The water was always her first love. Fire was her enemy. But united, what is the consequence? Will she burn and will he drown...


5. Seeking



Brady continued to tell me about her. Her name is Kya Stern and she was crazy. The surroundings blurred past the window as we drove down country lanes, the bus creaking every now and then at the corners. While I had been standing next to Kya I had taken in her features. The high defined cheekbones and the delicate chin. Her pale features looked as if they had been hand crafted and her face was a perfect heart-shape. I never heard i her speak and she never opened here eyes. I wanted to see her eyes. Her long strawberry-blonde her was left long and wavy. I was brought back to reality by Brady telling me about his school and what it was like. I was new and was accustomed to it but Brady was an old friend. The bus trundled to a stop. I stood up, grabbed my bag and followed Brady. I walked down the stairs of the bus and looked around. My skin was crawling and i felt uncomfortable. A petite brunette approached me and smiled a smile she assumed was seductive.                                "Hi there. You must be new. I am Tiegan. You must be Marcus!" Tiegan was pretty and she seemed nice so I smiled.                                                                                                                                                  "Hello. It is nice to meet you. And yes i am Marcus!" She giggled and this caught Brady's attention. They continued to go onto a conversation and we were slowly swallowed up by the crowds...

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