A Twist In Thyroid

16 Year Old Jessica's world has totally changed when she was diagnose with Stage IIV Thyroid Cancer. She meets a suspiciously drop dead gorgeous guy and her whole world flips.


3. Chapter 3

As Lauren slept peacefully, I was constantly texting my mathlete buddy, Ariana. She was nice and had beautiful strawberry blonde hair. We talked about the upcoming meeting on Thursday. The time is currently 6:02 P.M. She tells me she has to go eat dinner with her family... I turn on the television and see what's new. One of my favorite shows Pretty Little Liars is on. I love that show, the characters and plot is simply perfect. Lauren finally wakes up at 6:18. I welcome her back and she manages a little "teehee." She said she was hungry so I went to the stove. "Hey Jess, you have some Mac & Cheese?" "Umm yeah." I went to the pantry and got out the noodles and mix. While the water was slowly starting to boil, she threw up all over my wood floor. "Oh my god Jess, I'm really sorry! I tried holding it in but it just slipped out I guess... Here I can help clean up!" I stared at the puke and then back at her. I smiled and said "Oh don't worry Jess, it's fine.(:" I cleaned it up and gave her a nice glass of ice water.

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