The water was always her first love. Fire was her enemy. But united, what is the consequence? Will she burn and will he drown...


13. Playing



Kya laughed as I continued to drag her down the street. She let me. I knew where we were going. When we pulled up outside cafe we both looked at each other and laughed. Opening the door for her, she stepped inside and looked around. The Bean Bar had belonged to my Aunt Aubrey for years. That's why we moved down here to Devon. She had had leukaemia now for a year and she needed help with the cafe. I approached the bar with Kya at my side. I liked that.

"Marcus!!" My sisters voice chimed as I turned to see her come barrelling through the kitchen door. My sister Willow was 16 but a few months younger than me. She will always be my baby sister. She made her way over and wrapped her arms around me. When she stood back, she noticed Kya.

"Hello." Willow said in way of introduction. She isn't really a people person but she was comfortable around me.

"Hi. I'm Kya, Marcus's friend." Kya replied and her voice was gentle. I continued to stare at her. Hearing someone clear their throat behind me, I tore my eyes off Kya.

"Kya, this is my sister Willow." I turned to look at Willow and noticed the knowing glint in her eyes. Willow looked satisfied with this introduction and offered Kya a drink. I interrupted and told Willow we would order later. Willow shrugged, mumbled a goodbye to Kya and disappeared back through the door she same out from. 

"You look like your sister you know." Kya surprised me by saying. I smiled back at her.

"How so?" She blushed before replying.

"You have the same easy smile and your face is the same shape. She has greener eyes than you but you can still see the resemblance. Your hair is the same same shade of light brown but your has lighter highlights towards the front..." Her eyes were staring at the top of my head softly as she trailed off. Those green eyes drifted down to meet mine and we stood like this for a few moments. Our bodies almost touching, facing each other. I realized where we were and without saying a thing, I led her over to my favourite booth that looked out onto the busy street outside. She turned to stare at passers by and I stared with her.

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