More Than Love

Annabel is an 17 year old girl. She lives in Rochester, New York. She goes to school with only and always one thing on her mind. Aaron Peters. She has loved him since the first grade, but he doesn't know that. Let alone know her at all. She is a ghost to him, maybe even non existing in his world. Can Annabel change that to be with her true love after all? Or will she be in second place behind Aaron's dream girl Taylor Haft.


1. My Ordinary Days

Chapter One

   "Annabel...... Annabel Todd" Mrs. Crain says. "What is the propose of this story?" asked Mrs. Crain. "Well, I don't really know." I said nervously. "Of course, Taylor Haft, what is the answer?" "The meaning is too pay attention so you don't end up like Annabel." Taylor said smartly.

   Ugh, Taylor Haft. She is my arch enemy. I hate her even more than she hates me. She thinks she is all that because of reputation. Her parents are the head of the biggest car brand here in the U.S., she is the most popular girl in the school, and on top of that, her boyfriend (not actually but they sure act like it). is Aaron Peters.Why does she get the Aaron Peters. Oh, and btw, he is my dream guy, but I've never talked to him, so I doubt I exist in anything going on in his little, cute, adorable head.

   So here is the story, he came here in the second grade, at first we were best friends, until Taylor came and ripped that friendship up. When that happened, he was now her best friends with her and are now happily ever after. While I am over here dreaming about what could of happened if we stayed best friends and left Taylor in my position. We could of been best friends to this day, or even better, dating! Now I won't know. Well that is what it feels like to have your dreams ruined by Taylor Haft. But, you know, it is my fault for trying to become friends with someone, it always turns out horribly and it never lasts. I will now, since the day is over, go to the only place where I am excepted. My little corner seat at the Café on the corner.



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