The water was always her first love. Fire was her enemy. But united, what is the consequence? Will she burn and will he drown...


17. Excercising


The rain was beating down when I woke up. I rose from my bed and staggered over to the curtains. Throwing them open, I saw the ground flooded with puddles. The early morning sun was pushing its way through the clouds. Yawning, Willow made her way into my room. 

"So you never really told me why Kya, the only girl you have ever brought home with you may I add, left yesterday." She said quizzically. I returned her questioning gaze and said as honestly as I could.

"I honestly do not know." Willow thoughts about this for a minute before turning to leave. My room suddenly became colder, uncomfortable, so I got changed for my run and stepped out onto the landing. 

The kitchen was dark when I arrived downstairs. No one was here. I preferred it like this. Grabbing some squash from the cupboard, I put it into a water bottle and turned to the back door. Stepping out into the morning breeze, I turned to look up at the house. It was modern and a clone of the same houses either side of it and across from it. This road was a picturesque location. The beach down the steps through the dunes and the town at the end of it. The beach was where I was headed for. I liked the raw strength of the waves and I preferred being alone. Accelerating into a run, I picked up speed and headed towards the cliffs. On my way, I turned to look up at the looming country house that sat a top its perch. It was magnificent. I bet whoever lived there was rich and perfect. Perfect house, perfect family. The house really did give a person that kind of impression. The waves crashed behind me and so I turned to jog down the beach towards a point that looked like some kind of rodent strangely. Fall Out Boy was singing about Death Valley in my ears but out of the mind I heard somebody come down the steps of the house.

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