The Fallen Angel

This is all about a girl that was blessed with such godly powers .. The Fallen angels and the angels need to protect this girl against the Demons .. Long ago the Fallen angels and the angels used to fight but then after decades of fighting , since they were evenly matched with each other.. They decided not to fight anymore but to become one.. Once the Demons gets this girl they can have the chance to rule the Angels and destroy them with one command


2. Jealousy

I can't sleep, i feel scared even though Zayden is beside me. I feel incomplete , i'm still hugging Zayden. I'm thinking about what the guy said earlier, " Love, Lost and Loneliness." I kinda have a crush on both of Xavier and Zayden i wonder who will be my love.. I fell asleep. I dreamed that i was on a top floor of a building and i was holding a black feather , i was cornered by Demons but it's kinda weird, they all look the same , they kept on saying " Love, Lost and Loneliness."again and again, i kept on wondering where Zayden is. He is my protector he should be there on my dream, protecting me and fighting those Demons. Then suddenly my hand was bleeding i saw a mark on my palm, it was the same mark as Zayden's eye mark, i'm at the very edge of the building and i'm going to fall anytime . If they step any closer i can fall off this 10 story building , then i saw another Demon , except he looks different , he has horns unlike all the Demons i saw, he is the only Demon i saw with horns, He has Red hair and black eyes.


He kept on glaring at me then he grins steps closer  to me, now he is close to me , face to face. He holds my hand and pulled me near the Demons , i kept on resisting but he is very powerful . I lost my powers then i started to have problems , i can't breathe , the world is spinning and getting blurry. I fainted, all i can feel is the cold hard ground i can feel my hand being pulled. I woke up tied up once again, same spot and same place. Except Zayden was infront of me also tied up, covered with blood and wounds and i saw a knife sticking out of his chest . He's still alive , i can hear him breathing , then the Demon with the horns came closer to me and cup my face and turned it up , im looking at him ," What such beauty , Zayden was right you are really beautiful. Too bad Zayden going to die soon, your little pet will die soon right infront of you.  But first let me introduce my self to you princess. I am Kyle, Prince of the Demons." Then suddenly his face changed , Red hair , horns, black eyes except his right has a scar .


He also has fangs, he then goes closer to Zayden, i started crying," Don't kill him , you Demon !! Why are you doing this to him what did he do to you , for him to deserve this?!!" He looked back , laughs, " Oh princess he only killed my mother , and you ask me why im doing this?!! Its because he never really became an angel , i just revived him from the dead so that he can spy and somehow find the weakness of your father so i can kill him and capture you to destroy all the Angels ." He grabs and pulls out the knife sticking out of Zayden's chest , i can see Zayden acting like he didn't feel the pain ," Don't do it!! I'll do anything just let him go !!." He then throws the knife to the wall." Anything huh?? Marry me Princess and together we'll be the strongest couple."


Then suddenly everything was black, my dream was over i woke up .


I got ready for school, i looked at the bed Zayden wasn't there , perhaps father command him to report what happened. I'll see him later anyways, I finished preparing already bathed , so i went outside , lock the door and waited at the bus stop.

The bus came and i entered the bus , so noisy everybody talking to their seat mates, i saw Xavier sitting alone so i sat beside him, as i always do . Then talked to him, he remain silent for about 5 minutes then asks me this," Charlotte do you like anyone?" since he is my best friend i can't lie to him ," Yes i like a guy named Zayden." his hands became a fist ," Oh thats good for you.." Im starting to worry whats wrong with him. We arrived at school , he didn't walk with me , he ran into our classroom,  i heard that there was 2 new students at class.


I'm at the classroom , Xavier is not talking to his bestfriend Joseph, he just sits there and look outside . The new students came in and both sits beside me , ending up, that i was in the middle of them. One has red hair, black eyes and the other one has brown  hair , blue eyes. Both are guys. Mr. Holland comes to the classroom and made the 2 new students stand up and introduce themselves to us." I am Henry " Red hair black eyes and charmingly sharp eyes. " I am Louise " Brown hair blue eyes


( I won't be writing lectures in this story, we all know how boring to describe a lecture especially when its all about geometry)


Then suddenly Zayden walks into the room , Mr. Holland made him stand up infront of us and introduce himself ," I am Zayden." I was shocked to see him.


~Lunch Time~


Me and Xavier always eat lunch at the terrace of the school, because we know its quiet there and windy , i invited Zayden there to eat with me and Xavier, Zayden is holding my hand , then suddenly Xavier stood up, then punched Zayden in the face , causing Zayden's lips to bleed ." You never cared about me Charlotte!!! don't tell me you don't know i have a crush on you ?!! How f*cking stupid can you be?!! I'd rather stab myself rather than seeing the two of you together !! BullSh*t." Then Xavier left ragingly ....

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