The water was always her first love. Fire was her enemy. But united, what is the consequence? Will she burn and will he drown...


9. Leaving


"Hello Kya. How are you, dear?" She asked in her kind tone of voice. I could tell she cared for Kya. Kya finished replying but I didn't hear what she said. The whole world around me had faded away. She pulled back and I let my arm drop. Mrs Merriot was leaving the room. Kya looked into my eyes once more before quietly saying goodbye. Then she turned and left. Leaving me with only the memory of her touch...

After a moment sitting there, in the darkness I was ready to go. I also then turned to leave. The green of her eyes never left me. Stop it! I told myself. I only just met her and I needed to get over that. She seemed so familiar. A thought crept into my mind. Was I maybe freaking her out? I mean who wouldn't after a complete stranger just randomly turned up as a hero. i pushed that thought away, tuned and left and shut the door on my way out.

I managed to arrive at my next in reasonable time thanks to my new map. I had History. Great. I knocked on the door and pushed it open. A dozen eyes flew to me and I awkwardly looked for the teacher.  A female sternly told me off for being late and gave me the 'i know you are new but this not tolerated'. I apologized and made my way over to my assigned seat next to Lee. He had a curious look in his eye and I prepared myself for the questions. Once I had put my bag down, I got out my things. He opened his mouth to speak and while keeping my head facing forward I said,

"Don't ask me about it now. Ask me at lunch." Although I had said it with a firm tone to my voice, Lee opened his mouth to speak again and an angry look I shot at him. I looked ahead once again and focused on the lesson. Lee's suspecting glance settled on me and I continued to ignore it.



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