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1. Slender

Sometimes, I look back at the middle of eighth grade, and the only thing I can think to myself is "Slender started it."

Now, for a little storytime before I get into the review. When I was in fifth grade, I had a repeating nightmare (I wrote a poem about it if you want to check it out) for three months. It turned me away from the horror genre for three years.

Then, in December 2012, a friend introduced me to the Creepypasta universe.

The only Creepypasta that really caught my attention was the Slenderman. I did constant research on him (I still don't know that much) for about a month before my friend put Slender on my flash drive as something of an early birthday present.

I was hooked almost immediately.

My playing of the game progressed from a round a day during ASC (study hall), then during Journalism, then in the dead of night at home.

Eventually, I had the guts to play it one night, home alone, with a blizzard raging outside.

Oh, and did I mention I live in the woods?

Mercifully, I didn't have nightmares that night. (Actually, I don't dream at all, but whatever)

And now I love horror and paranormal comedy. Amnesia, Stephen King, Poltergeist, Tim Burton, you name it.


ATMOSPHERE: 10/10. Truly terrifying, with fog, little to no light, and surrounded by abandoned vehicles and buildings. It's a setting where you'd already feel uncomfortable. Oh, and those godforsaken bathrooms are bloody scary.

CHARACTER: 7/10. Slendy is scary, with his lack of a face, tall stature, suit that already makes me squirm, pale skin, and goddamn tentacles. Your player character - a young girl - however, has no dialogue and less personality than a brick.


BACKGROUND SOUND: 10/10. At first, it's nothing. A steady beat. Then, as the game progresses and tension rises... it really gets to you. Plus, the BOOM! you hear when Slendy is about to catch you - though it offers a warning when you can't see him - can make you jump out of your seat and soil your pants.

OVERALL SCORE: 37/40 stars

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