The water was always her first love. Fire was her enemy. But united, what is the consequence? Will she burn and will he drown...


11. Defending


After dodging all questions hurled at me at lunch, I was glad to get away. The minute the end bell rang I shot out of my chair and ran to find my bus. A crowd had gathered on the pavement by all the bus stops. I could not see a thing. Brady's voice traveled over to me and he was jeering. Tiegan's voice joined in and then more. Finding out what was going on in the centre of this crowd became my priority. I found a small gap and used strength to barge bodies out of my way. Screaming came from the broad body that was pressed up against the wall. This girl had introduced herself to me earlier today and I remembered her name. Tina. This was Lee's sister. On the other end of the arm that had Tina pressed up against the wall was Kya. I will admit that I was impressed by this act of aggression. In fact, it was downright hot but the others could not know I thought that. Tina's screaming got louder as Kya continued to press her arm tighter against her throat. Do something Marcus! I thought to myself and out of the corner of my eye I saw Lee marching toward that bus stop, murder drawn across his face. Kya needed to stop. I stood directly behind her and placed one hand on her shoulder. Kya's body tensed immediately but her grip on Tina never faltered. Both of hands grabbed her shoulders as I attempted to turn her towards me. Brady and Tiegan were yelling at me and Lee was getting closer.

"Kya, stop."

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