A Twist In Thyroid

16 Year Old Jessica's world has totally changed when she was diagnose with Stage IIV Thyroid Cancer. She meets a suspiciously drop dead gorgeous guy and her whole world flips.


2. Chapter 2(:

I stand up quickly and run to the door. I look and see it's Lauren, my best friend. She's crying and has messy hair... "Lauren, what happened?!" I said. "My parents... I hate them! I ran away because I need to get away from those cruel people. Can I stay the night...?" She sobbed. "Okay my mom won't be home..." As she plopped herself on the couch, I decided to warm up some fresh hot cocoa to make her feel better. It's Fall.. Getting chilly already. We talked and she was weeping about how they don't understand her and that it's her life, she can make her own choices. I hugged her and she sipped the cocoa slowly. It was hot and I got some mini marshmallows to make the cocoa fluffy. She thanked me and drifted to sleep. Even though it was only 3:57 P.M.

Hi(: please comment and rate(: thanks guys. I'm new to writing fanfics so... Yeah. Thanks for reading hoped you enjoyed.(: ~Sws

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