The water was always her first love. Fire was her enemy. But united, what is the consequence? Will she burn and will he drown...


16. Regretting


The bus was nearly full when I got on it. So I went to find a seat. I looked back towards the cafe and thought about Marcus's confused expression as I left. He had wanted to know me. And I had panicked. He made me feel comfortable and i was afraid of that. By the time I had pondered over my muddled thoughts, I was at my bus stop. Saying thank you to the driver, I got off the bus and stepped into the cool, evening air. The pavement was empty. My house was located in one of the outer hamlets of the town. No one came here and that's why it is the perfect location. I began the ten minute trek towards the tucked away 3 storey country house that i call home. It had a very traditional and beautiful exterior looking like every little girls perfect, princess house. Not mine. If every little girl knew what it was like living in that house, they would have second thoughts. My mother had employed several gardeners to cope with the extensive grounds that surrounded it. The back of the house was my favourite. The modern extension my father had added was perfect. Wall-length windows looked over the beach and beyond. Our private beach. I paused before heading around the side of the house to the family entrance. 

Opening the back door, I saw my mother talking on the phone, leaning against the kitchen counter. I through her a forced smile. No smiles came back my way. Dropping my bag on one of the bar stools, I made my way into the living room. Chase was watching The Simpsons on the huge TV we had.  The corner settee was over stuffed with cushions and i sank down on it. 

"Hey." Chase grinned, looking away from the screen. We had the same green eyes but his hair was darker than mine. I smiled at him, unable to stop my lip from quivering.

"Oh, Kya. What happened this time?" He asked, pity in his eyes. I hated being pitied. I opened my mouth but know words left it. "You know, you have come to the right person. Chase Stern's therapy company has reopened and tonight's methods include quad-biking and a Fish and Chips takeaway.

Smiling, I said "Well I do like quadbiking, but you are a terrible therapist." He laughed, dragged me onto my feet and threw me over his shoulder. Whacking his back, I squealed. Chase then ran through the kitchen, where our mother shot us daggers of dissapproval. Opening the door the the shed, he finally put me down. Flicking the light switch, he made the darkness disappear. 

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