A Percy Jackson fanfic.
(Starts off as if there wasn't a "lost Hero", picks up right after the "the Last Olympians" book)


1. An Average Morning

T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. But outside the door, on the cold winter's night, the monsters grew restless, waiting to strike...


Kylie passed me a note. I blushed a little when I opened it. "Josh likes you; he told me in math" it stated. That was the third little secret admirer note this week. Everyone tells me I'm the best person at school. Sure, I don't know. I have long, straight blonde hair and violet eyes. Student body president, 4.0 grades, I'm involved in all kinds of sports and activities, but there's always been something... "Off" about my family.

Mom won't ever tell me about my childhood. I really don't remember much. My only memory was a beautiful, amazing blonde woman holding me in her arms. That was it. I didn't know who it was or why she held me so preciously, but I was almost certain it wasn't my mom.

I bit my lip playfully and stached the note in my bag. I wasn't a "heartbreaker" but if they were okay, I gave the guys a chance.

The bell rang and I scrambled my stuff together. Flouncing out the door, I caught myself glancing at a kid sitting by the office. He looked around the crowded hallway, looking as if he was trying to find someone. He caught me staring at him and I blushed lightly. He had messy black hair, tan skin, and green eyes like the ocean. I scuttled to my locker and got my English stuff out. I turned my head back, but found the boy was gone. I didn't know why, but I had a feeling that wasn't going to be the last I saw of him.

The rest of the day went by in a blur. English, Social studies, then math. After school I had an archery practice, then ballet. I also was excited; it was now officially the first day of Christmas break.

My first two days of break were just the usual; sleeping in a bit until about nine, riding lessons, piano, and then maybe some time between my painting class and my violin lesson. I didn't know why, I just liked to keep myself busy.

That Saturday, two days before Christmas, turned out to be probably the strangest day of my life.

I had an archery tournament, they usually lasted all day. My mom, her boyfriend, and I all went together. When the mounted shooting portion started, I raced into the foliage astride my horse, Apache. The competition was being placed in a dense green forest, where targets were laid out all along a winding trail. A multicolored bees near, a regular target, you name it. About midway, though, I was surprised a bit.

Apache thundered over a fallen tree in the path. He slid to an abrupt stop, slamming me forward and over his head onto the ground. Apache wasn't one to spook often, so I was taken aback.

I'd landed on my bow, a tip stabbing into my diafram. I rolled over, groaning, and tried to stand up. I sat upright when something dark and heavy launched onto my shoulders and pinned me down. It hissed like a snake on a rock in my ear. Already stunned by the fall, I was defenseless. The "thing" knocked away my bow from my hand, leaving me with no way of protection. I then felt a surge of power.

I slammed up my body weight, crashing into the beast and knocking it off me. I now got a good look at it. It was dark and ugly with a hooded face, but i could make out its skeletal features. I gasped lightly; it's horrid looks frightened me. My next actions seemed to be straight from instinct.

I whipped an arrow from my bag and advanced toward the skeleton thing. It lunged at me. I did some fancy footwork and removed myself from danger's path. The monster again lunged and grasped my wrist. I spun in a wild circle and crouched down. I slammed my foot down on the thing's arm. Lastly, I drove the arrow into it's caped chest and sent it sprawling to the ground. It dissolved right there, which also gave me the creeps.

I turned to see Apache still standing there, calm as could be. But there was the boy id seen at school, standing by my horse, holding the reins calmly. He looked unimpressed by the thing that had attacked me. He reached out my bow and my reins to me. I took them both and mounted.

"Thank....." I started as I got up, but looked around to not see the boy anywhere. Again, he'd slipped right out from under my nose.

When I'd gotten back, beaten and battered from my monster fight and unexpected fall, I'd found I was the first to return. The judges watching my course approved the fact that I had gotten all the targets. I won the overall champion of that tournament. But the thought still lingered in my gut, who was that boy? Where had I found the bravery to fight that beast? Was there something different about me that my mom was keeping a secret?

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