A Simple Wish

A bird may seem free. But we know somehow it's trapped. Because deep down inside we all know, that accepting the knowledge of being trapped... is the only way to be free.


1. To Be Free

I sat down on the lonely grass around me, as I watched children run and play with their parents. I glanced at couples picnicking on the maple green grass. Then I stretch out on my back and let my eye lids fall closed; only to concentrate on listening to my surroundings. All I heard was faint words, lost whispers, boisterous laughter and somewhat happy barking; somehow a sign of pure bliss. Then I was shortly broken up with a new sound; a delightful melody of a singing bird. A scratching feeling came from my chest as I shuffled from the sudden contact. With a small peck on my sun kissed lips my eyes fluttered open, slowly adapting to the bright sunlight. A small chirping bird sat still on my rising and falling chest. Even though this was the first encounter I had ever had with a small creature face to face, it felt as though we had meet before. I sneaked a quick glance into his bead like eyes, and somehow I felt like I was looking into a mirror. Maybe it was just me but I felt like this small singing bird was sent to me for help. I watched as the petite bird hopped off my chest and onto the cool grass beside me. Although the sun was out, the clouds were gone and the breeze was happily whispering, I felt like this tiny living thing had been abandoned and lonely. There was something in the way it sang that made me feel heartbroken and rundown. As though my new friend and I had just run a marathon to reach our goal, only to never reach the ending and to end up staying into a trance of an on going race. I closed my eyes once more, feeling the breeze pick up as tingles ran down my spine. As the sweet singing of the lonely bird faded away, I realized I was once again left alone. At that moment I new I had an unknown desire to be free. Free from torture of the life I was living. Free from the hurtful words being thrown at me. Free from the chains constantly around my neck. Just like a bird. To spread my wings and finally be free. That was until reality slapped me in the face once again. They may seem free. But everything is trapped. And that’s when I grasped that the birds I thought of as free creatures were in reality trapped by the sky. Since everything and everyone has their price. All for but a simple however selfish wish… to be free.

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