The Fallen Angel

This is all about a girl that was blessed with such godly powers .. The Fallen angels and the angels need to protect this girl against the Demons .. Long ago the Fallen angels and the angels used to fight but then after decades of fighting , since they were evenly matched with each other.. They decided not to fight anymore but to become one.. Once the Demons gets this girl they can have the chance to rule the Angels and destroy them with one command


3. The Prince of the Dark Angels

I feel so stupid.. Why didn't i noticed that he did had a crush on me and he really cared about me. What kind of friend am i to him? Zayden's lips are bleeding heavily, i rush to the clinic , i ask the school nurse if i can have a small piece of bandage and some cotton balls, she want me to tell why i need it. So i told her what happened, she thinks that Xavier should f chanbe in detention for hitting a fellow classmate , i said that we should just let it go, he just misunderstood that's all. So i rush back to the terrace of the school.


"Zayden how come your dark angel wings aren't showing?" i said while wiping some blood out of his lips," We angels have a powers that can turn us to humans and if you concentrate well enough you can turn your self to an angel or a human. But before you could ever do that you must be one of the Royals, well since we know each other for a while i think i might have to say this sooner or later, and i decide that i should tell it now. I'm Zayden , Prince of the Dark angels But my father King Sole agreed that the Dark angels and the angels will join forces to defeat the demons. When my father died , your father was incharge.  So your father has nothing to do but to do all the duties of My father and his duties, he's a hardworking man. But he sent you to earth not because he dosen't like you ."


"It's because he didn't want the demons to capture you and killed you in such a young age, so he changed you into a human for only temporary , and only you can change back to an angel, your father didn't really ordered me to just protect you , he wanted me to marry you but. I don't want to , i mean your not going to be happy when you get to a force marriage to me ,so i just waste the chance and let other people / angels have you. Instead of me ."


After i was done wiping the blood off he suddenly cup my face, starting to pull my face closer to his. He then kissed me on the lips , i can feel his warm lips touching mine .After a minute, he then put his hands on my waste and starting to pull me closer to him , then he let me go, " You know i fell inlove with you." i then started to blush i stared at him for a moment." I-i-i-i-imm in love with you too.." when suddenly we heard someone clapping," Oh look, what do we have here . A prince and a princess, looks like i've reached the jackpot, back of prince ill be taking the princess now . I know you don't want me to hurt her so step away." This guy has brown hair and eyes.


" But first let me introduce myself your highness, i am Kevin from the demons, used to be Zayden's brother but he betrayed us , just to have the princess around his arms fooled, not knowing that he was just using you as a toy , so that he can just destroy us, he dosen't even likes you princess, don't you get it? he's just using you like a doll. And when he's done with you he'll leave you alone, like a torn toy thrown into the garbage." He laughs then leaves the school with a blink of an eye.


I looked at Zayden and i kept on thinking on what the Demon said , he's just using me? he only wants to use me he never liked me. Im so stupid, wanted to go home then cry myself to death. I'm experiencing so much pain, first my best friend Xavier hates me then i fell inlove with someone that is just using me for my powers..






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