The water was always her first love. Fire was her enemy. But united, what is the consequence? Will she burn and will he drown...


14. Admitting


Our drinks arrived and we got talking. I found out that Marcus was a secret Katy Perry fan. I also found out that we both share a love of depressing crime novels. It was nice. Willow was lovely and so much like her brother. Watching them together made me smile. I had wanted that. But Chase and Quinn had had other things in their lives that were of a higher priority than me. At Chase gave a care. When I was younger he used to take out to Mouse Point and teach me how to surf. We used to go diving off the bay and at night we would make a bonfire and he would teach me how to play the guitar. But 6 months ago that changed. I was no longer a whole person and Chase knew me well enough to know that I would never me the same girl I was. 

"Kya?Kya?" Marcus's voice pushed my thoughts away and I jerked my head up to look at him. "Deep thoughts?" He said, smiling. The smile made his blue eyes twinkle and his face softened.

"Hmmm what?" I said, oh so intelligently. He smirked and i could tell he had noticed me looking at his facial features. Embarrassed, I looked down to stare into the bottle of my glass. Add this to what I had said earlier and I sounded like a desperate thirteen year old.

"I don't mind. Actually I enjoyed it. But Kya," My head lifted to see his steel eyes focused solely on me. "I want to get to know you. I am sorry that I saying this and we have only just met to today but i want you to trust and i want to be a friend..." He trailed off and it was his turn to be embarrassed. but unlike any other girl who would have loved hearing this, I didn't. It was too fast, too sudden. I want to be his friend but how could I after what happened. Nobody else needed to get hurt because of me.

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