she got expelled from various schools across America. She can also speak to certain animals.

When Summer moves to another school, in England, she finds out things she never saw coming. She met someone that left her life at the beginning...someone famous.

Has Hogwarts given her the life she's always wanted? Or has is sealed her fate forever?


3. Slytherin

Once I was seated at Slytherin table, next to Harry's and Draco is in Slytherin, a man with a really cool long silver beard made a speech.

"Welcome students, for some back to Hogwarts, and welcome first years. I must remind you that the dark forest is strictly forbidden to anyone who still has the will to live. And with that, enjoy."

As he said that, the table in front of me became full with food. Everything you could think of; Turkey, beef, potatoes even carrots! Everyone dug in.

When it seemed like I couldn't eat anymore, the food disappeared and in its place dessert had appeared! I went strait for the chocolate cake.

I took a proper look around the great hall to see that the wall was lined with candles and different coloured flags. Above our table was a green and silver flag with a snake on it. That's funny, I wander if the snake...never mind.

The food soon then disappeared and the man with a big beard stood again.

"Prefects will show first years to the common rooms now." He said. Then the hall erupted in chatter as everyone stood up and headed to exit the hall. I had no idea where I was going so I just followed the crowd.

Then I realised, they are all going in different directions. Damn it. As I was looking around hopelessly someone grabbed my wrist and I was pulled into a direction with the crowd.

"Told you, should have stayed with me." He said. It was Draco.

"Yeah, but then I would have to put the effort into getting out the carriage." I said. That made him chuckle.

"So where are we going?" I asked.

"The common room, it's in the dungeons." He said.


"It's not bad at all. I first thought it would be terrible but it's nice." He said.

"Well that good." I said sarcastically.

"Are you a pure blood?" He asked me.

"I don't know. Never met my parents. I like to think I am. Are you?" I asked.

"Of course. What happened to your parents?"

"All I know is that my mother died at child birth and my farther left when he found out she was pregnant." I explained.

"Oh. Sorry." He seemed guilty.

"No, it's cool. Sorry for, ya know threatening you and all." I hated apologising for things but he seemed a nice kid.

"No that's okay. I'm sure you can repay me." He grinned. Evilly. Okay, he's planning something. I will be ready.

"Here we are." We stopped at a wall. He turned to it.

"Parsolmouth." He said. The wall then split and opened up to a well light room. It seemed fairly old but in a modern way? It was filled with students all now staring at me.

"Hi." I said. Just then two boys jumped out and I felt a gush of water to my face. Malfoy.

Draco was now with the two boys and everyone was doubled over with laughter.

Right then, that's how's it's gonna be is it? Well what should the punishment be? Bitten by a snake? Burned in flames? The torture curse?

Na, let's be nice.

I took my wand from my pocket and muttered a word under my breath, then a few spiders went flying over to Draco and his friends. They were now covered in spiders and flailing their arms around.

"The last thing you want to do is prank me." I say. There was a few bags and things by the fire place.

"Are these mine?" I asked anyone.

"Yeah." A girl said.

"Okay. Where do I take them?" I asked again. A smallish girl with a piggish face and black short hair came up to me and grabbed one bag. She made her way to a small staircase, I followed with the other bags.

We entered a room with about 10 beds in it, at the end of each bed was a chest. There was one bed next to the window that had an empty chest.

"I'm guessing this is mine." I said. The girl nodded her head and left the room again. I unpacked the bags into the chest.

The bags contained of more robes and scarves and gloves and books I need. There was the constant colour theme of green and silver.

Once the bags were unloaded I noticed my small bag siting on the bed. I unpacked that as well and put it all in the chest.

I like this place, it's nice and old. It's better then my last schools.

I sat on my bed and took my journal out of my bag, it was a simple book; black cover and parchment paper. What made my journal special was that when I wrote an entry, when I had finessed it would disappear. It's great.

After about half an hour of writing, some girls had come up and gone to sleep, including the pig faced one. I put my journal away and wriggled into my pyjamas. I got into bed and let the darkness take over me.

I could tell this school was going to be a challenge.

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